View Full Version : Total HTML Converter free today only on GAOTD

Bob Russell
05-21-2007, 06:47 AM
I don't know anything about this software, but CoolUtil's Total HTML Converter is free today only at Giveaway of the day (

Here's the description:
"A most efficient yet easy-to-use utility that converts html files to doc, pdf, xls, jpg, or txt files. The most difficult thing is to decide what format you need. Everything else is quite easy. You just select the files and the target format, then press Ok. HTML Converter will do the rest for you. Converting doesn’t have to be timetaking."

With all the great free software that people have developed, I'm not sure if this complements the others or is just duplication, but there it is if you are interested. If anyone tries it, let us know what you think.