View Full Version : .PDB Encrytpion tool/"F-Format Wrapper Package"/Published Data

08-20-2007, 04:17 AM

This is arvinder, i have few queries in my first introduction mail:

1. I have converted my OEB 2 .PDB from dropbook and then read it on ereader, and the view is perfect. Now how do i check whether my data is publishable or not. pls if anybody have any idea about when the data become publishable let me know.

2. Secondly, how do i encrypt my PDB data. I got created a non encrypted .PDB files, but now want to encrypt it with login id and password. Pls. let me if anybody know how to encrypt palm data.

3. Third, i would like to know about "F-Format" wrapper package". What is this F-Format wrapper package all about. Is this is the kind of EBook format or a kind of ebook reader. pls. clarify.

Would highly appreciated for any response or hint from where i can get all these answers.

Arvinder Sharma