View Full Version : Plucker V1.6.1 out!

Alexander Turcic
11-09-2003, 12:14 PM
Thanks for the info to David A. Desrosiers. Full info here (

Plucker 1.6.1 is out with lots of issues fixed..

Not even a month later, we have another Plucker version!

Plucker 1.6.1 follows closely on the tails of Plucker 1.6, and closes a lot
of open issues reported by users and other developers working with Plucker
and Plucker projects.

Most of the changes in 1.6.1 are internal, and no major "features" were
added. This is a cleanup and bugfix release. Below is a list of the fixes
applied to this version.

Any bugs you find, please report them in our bug tracker. Make sure to
search existing bug reports for similar errors before posting a new bug
report. Many times, bugs are reported in duplicate by several users because
they didn't search the existing bugs reported for similar problems.

Development stuff:

* External links and UInt16 uids fix

* History recording and seamless fragments bug fix

* Fullscreenform now compatible with OS < 3.5

* Chinese/Japanese/Korean multibyte fix

* Bugfix - would not compile without Handspring or five_way SDK.

* Bug #882: Multibyte char line wrap fix

* Bug #878: Library display doesn't always include all columns

* Bug #885: Fix to last part of bug (short last frag)

* Bug #882: multibyte char line break fix

* Bug #906: Rotate controls don't always work

* Bug #908: fix: scroll past end of file on Visor Edge with buggy

Please remember, this is a bugfix and cleanup point release. This release
does not include Plucker Desktop or any other GUI-based Plucker tools,
other than the standard viewer, distiller, and documentation. If you
require other components to test this build, please get them from CVS
directly, or download them from the project sites themselves:

* Plucker Desktop (Windows, Linux, and OSX Desktop GUI for Plucker)

* JPluck Java-based Desktop (Now includes Plucker 1.6 and runs anywhere
Java 1.4 runs)