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  1. Syncing Feeds with WiFi with iliad on the go?
  2. Evince ported (with DjVu support only)
  3. My Experiences with the DR1000S
  4. For Your Entertainment...
  5. Irex illiac v2 parts moving inside ?
  6. New Update for Xournal
  7. Hello from a future DR owner
  8. iLiad hangs at the boot stage
  9. HELP! new DR wont work
  10. Reset after Fullscreen with locked Buttons?
  11. ROI for E-Readers?
  12. Same icons in bottom bar in Mobi and pdf?
  13. epub on DR??
  14. Problem with Power Connector on Iliad.... ER0140
  15. iRex-Feeder - Yet another stupid Manga-to-Pdf Converter
  16. Exists a File Manager for the dr1000?
  17. ghosting problem with DR?
  18. homepages 1:1 to the DR
  19. Broken charging hole
  20. How would the DR2000 look like?
  21. New Digital Reader: DR800SG!
  22. IREX DR 800SG with 3G wireless
  23. new iRex DR 800SG [8,1-inch]
  24. Irex questions
  25. Difference betwen 1st and 2nd gen Iliad?
  26. Documents fading away after 1.7, if I use writing
  27. agenda2pdf
  28. How to register a filetype?
  29. scrolling wihile zoomed
  30. for the new b and n reader and pdf?
  31. Would you recommend DR800SG?
  32. anyone see it on sale yet at BB?
  33. How I hold and travel/work with m iREX DR1000S
  34. Need help with iDS update / Cannot update anymore
  35. TrueCrypt port to DR?
  36. Alternative to DR1000 butchery for a Power Switch
  37. Alternatives to the DR1000
  38. Bookmarking too much in a document leads to buggy behavior
  39. 8.1 inch and PDF books
  40. Too many notes to merge completely -- HELP
  41. Displaying ink too light in iRex DR 1000
  42. Displaying ink too light in iRex device
  43. Does the iLiad internet connection work in Australia
  44. Finally im out of Irex
  45. What do you guys think
  46. My impressions of the 8.1" iLiad 2nd edition
  47. Is anyone going to buy the DR800?
  48. Science pdf reading
  49. Will the Dark Line get worse?
  50. PDF "Kicking" iliad
  51. Severe case of battery drain after 1.7
  52. get a list of pdf files: tried but failed
  53. How can reboot from a crash iLiad
  54. Printing to Irex Digital Reader
  55. MiniPad: Take notes on your Iliad.
  56. When will iRex release the next firmware?
  57. Possible battery failure - suggestions?
  58. Iliad Toolbox: some tools for your device
  59. iliad diagnostic or test tool
  60. 1.7.1 Patch Released
  61. Companion software wont run
  62. iRex DR800SG Delayed till end of November
  63. is Irex 1000 good for reading PDF?
  64. Possible to use outside of USA?
  65. I'm just about to buy the DS1000s, but...
  66. Using handwriting recognition ON iliad
  67. Not able to read Word .doc files
  68. Question about Adobe Digital Editions on DR.
  69. Persistent WIFI connection.
  70. New Interactive Fiction Player: Chimara
  71. PIN issue on my Iliad
  72. viewing scribbles on your computer
  73. Can anybody do this?
  74. open documents read last time
  75. Dropbox syncing?
  76. What is the best pdf size/format
  77. PDF Cropper on the Iliad?
  78. PDF Support for 'Fit visible' or 'Paging while zoomed'?
  79. PDF Reflow and PDF speed
  80. Digital Reader not reading any sdcards
  81. PDF Form using checkbox or textbox
  82. Recently Used Files
  83. Iliad users are compensated [Apparently a hoax]
  84. Iliad arrived today
  85. Format of scribbles in the database
  86. strange bugs
  87. DR 1000S and fighting the urge to use profanity....
  88. iRex 1000s shipped quickly
  89. Any Lawyers using iRex DR??
  90. test
  91. Switching off the buttons and stylus helps battery life?
  92. ePub for DR1000S - any word on dates?
  93. DR800Sg
  94. Router recomendations for Iliad
  95. Looking for used iLiad
  96. Patent/Heavy graphics pdfs and Adobe PDF Optimizer
  97. Newbie with problems of installing third party application
  98. Replacing screen on the iLiad with Sony Reader screens
  99. Copying files to Iliad Irex
  100. OMG!!! My WPA wireless connection is actually working
  101. Release date of adobe Epub and .pdf and bugs.
  102. Issues with Windows 7
  103. Comics jump to TOC
  104. Wacom penabled alternative to the DR 1000s
  105. iNewsStand problem
  106. Problem with merging scribbles to PDF file
  107. Has the DR1000 been abandoned?
  108. DR1000 firmware update with ADE rescheduled to end of Q1/2010
  109. pViewer 0.1 for DR-> pdf viewer w/ reflow
  110. Connection to iPhone
  111. DR800S available in Europe from 18 January
  112. Irex DR800S launched
  113. iRex 800 ready for dispatch
  114. ids down ?
  115. DR800 battery duration (and message deleted in iRex Forums)
  116. "Could not load Pojy SDK" error on Anjuta
  117. 1.7 or 1.7.1 works well?
  118. New Support Site
  119. Unboxing iRex 800 and first impressions
  120. FBReader tags on DR & PC
  121. Noise comes from dr1000s?
  122. iRex on Mobipocket vs Adobe DRM
  123. Irex website(s) have been updated for the DR800SG
  124. Zotero database browser for iOn
  125. DR800 sources posted
  126. DR800 on BestBuy
  127. 800SG more function less price???
  128. ipad vs DR1000
  129. DR1000: listview aligned to the right
  130. Iliad DR800 help
  131. Should we have a DR800S/SG Forum
  132. DR800 in direct sunlight
  133. Difference between emulator and real device (developing uds plugin for djvu)
  134. DjVu plugin for DR1000 (testers wanted)
  135. compatibility question for iLiad
  136. File directory corruption in IR1000S
  137. Evince update attempt
  138. iRex DR1000? I would rather order QUE.
  139. DR800S: Reasons for PDF-Zoom function (was: ePub bug?)
  140. Alternatives to DR800
  141. DjVu Plugin for DR1000 - version 0.2
  142. Protective Case for 800
  143. Device keeps resetting
  144. DR800SG available for purchase on BestBuy
  145. How to get the DR800SG from the US to Europe
  146. DR800 Emulator
  147. Best Buy DR800SG Has Arrived
  148. First look at DR800SG (video review)
  149. Navigating DR800SG without touchscreen
  150. I cannot open CHM in FBReader
  151. VERY IMPORTANT question for DR800SG owners !
  152. Dictionary lookup makes the book turn to first or last page
  153. Thinking about Iliad
  154. DR800 Displaying File Names
  155. Questions for iRex DR800SG owners / hackers /developers
  156. Pdf on DR800SG, landscape mode
  157. Received the DR-800, some questions..
  158. Request: Navigating through library
  159. hidden differences between DR800S and DR800SG
  160. iRex Dr800SG folder hack
  161. ***Shocked*** DR800S for sale at Fnac PT
  162. DR800SG - NY Times / fonts on BN books
  163. IREX DR800SG review
  164. Xournal on the DR-800 - will it work?
  165. DR800SG Navigation Hack
  166. Problem in viewing pdf after long rest Dr800sg
  167. IREX 800ds designer must have no brain
  168. Newspaper Direct Free One Month Subscription
  169. selling my iliad for $249 on ebay
  170. DR1000s conversion of PDF to Template
  171. Why not asking IREX customer support?
  172. dr800sg back ordered
  173. [My Personal] Review of DR800SG
  174. Newspaper on Barns and Noble
  175. DR800SG now also available at CAR TOYS
  176. Overseas Residents
  177. epub problem!!(DR800SG)
  178. Any release estimate for DR1000S ADE firmware?
  179. DR-800 Review, Video, and Comparison
  180. CBZ Document Plugin (DR800S/SG)
  181. Cannot open PDB books on Irex DR800SG
  183. DR800 Cover
  184. Sub folder in "Personal Documents"
  185. Falcon: A new language for develop for DR1000 and DR800
  186. Dictionary lookup?
  187. Rotate direction
  188. DR800 Developement VMWare Image?
  189. MYIREX account
  190. A few Qs Re: DR800SG
  191. DR800 root filesystem contents
  192. [dr800sg]screen saver..
  193. DR800 folders
  194. some educated guesses about the dr800
  195. Micro Boot Loader v1.3
  196. DR800SG - glare
  197. Whistle on irex 1000s
  198. Irex DR800S doesn't show calibre-epubs
  199. DR800 - SDHC or not SDHC
  200. penable and enable?
  201. Converting manga for DR800
  202. Problem with PDF diagram display on DR800S
  203. Help needed
  204. FBReader 0.10.7 for DR800
  205. [Theory] Allow dr800sg using third party SIM card
  206. Question about Irex DR-800 official cover
  207. Let's create a source code repository for DR 800 related code?
  208. Registry hack for PDF landscape mode?
  209. New DR1000S firmware announced
  210. Cannot download from B&N
  211. Cannot open a program on the DR800 emulator
  212. iRex 800 quickly discharging
  213. Standby time on iRex 800
  214. All Things Digital: iRex 800 (vs. Kindle)
  215. Battery test on iRex 800
  216. iRex iLiad for sale in the flea market
  217. DR800 web browsing and surfing is possible on DR800SG
  218. FBReader and USB Flash Drive
  219. DR800 cryptsetup
  220. perl for the DR800/DR1000?
  221. DR800 DR800SG has abnormal noise when page turning
  222. Python + pyGTK package for the DR v3.0
  223. DR800 Three little tips for DR800
  224. beta offline(ish) Wiktionary viewer for DR
  225. manga2cbz for iRex DR800
  226. DR1000 DR1000S: How to create file shortcuts using a full path?
  227. 800SG resets?
  228. Advice: repair iLiad's screen, or DR800SW?
  229. DR800SG
  230. New E-Mall Store - DR800SG
  231. iLiad whats the difference?
  232. DR800 Frozen Screen
  233. DR800 IREX Support
  234. Change Language in DR800SG
  235. iLiad Desperately need Advise/Help ... Iliad charging issue....
  236. Full justification in epub
  237. DR800 view command output
  238. CHM file not working in FBreader
  239. DR800 annotation
  240. DR800 When will the DR800 needs to be charged?
  241. DR800 Is your 3G connection working right now?
  242. What may I do to fix my broken screen?
  243. Compensation from Irex [Apparently A Hoax]
  244. DR800 qemuarm kernel defconfig
  245. Is the trial subscription to newspaper direct still available?
  246. iLiad Couple Iliad questions
  247. DR800 Osmo: Personal organizer
  248. iLiad Cheap Iliad??
  249. DR800 Experimental compilation of Xournal v0.4.5 for DR800
  250. Would WiFi SDHC cards