View Full Version : Just bought my Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant

10-27-2010, 02:10 PM
And of course one of the fist things I've done is tried out the Kindle App. The app works great and has a lot more features than the BlackBerry equivalent.

One feature I liked was night mode. While reading in bed my wife often complained about the light being emitted from my Blackberry Storm, but with this devices having pure black the light emitted is very minimal.

The app is very buggy however and the fact that thumbnails don't show for sideloaded books is a bit annoying. Sadly with all the deficiencies, it's still the best eReader out for the Android.

On an aside, the phone is great and I dig the screen. Absolutly no complain... well just one, email is just not as good on the Android as it is on the BB. I found an app that at least gives me more features, but it still does not work as good as the BB.