View Full Version : Microsoft Reader drm problem?

11-30-2010, 10:28 PM
I'm pretty sure that I know the answer but I'm going to ask it anyway.

I've sort of "collected" ebooks for years. I bought a ton of them in the early 2000's in the Microsoft Reader format. It seemed to be popular and I really liked the "look" of the ebooks. I say collected because I liked the idea of ebooks but rarely sat at my computer to read them and never liked the small screens of most handhelds. Now that I have a Kindle, I'd love to convert these to mobi and start actually reading them. Lit seems to be one of the best and easiest formats to convert and I've had wonderful results with the ones I've been able to access. This is where my problem comes in. Somewhere back around 2003 or so, I changed the email account I was using. Any new purchases I made from that point on, I made with this account and my purchases and my Reader install were assigned to this account. I remember the login and password so there is no problem. However, about a hundred of my earliest purchases were made on an older account that I don't even remember the name of, let alone the password for. I'm assuming these books are probably lost to me.

I know of the Convert LIT application and have used it to remove the drm for my later purchases on the account I remember but, since I don't recall the login/password for the older account, it won't help me with the older purchases.

I know there are some great Python scripts the work well for mobi and epub and that there are even plug-ins available for Calibre that remove drm automatically. Is anyone aware of anything that may help me with these older ebooks of mine? I know Microsoft's DRM was setup differently and the answer is likely no but I thought I'd check here to see if anyone knows of anything. I know discussing drm removal is sort of taboo because of the legal issues so I understand if no one wishes to answer. I just hate to lose these older purchases. If anyone knows of anything and could just slip me a name or title I could use to do my own searching, I'd be most appreciative.

Thanks either way.

- Byron