View Full Version : Making certain pages a fixed size?

01-24-2011, 09:22 PM
Is it possible to make certain epub pages fixed size- NOT effected by font size user picks on their reader?

I've got a Sony Pocket reader I'm loading tons of books onto for my kids, and they usually use the largest font size. The problem is that this makes all the front matter pages huge & ugly and that it's a lot to flip through before getting to the actual meat of the book.

Here is a good example:
Tale of Cuffy Bear (

When on the Sony with the font large (what the kids prefer for the story part of the book) the copyright page takes several pages, the nicely formatted list of other titles gets jumbled up on runs onto a second page, etc.

I'm wondering if maybe I should just use images to keep them small and on one page (1 copyright page, 1 other titles page, etc.)

I'm using the latest version of Sigil & couldn't find anything on how to do this on their website.


01-24-2011, 09:34 PM
You could try creating new styles for the title and copyright pages and use absolute font sizes (pt, in, cm) instead of the relative sizes. That should prevent the size changes, but I've never tried it. Also, I'm not too sure if the absolute dimensions are really calculated properly.

Let us know if it works, please, and on which readers you try it.