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  1. Campaign to nail a plagarist
  2. US Judge says it is ok to break DRM for personal use
  3. Amazon welcomes back California affiliates
  4. The $35 Tablet from India
  5. ASUS Chariman interviewed on Amazon, Tablets, and Steve Job.
  6. 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking' adapted E-Readers
  7. Steve Jobs has died
  8. B&N Drops Blackberry app
  9. Lawsuit Against Agency Model Balloons
  10. Congratulations to Tomas Tranströmer
  11. PCWorld: HP Shipped Android on Touchpads?
  12. Cybook announce new Odyssey ebook reader
  13. Google Books UK
  14. TIMN: Samsung & Google Postpone Galaxy Nexus Launch
  15. European Green Party policy on copyright
  16. AndroidCentral: Amazon updates Appstore Developer Portal FAQ for Kindle Fire
  17. The Price of Exclusivity
  18. Used Nook STR now on sale for $99.00
  19. New Trekstore Reader for 60€
  20. $35 Tablet
  21. STUDY SHOWS: Ditching DRM could reduce piracy, prices
  22. PaidContent: Kindle Fire Hit With Patent Suit
  23. Android apps to run on Apple & other platforms
  24. Amazon Launches SF/Fantasy/Horror Imprint "47North"
  25. Comscore: Smartphones & Tablets Drive Nearly 7% of Total U.S. Digital Traffic
  26. Digital Underclass 2: The future of books and libraries
  27. Oops.....
  28. Oh Oh! No Samsung Galaxy Tabs for Australia - Apple wins Federal courte case
  29. UK Booksellers Partners with Kobo to Launch New E-reader
  30. Another Tech Titan, Dennis Ritchie, Passes Away
  31. Apple might launch a "mini" iPad to compete with the Fire
  32. New onyx boox i62.
  33. Oops 2.....must be catching....
  34. Amazon Signs Up Authors, Writing Publishers Out of Deal
  35. Penguin punishes author for ebook
  36. iOS 5 kills Stanza Reader App
  37. 10" Kindle Fire out by the holidays?
  38. TouchPad get webOs update
  39. Kobo Vox available for pre-order in US and Canada(ships Oct 28)
  40. Afictionado - first ebook subscription service?
  41. Google Reveals Android 4.0 ( Ice Cream sandwich)... in short is slick...
  42. November 2011 is the 13th Annual National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)
  43. New Kindle format: KF8
  44. Amazon Now Accepting Kindle Trade-Ins
  45. EPUB 2: Endangered Format?
  46. Aid organization provides African schools with Kindles and ebooks
  47. I'm going to destroy Android because is a stolen product: Steve Jobs
  48. Advertisements in Ebooks-Good Idea?
  49. New Translation Of The Iliad
  50. Why Barnes & Noble is Selling Rugs
  51. BusinessInsider: Amazon Misses On Earnings
  52. Digital Libraries on CNN
  53. Amazon's sales escalate but earnings drop
  54. Kobo to publish directly with authors
  55. HP will keep PC business
  56. Samsung smartphones outsell Apple
  57. Wall Street Journal best-seller lists to include e-books
  58. Marco Arment: Informal e-reader library comparison
  59. Tech-on: AUO Integrates Flexible E-paper, Flexible PV Battery
  60. John Grisham on e-books
  61. Stop Online Piracy Act...
  62. HP announces...
  63. Beware: E-readers get heavier with each book
  64. Gizmodo: New Nook Next Week
  65. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.
  66. Book publisher files mass BitTorrent lawsuit
  67. CNET:The inside story of how Microsoft killed its Courier tablet
  68. Eink's new Backlit Display
  69. Google launches its ebooks platform in Canada
  70. Children's eBook Readers
  71. Redbox - Video supplier price increase 20%
  72. Mobipocket - the end of an era
  73. US Copyright Office report: Legal Issues in Mass Digitization
  74. Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
  75. Asus and Win8 tablets
  76. WSJ: Amazon, Now a Book Lender (with Amazon Prime)
  77. Nook Tablet Leaked
  78. Smashwords Direct (bypass Meatgrinder) by the end of 2012
  79. Innovative solution for e-Ink screen lighting
  80. GigaOm:Here’s the secret to Amazon’s, B&N’s tablet strategy
  81. NookColor already discounted
  82. Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots (Apple vs. Samsung)
  83. Deepak Chopra, brother in book deal with Amazon
  84. Anoka-Hennepin teachers write their own online textbook, save district $175,000
  85. Nook live blog?
  86. New Nook Tablet Official News
  87. Calibre2Opds - new site
  88. Reuters: HP weighing sale of webOS unit
  89. Kobo Sold to Japanese Company
  90. Bloomberg: Barnes & Noble Urges U.S. to Probe Microsoft on Mobile Patents
  91. Best Buy ends over yer...
  92. ZDNet: Adobe ceases development on mobile browser Flash
  93. Quad-Core Tablets Arrive this December
  94. The Star: Canadians love mobile tech, but which brands are tops?
  95. Amazon anounces kindle fire apps.
  96. Amazon's Kindle Fire burns iPad momentum
  97. Engadget Interviews Kobo's Michael Serbinis
  98. The Great Tech War Of 2012
  99. Interesting Article On Increased E-book Reader Sales
  100. James Bond-like spy novel pulled for plagiarism
  101. Verge: Toys R Us selling Nabi, a $199.99 kid-friendly Android tablet
  102. Adobe Stocks slammed after their announcement to forgo mobile flash development
  103. New UK digital store
  104. New ereader
  105. Google: "These Go to Eleven"
  106. PCWorld's Poll: Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
  107. 86-Year-Old Veteran Chronicles His Life in Heartwarming Rage Comic
  108. Kobo Touch with Special Offers
  109. Misleading Metaphors That Drive The War On Online Sharing
  110. GeekWire: Kindle Fire Newsstand to feature GQ, Wired and dozens of other magazines
  111. Kindle Fire Reviews Rolling In
  112. TechCrunch: The Death Of The Spec
  113. Netflix:New Experience Now Available for All Android Tablets (iPad Coming Soon)
  114. Penguin launches self-publishing platform
  115. In the 21st-Century University, Let's Ban Books
  116. Adobe Digital Editions 1.8 preview 2 now available
  117. Authors Guild: Claims Kindle Lending Library is a breach of contract
  118. American Censorship Day
  119. B&N: Microsoft Forcing "Oppressive" Agreements on Android?
  120. Five reasons ereaders sales will Triple by 2016
  121. nook tablet limited to 1 gig of non-b&n content
  122. Micro Cruz WiFi T301, 7" $99 at Walmart online
  123. Google Music Launches
  124. Batteries that charge 10x faster and last 10x longer just 5-years out, scientists say
  125. Android malware up 472% since July, unlikely to slow down
  126. Apple re-"invents" Xerox's "Location based services"
  127. The Verge: Sony S Tablet Price England
  128. PCWorld: Adobe Donates Flex to Apache
  129. AllThingsD: Amazon KindlePhone for 2012?
  130. ION Book Saver
  131. Interesting copyright case - Digital music resales
  132. Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet
  133. B&N is now giving breakdowns of ratings
  134. BooksOnBoard starts publishing with ProseQuest
  135. Open Letter from Author to Simon-Schuster
  136. Penguin no longer participates in Overdrive Library Service
  137. Kyobo Mirasol-based ebook reader launched in South Korea
  138. iOS malware up ∞% since January 2011
  139. The next generation of Kindles?
  140. CNET: HP No. 2 Tablet Maker, for now
  141. Launch: Bezos Gone Wild! Amazon Selling Every Non-iPhone Smartphone for One Penny
  142. Anne McCaffrey Has Died
  143. HTC Flyer, Original Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" for $220 each.
  144. A rather naughty penguin...?
  145. AU: Dymocks and Google books
  146. A Christmas card from Best Buy ?
  147. Kindle Black Friday Sales Quadruple
  148. iPhone 4 Explodes Midflight on Australian Airline
  149. Lenovo announces new 5", 7" and 10" tablets.
  150. Cool little Windows Phone 7 Demo for iOS/Android phone users
  151. EU Court Adviser Says Software Ideas Can't Be Copyrighted
  152. Charlie Stross: Publishers "Cutting their own throats"
  153. For you avid newspaper readers
  154. Samsung Galaxy Tab: Australian court lifts Apple injunction against sale
  155. Study: Tablets Are for "Couch, Bed and Kitchen"
  156. RIM Playbook jail broken
  157. Amazon Italy and Spain
  158. TechCrunch:NOOK Is Now A $220 Million Business
  159. Google ebooks helps you support your local Books stores
  160. Reuters: Hearst Magazine President on e-Subscriptions
  161. First Impressioins of Matsunichi Le Pan 9.7" Tablet
  162. WSJ: Google Targets Amazon's 'Prime' With 1-Day Delivery
  163. ZDNet: Microsoft to drop Desktop App from Windows 8 ARM tablets?
  164. WSJ: RIM to Take $485 Million Charge Related to Tablet
  165. In Switzerland Downloading Copyrighted Materials for personal Use is Legal
  166. Color eInk. Jetbook Color Available for Pre Order
  167. CNN: How many Kindle Fires are being returned to Amazon?
  168. Copyright Corruption Scandal Surrounds Anti-Piracy Campaign
  169. Waterstones into the fray, Windle-ing.....
  170. E-books are more than a publishing platform—they’re a *whole new literary Form
  171. Sony lowers price on PRS-T1 to $99.99, and offers trade in credit
  172. Apple's helpful guidelines for competitors to avoid patent infringement
  173. European Commission opens antitrust investigation into ebook-sales
  174. European Commission investigating collusion among ebook sellers, Apple's involvement
  175. Agency (ebook) pricing gone from arguments on MR to arguments in court.
  176. US Justice Department Confirms E-Book Probe
  177. LG launches world’s first ‘Drag and Share’ mouse scanner
  178. Google Celebrates 10 Billion App Downloads
  179. HP TouchPad Refurb Fire Sale set for 11 Dec
  180. Amazon gives author an award then revokes it
  181. Amazon offers indie authors reward for going exclusive
  182. Apple loses Galaxy Tab court case in Australia
  183. WebOs will be open source, and of course, alive and supported by HP
  184. iOS Devices [mod: might be] Banned in Europe [mod: Germany]
  185. New survey for Harry Potter books on Pottermore Insider
  186. One author's story of the difficulty of dealing with publishers
  187. Leaked Hatchette document outlining why they are relevant
  188. OverDrive Bait and Switch?
  189. Job's bio, best seller of the year
  190. Trusting customers seems to pay off....
  191. Flex Lighting illuminates e-reader displays with built-in film (video)
  192. Toronto Public Library: Free eBooks
  193. Playing poker on the E-INK Nook!
  194. Negative NYT Article compares Kindle Fire to the Edsel
  195. Sticker Shock for E-Book Readers
  196. Read an E-book Week is now a MONTH!
  197. Amazon sells more than 1 million Kindles a week
  198. Publishers still missing the point on e-book prices
  199. Schoolbag of the Future: Anytime Anywhere
  200. iSuppli: eBook device sales up 108% in 2011
  201. Things Aren't Going too Well for SOPA
  202. Apple's struggle to defeat Amazon set to be exposed by European ebook inquiry
  203. Experiments with the economics of video games
  204. Apple iPad production rocked by explosions.
  205. Nook Tablet Locked Down!
  206. Apple wins patent victory over HTC
  207. Predictions for the year in publishing (mostly about ebooks)
  208. 7-inch displays overtake 9.7-inch displays
  209. Good News About Old Media: How The Atlantic Went Digital
  210. Amazon UK Customers get tax break on ebooks
  211. Reading on a Smartphone
  212. Publishers vs. Libraries: An E-Book Tug of War
  213. The rise of the ebook, but not the end of the book
  214. HarperCollins Sues Open Road Over E-Book Rights
  215. M-Edge Sues Amazon
  216. Wired e-Ink Reader Roundup
  217. Briefly: "Where Will Borders’ Books and Customers Go?"
  218. Soccer player causes e-book loan explosion
  219. WH Smith Ebookstore now managed by Kobo
  220. Humans need to read to feel more empathy with others.
  221. Apple's chief designer gets Knighthood
  222. Amazon's EU VAT rate on ebooks drops to 3% from 15%
  223. Baen's ebooks website gets a makeover
  224. Sony is competing:
  225. Apple to offer self-publishing platform
  226. Barnes & Noble looks to sell publishing arm
  227. E-Book Editing Raises Questions for Publishing
  228. E-book sales top 5 million for James Patterson
  229. WSJ: Investors Are Freaking Out About Barnes & Noble
  230. Sweden recognizes "Kopimism" (from Copy me) as a religion
  231. Amazon has opened a hornets nest!
  232. ION Book Saver Cancelled
  233. Mobile Users' Amazing Demands on World's Bandwidth
  234. SOPA Blackout Protest
  235. Chinese writers sue Apple for copyright violations
  236. B&N offers Nook for Free with NYT Subscription
  237. Asus introducing 7" quad-core tablet @ $249
  238. Are Programmers Ruining Ebooks?
  239. Lumus see-through wearable display
  240. 10-Self Published Novelists who Made it Big in 2011
  241. KF8 tools now available
  242. 1,000,000+ Cyanogen devices
  243. Kindle simplifies PC document transfers ->Plug in
  244. The way ahead for publishing
  245. Prominent Food Blogger Discovers Plagiarized Ebook
  246. Libraries Can't Meet eBook Demand
  247. E Ink at CES 2012
  248. Congress drops SOPA, PIPA still alive
  249. List of free Prime eligible Kindle e-books
  250. Bloomsbury e-book sales up nearly 40% in final quarter of 2011