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03-13-2011, 12:33 PM
I'm wondering if anyone could direct me to a consultant, an expert in InDesign and ePub, or help me directly, as I'm looking for a tutor and someone to assist me on my first ePub. Some history...I had no right thinking that I could develop an ePub on my own when I hadn't touched Pagemaker in over 8 years. While I used to be a 'decent' publisher in Pagemaker years ago, my career changed and I stopped using the tools. How the publishing industry has changed. I went through the Lynda tutorials, bought InDesign and want to create my first ebook on my own. I have many more to publish and I don't want to turn it over because darn it, I'm determined to conquer this ignorance.

I finished a draft ePub using InDesign CS5. I think it is "OK" but I'm sure there are many enhancements that would make it much better. At least it passed the validation, whew. It is 77 pages in 39 spreads. I have some concerns around one of my styles and how to improve the TOC. Am looking for someone to help me. Am willing to pay for some tutoring.

03-13-2011, 02:39 PM
First go to the MobileRead wiki and find the articles on creating epubs - there are several. Then pop over to Liz Castro's blog ( and look at her book on the right column. A very good $20 spent, and it does touch on problems caused by InDesign. Then you can poke around her columns, both interesting and useful.

Oh, and welcome to MobileRead. Don't forget to go to the Lounge when work is done :)

09-02-2011, 09:43 AM
Good advice, pholy! I am fairly new to this forum, and haven't discovered all of the "features" yet. I've been doing print design and book production since the 1970s. And just this year, like you, Debi-NJ, I am also determined to conquer the InDesign to epub and mobi workflow. This forum I hope will be helpful in sharing information about this process. So far i've successfully created 3 valid epub and mobi ebooks. These were simple layouts, and I tried to keep it as simple as possible - no font embedding -- not insisting that the ebooks look exactly like the print books, but letting the ereaders decide how to handle the text.
So Debi-NJ, I'm hoping to share my experiences with this process in these forums. Sometimes I get really busy, though, and can't get to the forum to chat. But I am going to try to be here more often. I appreciate hearing what challenges you run into, and how you figured out how to solve them, and I hope to do the same.
I have another post on here somewhere but I don't know how to tell you where it is! But it should appear as a related post to this one, regarding epub conversion from InDesign CS5.

Cheers! and welcome from one junior member to another