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07-28-2011, 08:11 PM
Hello everyone, newbie here. I just got this eBook technologies ETI 1 from a guy at work. From from I can gather from the internets, it is basically a REB 1200. I'm trying to upload some .imp books I found on this site but it is having problems reading them. I'm downloading the books to the compact flash card using a card reader on my computer. After I put the card back in the reader and then power up, it appears to be able to read the files. On the "bookshelf" page it shows the title and author, but when I click on the file I get "For some reason, this book cannot be opened. Sorry." across the top of the screen. Any ideas about what is going on? Thanks.

07-29-2011, 08:40 PM
Where are the books coming from? Are they downloads from Fictionwise (for example) or home-grown?

Books with an IMP extention are not readable across the various ETI readers, so it might be that you have the "wrong type" of IMP.

I'm a little rusty on this since I gave my old eBookwise to a co-worker a couple years ago, but if I remember correctly, when I downloaded multi-format books from Fictionwise for the eBookwise, I used the OEBFF Half-VGA. Since you say you have the other one, you might try the "Full VGA" version (this depends on how your got your ebooks, natch).

09-10-2011, 12:28 PM
For the REB1200 (ETI-1), use .imp ebooks files from Mobileread's Upload library ( ending with _1200.imp.

If you find an .imp without such suffix, then it is for the EBW1150 (ETI-2).

When creating .imp ebooks yourself, using eBook Publisher, FizzyWater is right, use the Color (Full) VGA build target i.e. output file type. That's the one for the REB1200.

For more info, see our wiki IMP software or REB 1200.

Also, see the IMP forums, IMP ( ebook format and Fictionwise eBookwise (