View Full Version : TOC going missing when using special characters.

02-23-2011, 02:11 AM
Hi All

I Export a Book Containing example 5 Chapters as an Epub from Indesign. When a Chapter Heading has got Special Characters in example. 'n etc. It ignores the chapter in the TOC and also in the final Ebup it disapears. This is on Windows Platform with the latest build. But on a Mac it Works fine ( Note everytime tho )

Here is just Example chapters to show you.

Windows the TOC shows - ( Language is Afrikaans )

1. Ek gaan na die dam toe.
3. Ek moet dit so doen.

MAC the TOC shows

1. Ek gaan na die dam toe.
2.Ek s vir jou di man moet dit so doen.
3. Ek moet dit so doen.

Why is the Chapters in TOC going Missing in Action