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04-19-2011, 11:38 AM
i have 3 things that dont work with my new pocket edge. Only got it yesterday.

1) i tried to update software to ermine. i went into my account & select the beta trial mentionne in red. it tells me i have beta trial but no prompts to download it. i clic on update in the app files it says an upgrade is ready i select ok to donwload it stays at 0% for a while & then tells me there is a netwrok issue that downloading cannot go through ... the thing is when i browse the web there is no network issue it doesn t cut or anything it is steady when i try again the download same thing always....

2) i tried to moved library to micro sd 16gb card... i follow all the prompts then it says not to shut off the unit ... i did not shut it off it was connected to power all night long for 9 hrs it said that before i did shut it off to put back on & then it says that there was a probleme downloading storage & i dont know what to do because even if i try to redo process for 1 hr i had same issue...

3) when i try to see utube video it says that video is unavailable at this time same thing for all youtube video i can navigate them but not see them i have dingo 1.8 version kernel 1.6 ....

i was wandering what to do to fix all that.


Nate the great
04-19-2011, 12:24 PM
I'm having all the same problems.

Update - no clue

Youtube - get a different app

04-19-2011, 12:43 PM
so you have the same issue for the SD card? :smack:

04-19-2011, 02:40 PM
First, don't try to do the Ermine update and Library transfer at the same time. Get the Ermine update first and once Ermine is installed do the Library transfer, or opt-out of the beta on your enTourage Account page and do the Library transfer first.

As for the Ermine Update download, there can be intermittent network issues. Ensure of course that your eDGe can reach a number of websites just to be sure you have internet access. Also try connecting to a wifi network somewhere else (coffee shop, friend's place, work, etc.).

For the Library transfer, try reformatting the SD card on a PC as a MS-DOS FAT32 or NTFS partition, using the standard the default sector size. Make sure there are no other partitions on it. Then on your eDGe make sure you can copy files from Internal Storage to the SD card to make sure the eDGe is properly recognizing it.

As for the YouTube app, YouTube changes their system every few months, rendering the enTourage YouTube app useless. Once you have Ermine installed, try it again. Of course, you should try different videos, too, rather than the same one repeatedly.

04-19-2011, 06:00 PM
And, if you haven't been there already, there is more help at the community forum. :)

Good luck!

Nate the Great has an eDGe?? We've hit the big time! :D

04-20-2011, 03:04 AM
For upgrading to Ermine, make sure that you set your wifi connection to "Never Off" even when your screen goes dark.

04-20-2011, 06:29 AM
The PE seems to be quite particular about the whole library thing. I was able to upgrade to Ermine after several attempts (see my post (and many others) on the entourage/Ermine forum)

After that I was able to transfer my library to the card on the first attempt, so I'd second the "complete one before the other" recommendations above. Be aware that you'll loose all the storage on the PE (~3 out of 4GB) It's simply no longer accessible, not even as extra space for internal app installation. Which is why I reverted back (which you can't really do) by doing a factory reset and starting over...

04-20-2011, 11:19 AM
thank you so much for all your advice.

i have been able to do the update from dingo 8 to 13. by going manuly. i havent retry to do ermine update but i think it would work now that i have latest dingo. not sure if it is a good thing yet.

i have also not tried to swap memory from micro sd card as i will be losing the main memory so not sure anymore i want to do it.

Is anyone using calibre to add books to library? The process seems to be painfull so far. i saw there was an app for it but the app doesnt seem to do anything on my book.


04-20-2011, 11:48 AM
Hi Lyn! :)

How is using Calibre painful for you?

If you already know this I apologize, but just in case:

I use Calibre with my Pocket eDGe. The easiest thing, if you have Calibre on a computer, is to hook up your eDGe by USB cable to that computer. Once you have "mounted" the eDGe (pull down the notifications tab, tap notice, agree to mounting) Calibre (on your PC) will tell you it recognizes your enTourage eDGe. Then you can "send to device" and look at your eDGe library from within Calibre and all those good things. :)

Just don't forget to unmount when you're done.

You can also copy and paste from other computers on a network once you set your eDGe up to do that.

I'm so glad you got the basics up and running! :)

About the micro SD card: I have not tried using one, but I thought the smaller ones did not take over your storage, as allovertheglobe says, although the larger ones (larger in GBs) do. Check to be sure.

04-20-2011, 03:07 PM
Hi ,

thank you for the info. Here is what i mean & if you have an easier solution for me... it would be appriciated..

i did connect the edge to to the computer & calibre does recognize it - i can send books to main memory of the device but the books, once in the pocket edge, are not added automaticly to the edge library. (the books are put by default in download folder & stay there , i cannot browse by tags or cover). If i want to do that, i have to manualy add them & recreate all the tags. i have about 3000 books so i really need tags & browsing by cover would be good.

i have tried using the bibliotheca app available but when i install it on the pocket edge it does install but no book comes out once the bibliotheca is install.

When you transfer your books with calibre are you able to browse them by cover & tags & recentÉ if so how?


04-20-2011, 11:48 PM
Lyn, I tried my best (which was none too good I'm afraid :() to answer your question in the forum. Good idea to post it there!

I copied your whole post and reposted it in the General Forum over there, hoping to get a better answer from those who really know their stuff!

I transfer one to three books at a time, those that I foresee reading soonish, and add them to the PE library, assigning tags at that time, whenever I feel like it. Often I will start reading a book without putting it in the library first, then when I want to use the many functions only available through the library I will add it. This doesn't help you much, I know.

The tags and covers in the library are nice, indeed. And I really like the table of contents on the tablet side. But as far as I know there is no way to put a batch of books into the library all at once, or to keep the tags assigned in Calibre before you copied them over. Would be nice, though, eh?? ;)

04-21-2011, 10:35 AM
Hello Filak,

I thank you very much for you're help. I guess we all have different use. I know that what i would like to do is a bit special. Most of it i admit is me being a big baby.

because with the amount of book i have i was able to transfer all of it on the micro sd & they are organize by several layers of folder. i also use calibre to manage them & get descrition for each book. So i can still have the all the books easily on the PE but i guess what i was trying to do is get the equivalent of my whole calibre library on the pe with description & covers. I know there is a possibility to access your calibre library online but we have 2 house & the country house which we visite every weekend doesnt have internet access. In part why i want all my books on the PE, is that i want all my library with me at all time (like an ipod-), it is easier to browse them with cover & descrition like the calibre enterface wich is the absolute best thing in ebooks (better than itune for music).I Still can but i guess if i want to browse by cover i will have to add them manualy.

You're assistance was greatly appreciated.


05-24-2011, 07:07 PM
I'm considering upgrading my micro-SD from 4GB to 16GB. I need to know if the "class" speed makes any difference? What is the highest "class" the PE can actually exploit? And what's all this I hear about a larger micro-SD "taking over" the internal memory???

Does this happen? If so, what size card does the problem begin to occur with? I guess I could buy such a large micro-SD that losing 3GB wouldn't matter, but is the access to Internal memory faster than access to a micro-SD card?

If I cannot exceed the performance of internal memory (internal "sdcard"?) with extsdcard, regardless of the class I buy, then I certainly don't want to try, nor do I want to pay to reduce memory speed. But if the PE can read extsdcard FASTER than the internal memory, I'll gladly chuck it and buy 16 or even 32GB.

The problem is that I don't have the information. Does anyone?


05-25-2011, 12:44 PM
I believe on the old forum, quite a few people talked about getting a 32GB class 10 for the regular sized edges. I don't recall what people have tended to do for the PEs, though.

I don't know the compared specs/abilities of the PE, but the above worked fine on the EEs, in case that information is at all helpful.

05-25-2011, 03:00 PM
As Sarah has said, I for one am the owner of a 32Gb, class 10 SD card, which works perfectly.

It is a generic card, not even an expensive brand, and I bought it brand new at Ebay very cheap (26 USD at auction).

So, at least in my case, 32Gb Class 10 is supported by the EE.

05-25-2011, 08:10 PM
I know 32GB micro-SD Class 10 is SUPPORTED on the PE. I just don't know if the speed difference between classes 4, 6 & 10 make a difference. I don't know how fast the PE can write to the card.

05-25-2011, 08:20 PM
I know 32GB micro-SD Class 10 is SUPPORTED on the PE. I just don't know if the speed difference between classes 4, 6 & 10 make a difference. I don't know how fast the PE can write to the card.

I only meant to say that back when people first got their EEs and were trying out a variety of cards (we had a thread of which cards did/didn't work) the consensus was that people liked the 32GB class 10. I took that to mean they were pleased enough with the speed increase to warrant it, or at least, they didn't seem to think that a class 10 was a waste on the original EEs. Although I can't specifically recall anyone doing a comparison and reporting speed differences, lots of people tried a bunch of different SD cards and settled on the 32GB class 10. Take from it what you will.

What I don't know is the extent to which it's reasonable to expect the PEs to behave similarly with their micro SD cards.

05-26-2011, 03:48 PM
I've only had my PE for 2 weeks, but I did upgrade to Android 2.2.1 (Froyo). And it only took me 3 tries! I haven't messed around with using a micro-SD card yet. Am I to gather that if I put in a card to use for extra storage, i.e., books, music, etc., I'm going to lose all the PE internal memory? Just the space? Or apps and all? What if I loaded the books and music onto the card at the outset instead of moving them from the main memory to the card?

Sorry to seem so dense...I'm not a computer newbie by any means, but definitely a PE newcomer.

Thanks, everyone!

05-26-2011, 05:55 PM
There is no logical reason you would loose the internal memory by adding a micro sdcard - it is just storage space, after all you wouldn't loose your memory on a computer if you added an extra hard disk. Just think of the sdcard as a ssd on a computer.

You can load directly on to the sdcard from your computer but I would let the PE see it first and check it. On my EE I tried to use a card that I'd formatted FAT but it didn't see it. When I reformatted it as FAT32 there were no problems - the same goes for USB sticks.

If I have a lot of manuals I want to transfer to the EE I just put the card in a reader and transfer them to the card that way. I find it much easier to do that than trying to use a bootable CD with windows on it since all the operating systems here are OS/2 and can cause problems if I'm not careful with attaching the EE and making sure it's recognised.

05-26-2011, 08:24 PM
I just uploaded the update that was available on my new PE. I stayed with Dingo for now. Before the update I had Dingo 1.6 Kernel 2.6.29, but after the update (and I followed thru), the version is still the same. Wondering if the version I was shipped was already updated...or if maybe I did something wrong.