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Prince Hal
12-11-2010, 08:06 PM
I bought a Velocity Cruz Reader - and took it back. Thought that I might share my impressions of the device in case that was helpful to someone.

Well, I knew the VC Reader was not an iPad, but I needed it for a specific purpose - to read and study the Bible. So, I wanted something bigger than the iPod Touch 4G that I have, but with a touch screen rather than the d-pad on my Kindle 3. Also, I needed a number of version, some with Greek and Hebrew and a commentary or two.

The iPod is great, but it is only a 3.5 inch screen, so I wanted something larger. Some people on this forum tried out the OliveTree Bible app on a jailbroken NookColor and on the PocketBook IQ - many thanks.

I plumped for a $149 VC Reader from Best Buy. Here's my impressions.

1. The unit felt solid, but a little heavier than I thought.
2. The screen is a total fingerprint magnet.
3. I knew it had a resistive screen rather than a capacitive screen, so I bought a Nintendo stylus (pack of 3 for $2.99). (The VC Tablet 2nd Gen was $249, and I did not want to pay so much to test it out).
4. The wifi set-up took less than 5 minutes - really easy, but it was much slower than on my iPod Touch - but infinitely more usable than than the web browser on the K3.
5. Downloading the OliveTree app was a breeze from their mobile site. It set up perfectly, filling the entire screen.
6. I had access to the 12 or so resources that I had already bought from OliveTree, though sadly not my New American Bible (NAB) with commentary - it seems that it was not compatible with the Android Reader - odd.
7. But the VC Reader was not good for screen clarity. Agreed I was used to the K3 and Touch 4G, but I just could not see myself reading on the Cruz for any length of time - the clarity was not good. The NookColor is so much better.
8. So 2 strikes: no NAB and poor clarity screen.
9. Then there is the screen. My fault really. If studying you need to switch between Bibles and commentaries and notes, etc, so responsiveness is important. With the stylus I thought that I would be okay - it would be just like a large Palm TX handheld. But no. Responsiveness was much worse, though not as bad as some of the horrow stories I had heard. I just needed it more than I had thought.
10. The screen resonsiveness was much worse than the Sony Touch Reader. So, strike 3.
11. The technician at VC (most helpful by the way) said that the Kindle Reader would be available late on Friday from the VC app market. It wasn't, but I am sure it will be there soon as it does come pre-loaded on the VC Tablet 2nd Gen.
12. Then I go the dreaded Exclamation Point in a Triangle with the Android Robot screen. It would not reset, and I didn't want to take the back of in case I damaged it. So, I let the batter run flat. From about 3/4 full to flat, took about 6 hours.

So, in conclusion. The VC Reader is not good as a tablet. But then it is not marketed as such. But, I just cannot see that the screen is good enough as a reader screen in comparison to e-ink devices, the Nook Color or an iPod Touch. The VC Table would have been better for the purpose that I wanted. I could have downloaded OliveTree without having to jailbreak it - like the Nook Color. But for the same price, perhaps best waiting until the Nook Color apps come out. Perhaps OliveTree will be there. In reading the screen is everything - must have high clarity - and the Reader just doesn't cut it. For a tablet, then the screen is also everything - must be capacitive.

So, back to Best Buy it went and got a full refund - which I am told Borders does not do. I saw yesterday it the VC Reader was going for $139 on line with free shipping - though was back ordered. In the bricks and morter borders it was $149 and available.

So, those are my impressions. It was fun to play with - but not the reader for me. On the positive side, it did have OliveTree - though not everything. Perhaps CadreBible would have been better - but didn't try it. It was also really cheap. But again, the screen doesn't cut it for clarity and definition for me as a reader should.

Hope this might help someone.


12-11-2010, 08:18 PM
Well, you gave it an honest try! I know you were anxious to get something that worked with Olivetree. Sorry it didn't work out.:(

12-12-2010, 02:53 AM
Very informative post. Thanks for letting us know how it worked for you (or didn't work, in this case). That's the type of post that is really helpful when trying to get a sense of what a device is like and whether or not one can live with its quirks.

11-14-2011, 11:13 PM
i just bought my cruz reader for 80 bucks and i love it.. better then what i expected the only down fall is i cant unistall apps

11-15-2011, 11:38 AM
Per the Cruz, you might snoop, runs in my mind they used to have some info on improving it. I think it has some similarities to the pandigital novel white.

As to Android Bible programs I have olivetree but find Mysword much better - tons of free resources. has a section for the resources.

I liked Olivetree on windows mobile, still use it on my Dell Axim.

There is also another android that my son loves called Cadre. I don't know how the resources are for it.

11-19-2011, 04:37 PM
My computer is not recognizing my Micro Cruz! It shows drive E when I plug it in but shows it as empty. It does not show drive E until I do plug it in so I can't figure why it asks me to insert a disk into drive E. For this reason I can't use Calibre nor can I add any aps unless I do so using Dropbox. Anyone have any ideas about this? TIA