View Full Version : Freebies for Sprint phones

12-15-2010, 04:55 PM
This is another of my off kilter posts that is intended to be helpful rather than technically informative. This only applies to my knowledge of Sprint stores. They typically have a cardboard box in the back room with spare parts from phones that've been returned. They send the phones back for repair and keep the parts that came in the original box.

If you talk really nice to them you might be able to pick up some accessories for free. My last trip I took my daughter with me (much better looking than I am) and she told the salesman that her cat had eaten her Epic earbuds (which is true). He said heíd check their spares box to see what they had.

He gave her not only a new set of earbuds (which by the way people tell me theyíre the best ever hear me use) but also a spare battery for the Epic and a spare HTC charger with cord, the one that you can plug either a mini or micro USB cord into.

There are two Sprint stores here, one is very accommodating the other isnít, so you may have to try several or even different people within the same store. I did find that the busier store is the less accommodating one. They do work off commissions.

Any way, given what they charge, I donít mind asking, begging, even paying a few bucks instead of the outrageous prices Sprint charges.

Also, have a 3500mha battery on its way to me from Gorilla Gadgets for $22.95 with free shipping. Will have to give up existing protective case but people Iíve talked to who have it say it more than doubles on time.