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iain robinson
06-21-2011, 11:01 AM
Hi all

This is probably slightly OT as it is something Indesign is doing I think. Hopefully this is my last problem for the moment.

I had some CS5 documents that I converted to ePub and all the images seems to end up as expected in the ePub when I ticked on "Formatted" in the export options. This meant any sizing/cropping on the page was applied to the images upon export. I'm using CS5.5 now and now when I view my ePubs in iBooks images are different sizes. An example is attached - the three images all looked the same size in CS5's ePub. Needless to say this problem is only visible in iBooks:smack:. In ADE they all look as expected.

Looking at the ePub the middle (smaller) image is actually smaller in the OEBPS\Images folder, so Indesign is clearly doing that. The code for the three images is

<div class="Basic-Text-Frame">
<p class="authors-pic"><img alt="CL-433686-Bradshaw%20et%20al-SimonBradshaw.jpg" class="image" height="72" src="../Images/CL-433686-Bradshaw%20et%20_fmt.jpeg" width="72" /></p>

<p class="authors-pic"><img alt="CJMcolourheadshotFeb2011.jpg" class="image" height="71" src="../Images/CJMcolourheadshotFeb20_fmt.jpeg" width="71" /></p>

<p class="authors-pic"><img alt="CL-433686-Bradshaw%20et%20al-IanWalden.JPG" class="image" height="72" src="../Images/CL-433686-Bradshaw%20et_fmt1.jpeg" width="72" /></p>

I noticed that the middle one is marked to be 71px rather than 72px - I changed that in the code but it didn't help. CS5 didn't add these sizes to the code. If I take them out altogether it doesn't help since the images themselves are different sizes. iBooks doesn't seem to be honouring them.

The images in ID are different sizes and resolutions. I suppose what I need is a way to simulate CS5's "Formatted" setting. I've played around with the settings but to no avail. Anyone suggest the best way forward?


06-21-2011, 04:47 PM
- "Preserve Appearance from Layout" is checked
- "Image Size" is "Fixed"
- "Ignore Object Export Settings" is checked

These are the 3 I use to ensure my images stay exactly as they are in the layout.

iain robinson
06-22-2011, 08:36 AM
Thanks for the suggestion dzintchy. That's pretty much the settings I'd been using, except for ticking on "Ignore Object Export Settings" (I didn't tick that since the objects in question don't have any Object Export Settings) but I ticked it on and output another file.

Don't have access to the iPad today but looking at the images in Sigil the middle one is half the size of the other two, with their sizes being defined in the img tags. I have discovered since my post yesterday that iBooks has a bug that means it ignores size attributes on the img tag.

Unless anyone comes up with a great workaround I'll have to unzip the ePub and check/adjust all the image files to make sure they are consistently sized. :(