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  1. National Library Week
  2. 42% of college graduates never read another book after college
  3. Rim's Playbook gets reviewed
  4. HUGE E-Ink Tablets!
  5. What Amazon Will Be Like in 2030
  6. Survey says: Publishers may sell eBooks direct
  7. One-Day Sale on Kindle DX: 299$ [ENDED]
  8. Schneier on Ebook Fraud
  9. Sony Reader to be released in Russia (officially)
  10. HarperCollins: 'Some heaviest book buyers no longer visit bookstores'
  11. FT: E-books overtake US Paperbacks
  12. Orange Android bookstore
  13. Should unfinished posthumous novels be published?
  14. Congrats to Calibre
  15. Danish book stores to sell ebooks in physical stores
  16. Apple Files Patent Suit Against Samsung Over Galaxy Tablets & Phones
  17. Libraries, Publishing and Disintermediation
  18. Kobo attracts additional $50 million investment
  19. Fictionwise Cancels F&SF Subscriptions
  20. Amazon to launch Library Lending
  21. [Rumor] Scoot over nook, the Kindle want some of that Android tablet action.
  22. Cheapest E-Books Upend the Charts
  23. Amazon launched its German Kindle-store today
  24. Current state of digital comics
  25. Odd report: your iPhone and iPad are tracking you
  26. Amazonís Cloud Crashed Overnight, And Brought Several Other Companies Down Too
  27. Today, April 23rd, is the International Day of the Book
  28. Borders needs $50 million more
  29. Amazonís $23,698,655.93 book about flies
  30. Sony's new tablets
  31. Sony's new tablets
  32. Nook = Tablet
  33. O'Reilly Javascript Book Author on Piracy
  34. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer
  35. Amazon Announces Quarterly Earnings
  36. Ebooks in Portuguese!
  37. Amazon begins shipping Ad-Supported Kindle
  38. Barnes & Noble Charges Microsoft with Misusing Patents
  39. Engadget Reviews the Notion Ink Adam
  40. Passwords, mashwords..........
  41. Uncensored Dorian Gray
  42. The Tablet of the Future From 1994
  43. Poll: 80 Percent of Californians Have Read a Book for Fun in the Last Month
  44. Pocketbook 360 gets Wifi and a few other refreshes
  45. Play Doom on eink Screen
  46. NookColor now at Staples
  47. AT&T wants you to read more
  48. Science fiction writer Joanna Russ dies
  49. The Future of Ebook readers - portable display glass
  50. E Ink: No successor to Pearl this year
  51. Quanta receives tablet PC orders from Amazon, say upstream sources
  52. U of Washington Study: Kindle DX not quite there as a replacement for textbooks
  53. "The book publishing industry has entered a period of long-term decline"
  54. Engadget:amazon tablet shipping '11
  55. UK general title digital book sales soar to £16m in 2010
  56. Evil Canada
  57. Digital book sales soar in the UK
  58. Today In Ridiculous French Regulations: eBook Price Controls!
  59. WalMart selling Kindles now. Really.
  60. enTourage Pocket eDGe on Woot today $149.99
  61. NookStudy for Mac and Windows updated
  62. Eink printed on Cloth, Tyvek plus ....
  63. Barnes & Noble to unveil new e-reader on May 24
  64. Frasier Speirs: On eBook Pricing
  65. Ebooks on a bender
  66. Kindle price increase? (UK)
  67. Amazon removing gay ebooks from their catalog again
  68. Nielsen: How We Use Tablets in the U.S.
  69. Flexible Color E-Ink prototypes
  70. Scrollmotion to team up with Smashwords
  71. BeBook Live announced
  72. New Bookish site - collaboration of 3 major publishers
  73. eBook Gold Rush
  74. Amazon Ordered Color Kindle Tablets, Expected Before Holidays
  75. E-book Sales Are Exploding And Hurting Paperbacks, Publishers Say
  76. Politician's Mother Makes Him Apologize for Calling Neil Gaiman 'Pencil-Necked Weasel
  77. iFlow reader another casualty thanks to the Agency 5 and Apple
  78. Google E-books
  79. The Gold Kindle
  80. Bezo's response "Stay Tuned" w/ regards to Android Tablet
  81. ViewSonic Launching 7" Honeycomb tablet
  82. E-Books Rank as #1 Format among All Trade Categories for the Month
  83. Amazon
  84. E-readers 'a threat to impressive-looking bookshelves'
  85. Borders Poised for a Breakup?
  86. Piracy sends "Go the [edit] to Sleep" to #1 on Amazon
  87. E-Ink and Epson working on a 300ppi e-ink screen!
  88. Star Wars back catalog - June 28
  89. Hanvon Dual-Touch ERT
  90. Philip Roth wins Booker
  91. UK review of copyright law for new media
  92. U. of Michigan Library and Hathitrust tackle orphan works
  93. Mirasol on a Phone at SID in LA
  94. 'Retina' (300dpi) eInk Display under development
  95. Mirasol showcases 4.1-inch smartphone concept at SID 2011
  96. E-books drive older women to digital piracy
  97. Amazon electronics trade-in program announced
  98. Epub coming to Amazon and the Kindle!!!
  99. Amazon Expands Its Publishing Business
  100. Amazon Now Selling More Kindle Books Than All Print Books
  101. Liberty Media Offers to Buy B&N
  102. Science Fiction... but not as you know it
  103. HMV to sell Waterstones to Russian billionaire
  104. E-Books Outsell Print Books at Amazon - NY Times
  105. Ebooks as video games, apps?
  106. 3M Announces Cloud Library Ebook Lending
  107. New Flexible Color Display by SONY Shown at SID 2011
  108. US - Bill S. 968 re piracy
  109. Elgan: Here comes Amazon's 'Kindle for movies' I predict that Amazon will ship a vide
  110. British report takes aim at copyright "lobbynomics"
  111. Nook Color drawing in female readers
  112. E Ink's Smart Snowboard
  113. Amazon to Compete with the Big 6
  114. Kobo Touch $129
  115. Touch may be coming to Kindle.
  116. Barnes & Noble new ereader announcement
  117. GoComics/ Merger
  118. New Ads at end of Amazon Books are just what I wanted
  119. Hemingway's fishing carnival in Cuba
  120. WOW, The Kindle's battery life doubles overnight
  121. Ectaco shows off the Jetbook K12 and K12 Color at Book Expo
  122. France writes the "agency model" into national law
  123. The Battery Life Battle Continues!
  124. barnes and noble's Nook to Amazon's Kindle Ummm Yes we do
  125. Random House UK Joins iBookstore
  126. Google Translate: Will this new function kill foreign rights?
  127. Extremely Thorough review of the Onyx M90
  128. Has Google walked away from its eBookstore?
  129. First $50 eReader Hits the Market
  130. DC Comics to go day and date on all digital comics
  131. Borders abandons ebook business to Kobo
  132. All Borders stores in Australia to close
  133. *Steampunk* Coiner Predicts the Death of eReaders
  134. Qualcomm abandons Mirasol eReader (for now)
  135. Windows 8 Teaser (with tablet implications)
  136. How far would YOU go to buy a tablet/ereader?
  137. The $23,698,655.93 book at Amazon
  138. Readability adds Send-To-Kindle support...
  139. 'Barnes & Noble clearly want consumers to think that this *is* a Kindle'
  140. Ricoh eQuill eWriter Tablet
  141. 'I should be the Nook's ideal customer. But I'm not...I am locked in.'
  142. Consumer Report: BN/Amazon e-reader battery life claims are essentially meaningless
  143. Financial Times launches new independent app
  144. New contender for the Nook Color?
  145. Lilian Jackson Braun
  146. The Danger of E-books by RMS
  147. Kindle Will Be 10% of Amazon Sales in 2012
  148. Nice rechargeable booklight
  149. Amazon moving in on publisher's turf
  150. An Awful Review of the ANN and the Kobo Touch
  151. Borders Reorganisation: News bids?
  152. Moving Forward in E-Readers
  153. Apple takes a step back with subscription requirements
  154. Nook Touch has a browser
  155. Why ebooks are bad for you
  156. "Why is wrong about ebooks"
  157. Kindle now available in Canada
  158. HP Touchpad will be available in July (wifi version)
  159. Government minister says Australian general bookstores to be wiped out in five years
  160. Amazon prepping color Kindle w/ video streaming.
  161. iPad 3 Coming This Year With 2560x1920 Resolution Display?
  162. The Exorcist finally being released September 27
  163. FOXNEWS: The secret to ebook sales is...
  164. A&R to close 42 stores across Australia
  165. Kobo E-reader Hack Lets You Recharge Using Solar Panels
  166. Under new Overdrive model users will no longer choose a file format, just 'ebook'
  167. Fox News: Heaving bosoms are the real force behind ebook sales
  168. Kindle-only children's series launched
  169. Kobo Touch review: 'flawed (at best) or nightmarish (at worst)'
  170. American Gods 10th Anniversary Edition
  171. E-book scams rise (buying or stealing content)
  172. Consumer Reports: Nook Beats The Kindle
  173. ISP sends copyright warning letters to 300 people
  174. USA Today Review: 5 e-book readers for less than $175
  175. JK Rowling Announcement
  176. Irex is back with IRX - 6 fps on Sipix screen
  177. Switched On: e-readers drive to digital distraction
  178. John Locke the first Million Kindle Indie author
  179. Amazon offers jobs to avoid collecting Texas sales taxes
  180. Amazon Tablet to Launch in As Early As August According To Parts Suppliers
  181. A tablet you can read outside...coming soon
  182. Apple Gets Touchscreen Patent
  183. Barnes and Noble Financial results for fiscal year
  184. Sony Reader Lives on with Rowling!
  185. DisplayMate: Tablet Shootout
  186. HP announces Pivot for TouchPad
  187. Ebooks: the latest frontier for spam
  188. Harry Potter eBooks to be officially sold
  189. E-Reader Ownership Outpacing Tablets
  190. New Study Shows Ereader Ownership Growing Faster than Tablet Ownership
  191. 3M Library Platform Reader is the TXTR
  192. New Neal Stephenson
  193. Amazon threatens to shut down California Affiliates program
  194. Uzbekistan Electronic Book (Jet Book) projects
  195. Senor RIM exec begs CEOs to shape up...has it fallen on deaf ears?
  196. How To Make It As An Independent Bookseller
  197. Angry Robot subscripion service
  198. HP Touchpad Engadget review ..
  199. B&N offers free books with upgrade to Nook
  200. New York Times Caves, Gives Apple Its 30% Cut
  201. For ebook devotees, reading is a whole new experience
  202. Macmillan Compass - Out of print books
  203. Kansas State Librarian Argues Consortium Owns Content from OverDrive
  204. Amazon Buys The Book Depository
  205. E-Ink In Watches Now
  206. Pearson Australia buy RedGroup estore websites
  207. Hamster offers eBook conversion
  208. HP TouchPad is here
  209. A guide to why Amazon is losing the tax battle
  210. OverDrive DRM-free eBooks Now Available to Libraries
  211. Sony #1 brand in Asia
  212. Major UK & International author forced to self-publish in States
  213. RIAA's new tactic can make even the innocent guilty
  214. Problems loading Library Books
  215. Nook leaps past the kindle, NookCOLOR sales grow while iPad declines
  216. Amazon Kindle/tablet to feature dual screens?
  217. iPad HD/Plus (rumor)
  218. Nextbook Next6 ebook reader tablet
  219. Tablet suppliers are gearing up production
  220. Google reader coming out (Iriver Story)
  221. Newspapers to sell Android tablets to subscribers
  222. New Bookless Library Opens
  223. Fujitsu unveil a next gen color epaper screen (with video)
  224. PDFMasher Turns PDFs into EReader Friendly HTML the Right Way
  225. Interesting.........
  226. Android Market app gets major overhaul and adds Books and Movies purchase to app
  227. Kobo to open German ebookstore today
  228. Review of iRiver HD out
  229. KSO 3G Now $139
  230. WSJ: Amazon to Release Tablet, Two new Kindles, in October
  231. B&N scores!
  232. On the Road - the movie
  233. 150 e-book companies at Tokyo book fair
  234. East of Denver by Greg Hill wins 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Winner
  235. Jaycee Dugard's Memoir Top-Seller on Amazon
  236. New Stephen King Ebook
  237. Are Fair Use Rights coming to an end?
  238. Students and eReaders: Kindles and Nooks
  239. Borders in USA to close
  240. Kindle Textbook Rentals!
  241. Angry Robot Books signs Paul S. Kemp
  242. President saves over 10,000 jobs at Borders Bookstores
  243. Lenovo Android tablets available for preorder!
  244. Gollanz to launch world's biggest SFF library
  245. Kobo trying to untangle itself from Borders mess
  246. Adobe Digital Editions 1.8 preview now available
  247. Google labs to close
  248. Google Search Looks for Intercepts
  249. Sony v Kindle
  250. Open source option to PDF!