View Full Version : Recommending 'Starve Better', an ebook on writing

05-12-2011, 08:42 AM
Picked this up the other day for 2.85/$4.64 on Amazon. I haven't even quite finished it yet, but I know a good few writers browse MobileRead, so felt driven to recommend it. It's one of the best books of practical advice on how to make a career out of writing I've read in quite a while, and comes from a man who is both an editor and writer, and therefore understands the submissions process from both sides of the fence.

Here's the review of the book I just posted on Amazon UK:

"You might call this a book of 'anti-advice' because much of what Mamatas has to say goes against the grain of popular belief. I've read a few books on the art and nature of writing and how to make a living from it over the years, and this one is definitely in the top tier. It also occupies a fairly narrow slot of books concerned not only with how to be a better writer - or more importantly, as Mamatas suggests, to be a *published* writer - but how to either make a living from it or, at least, 'starve better'.

I've been peripherally aware of Mamatas over the years, through his reputation as a blogger, as a highly-regarded writer of short stories and deeply uncommercial novels and, most recently, through his editorship of the Haikasoru imprint for Viz Books; with this book, it's clear his reputation is thoroughly well-deserved. I'm going to be recommending it to lots of people whose heads are still stuffed with silly notions about how writing should or shouldn't be done. More than that, it's given me some ideas regarding my own career as a full-time novelist that never occurred to me before."

Whoops, forgot to add a link. Here it is: Starve Better ( It's also available in paperback, from Apex Press.