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10-25-2010, 08:42 AM
One of the main uses I bought the ereader for was to be able to read all that free text that's available on the web. In particular I wanted to be able to download Wikipedia articles to read off-line. Wikipedia enables you to capture PDF versions of the pages but I have not found them very readable on my PRS-650. My experiments suggest that RTF is the best format to aim for (in the current absence epub versions of Wikipedia pages - I hope someone produces an exporter soon).

What I do this this - it's a bit fiddly but it's not too time-consuming and it does not require you to buy software:

1. Open the target Wikipedia article in a browser
2. Select the print-friendly version (In the left panel menu click 'Print/export' > Printable version)
3. Copy the url of the printer friendly page
4. Open Microsoft Word
5. Click 'Open file'
6. Paste the url of the printer friendly page into the filename field -- the page will be opened in Word
7. Click... File > Save as > rich text format
8. Now clean up the file a bit...
- Make the margins 1cm wide
- Delete any unwanted text
- Convert tables to text where necessary or resize them
- Convert font to Verdana, 20pt - I have found this the best default size for reading and you do not have to resize the text in the reader. It comes up with the right size when you open the doc.

Received wisdom is that sans serif fonts are better on screens and serif fonts on paper. This is because screens are of a lower resolution than paper and serif fonts have wispy bits on the edges which dont show up well onm screens. Try it and see what you think. I have also noticed that you cannot mix fonts in an RTF doc. It seems to pick up the first font you use and then renders the rest of the doc using that font.

The pictures disappear from RTF docs but the ALT tag remains so at least you know what the picture is. I don't mind this generally as I prefer simple text on the small reader screen.

Rob Wheeler

10-25-2010, 03:04 PM
How about just collecting all the printer friendly pages in a zip file. Rename the zip extension to .epub and open the file in Sigil.


10-29-2010, 05:42 AM
How about just collecting all the printer friendly pages in a zip file. Rename the zip extension to .epub and open the file in Sigil.


Doesnt work. You have to format the file with XML headers etc. However, it might be possible to write a script that would take web pages and reformat them into an epub collection. I shall give some thought to this.

BTW - I noticed that there is a facility on the Winkipedia page that enables you collect Wikipedia articles tohether into a "book" and then export it as an Open Office doc. This can then be SAVED-AS and RTF. Unfortunately, all the footnotes are at the bottom of each page which messes up pagination on the ereader. Nothing's simple!

Rob Wheeler