View Full Version : Converting programming ebooks in PDF to ePub

12-09-2010, 06:52 PM
I have a huge collection of programming ebooks in PDF format.

Every once in a while I did like to read those books while traveling on my android phone.

I tried converting those PDF to epub using calibre but the result is really really ugly especially the code snippets.

Has anyone been able to convert some programming ebooks in PDF successfully in epub. It doesn't have to epub any format will do. It just should have reflowable text that doesn't take minutes adjust like the Adobe reader in android.

Also, Is it possible to optimize a non-drm pdf for mobile use?

Edit:I should mention this too, I have had couple of programming ebooks in chm, chm files scale well on my phone. The quality was readable. I have tried couple of softwares to convert pdf into chm but hasn't been successful. Any tips on that?

12-10-2010, 11:21 AM
As for converting a technical PDF to ePub in a way that doesn't hugely destroy formatting, I think you're fighting a losing battle there. You'd really need access to the source document to have a chance.

If you had the source file then you could probably create a book in a reflowable format, epub or whatever (chm...) that wasn't too bad, but I doubt you have them.

Also, Is it possible to optimize a non-drm pdf for mobile use?

Perhaps the stuff in this blog post ( would be helpful to you, however.