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  1. eWeek: Kindle & Nook To Dominate
  2. Problems
  3. Copia annouces $99 color e-reader
  4. E-Book Deals Prompts Competition Inquiry Wall Steet Journal
  5. Wired: Why Does the New Kindle Have A Microphone?
  6. I have the black Pandigital Novel e-reader
  7. Anyone know the status of the British Library plans to distribute free ebooks
  8. Amazon: We have 70-80 percent of e-book market
  9. Ebook pricing under scrutiny
  10. NookStudy now available for download
  11. B&N to Evaluate Strategic Alternatives-Sale of Company?
  12. Any news about the Nook's Pubit?
  13. Conn AG targets Amazon and Apple for price-fixing
  14. Amazon Refunding Books and Giving Out New Copies
  15. Foxit kills off eSlick ebook reader
  16. Motorola Tablet Headed to Verizon Will Emphasize TV Viewing
  17. Amazon Releases Games for Kindle
  18. Kindle 3 is delayed slightly
  19. Amazon to open UK Kindle store
  20. UK Kindle ebook store Now Open
  21. iRiver Story Touch Edition
  22. Irex rises from the (almost) dead
  23. Which is the cheapest eBookstore in the UK? Guardian
  24. German Hanvon's showing a new ereader
  25. Google: Books of the world, stand up and be counted! All 129,864,880 of you
  26. CS Monitor: How Should We Price E-Books?
  27. Digitimes: Asustek to launch 8-inch 64-grayscale e-book reader at below US$599
  28. HP Zeen
  29. Nicolas Negroponte: The Physical Book is Dead in Five Years
  30. Visited the Pandigital Novel at the BB&B
  31. Techcrunch: Rocketfish-Seriously, a Best Buy Tablet
  32. Help with Nook for Android
  33. Dorchester Dropping Mass Market for E-books & Pod
  34. Printing Choice: E-Books vs. Real Books-an Infographic
  35. Interesting breakdown of revenue/cost
  36. NYT Kindle obit
  37. Interview with the head of Pocketbook Global
  38. Amazon allows DRM-free ebook, Apple refuses
  39. Sonystyle website countdown
  40. Barnes & Noble up for sale
  41. RIM to release tablet this Nov. and the name is ....drum roll please...
  42. Plastic Logic may be bought by Rusnano
  43. Notion Ink Update...
  44. Plastic Logic kills QUE
  45. Rumor of more hardware from Amazon
  46. Sony to go Android?
  47. ZDNet: Qualcomm's E-Ink killer-How Do You Mass Produce Mirasol
  48. $94.97 ebook reader at dealextreme...does video? LCD...
  49. Ebooks now 8.5% of sales, expected to climb to 40% in 3-5 years
  50. Colour E-Ink hitting the market by the end of the year?
  51. The Dell Streak
  52. Happy 50th, Sam-I-Am
  53. Notion Ink Adam: Pricing and more
  54. Technologizer: iPadversaries! 32 Tablets, Slates, Pads, and More
  55. Finally, new Sony rumors
  56. Asus Readies Android-based Eee Pad for March Launch
  57. GooReader launched, supports Google Books
  58. W H Smith fights back — 66% of top 100 ebooks
  59. $99 e-Reader article
  60. The Asus Eee Tablet: the end for the DR-900?
  61. News Corp (Murdoch) and E-book newspaper
  62. Reader introduction in Denmark
  63. PocketBook Global to make Mirasol readers?
  64. LG Display announced a prototype solar-powered e-book reader
  65. All new Nook app for IPhone and IPod touch
  66. Yet Another Bookstores are dying report
  67. Entourage to release Pocket Edge
  68. Six technologies endangered by smartphones
  69. Agency model, Apple and Amazon in the UK
  70. Impact of digital technology on the brain
  71. B&N Introduces Nook for iPhone
  72. Strong rumours Ipad 2 could be available by Christmas
  73. HTC Planning Black Friday Launch of Chrome Tablet
  74. Pandigital announce the black Novel
  75. MacMillan Asks Authors for Backlist eBook Rights
  76. Amazon to add gifting of kindle books in the near future
  77. Velocity Micro releases Cruz Reader
  78. Bloomberg: RIM Said to Plan Crusher Tank Technology for Tablet Computer
  79. Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300BC for $99.99
  80. Coming soon to an ebook reader near you.
  81. India's first e-ink reader Wink launched
  82. PRS-600SC longer available for purchase at Sony Style.
  83. CVS to carry new e-reader
  84. The Copia Social eReader
  85. CVS $180 reader
  86. Pocketbook's new models announced
  87. A cool thing to do with your Kindle 2 if you’re getting Kindle 3
  88. E-Books Make Readers Less Isolated
  89. Samsung Galaxy Tablet in 10" flavor
  90. e-reading; Revolution or Fading Fad?
  91. Grauniad article on self-published author
  92. Pandigital Novel -- not that great, is it?
  93. A radical future for book publishing - Independent
  94. Pandigital Novel (black) review roundup
  95. The Next Wave: Kindle Outselling iBooks 60 to 1
  96. Exclusive Kindle 3 comparison photos, kindle 3 video review
  97. New Sony Reader Library hints at new models, regions
  98. Telegraph Kindle review
  99. Various Kindle reviews
  100. HTC Google Chrome OS tablet - more info
  101. iPad/Kindle which will change reading
  102. Next Papyrus PageOne
  103. EPUB Math: Best Practices for Mathematics in Ebooks
  104. B&N new software development location
  105. B&N: ebook share bigger than print share
  106. Samsung Galaxy Tab release date Sept 2
  107. Random House Wins Battle for E-Book Rights
  108. Velocity Micro Tablets
  109. Kogan 6" ebook reader with eink
  110. Samsung E60 on UK High Streets
  111. Download button no longer on
  112. Ereading all over today's Wall Street Journal
  113. Aluratek's E-reader Cracks the $100 Barrier
  114. Color Comes to an E-Reader
  115. Watch Out, iPad!
  116. Amazon loses exclusive deal with Andrew Wiley
  117. e-Reader Acer Lumiread presented at IFA
  118. LG to Make E-paper for New Generation of Devices
  119. Russian e-reader market: Pocketbook #1, Sony #2
  120. Did you see the new iRiver on their website?
  121. USA Today to focus on digital content
  122. Sony Reader meetup
  123. Guardian: Publishers respond to "who needs a publisher?" article
  124. Kaplan Study Guides free on Ibooks
  125. Review of the Kindle 3 from the Observer in the Guardian UK
  126. Telegraph: The OED Will Not Be Printed Again
  127. Review of HighScreen Alex
  128. LG planning super e-readers that will make the Kindle look like a toy
  129. Another tale of Barnes and Nobles woes
  130. Price Cuts for Kobo and Aluratek Readers
  131. eBooks in Schools?
  132. Borders' New Strategy for Survival: Stuffed Bears
  133. Hot rumour: Kobo to "untether" other eReaders with new sync
  134. Sony will launch next generation ereader tomorrow
  135. New York Times on the new Sony Readers
  136. 3 New Sony Readers announced today, apps coming this fall
  137. Surrendering to Tomorrow
  138. A great tip for aspiring writers: read something
  139. The first wave of android tablets
  140. FIRST LOOK: Sony PRS 350 and jetBook MINI
  141. Cheap ereader in Australia with free shipping
  142. Apparently 'Available Now' means 'Pre-order Now' to Sony
  143. What's up with eReader Outfitters?
  144. New Sony readers 350 and 650: disappointed by Euro prices!
  145. Sammy's Galaxy Tab to feature Kobo
  146. Touch screen technology in new Sony Readers: zForce from Neonode
  147. Amazon is working hard for the Kindle
  148. This can only be good news for us.
  149. Kobo and the Samsung Galaxy Tab
  150. New BeBook Club
  151. For and against ebooks. Interesting read
  152. Kobo eReader on sale for $128.00 at Chapters/Indigo
  153. Power your reader/laptop/MID with diamonds. WHAT?
  154. Neal Stephenson's digital publishing platform adds a dash of Wiki to novel-reading
  155. Pocketbook 903 demonstration
  156. Kobo & The Literati
  157. Kindle and SVG?
  158. SONY PRS-950 is up on the FCC website
  159. Spanish company Luarna pops up with a SiPix 9" reader
  160. Photos of reading devices on the IFA fair in Berlin
  161. 2010 Hugo Award winners announced
  162. Video: Sony PRS-650, showing awesome touch screen
  163. WeTab video from IFA. Now running MEEGO
  164. Video: PocketBook 903 Pro, with fast scribble firmware
  165. Video: PocketBook IFA 2010 Press Conference (30-minute video)
  166. Man Booker Prize shortlist announced
  167. Spectra Electronics Readeee
  168. Video: Onyx Boox X60, new drop-proof design
  169. H-X8 TFT E-Book at dragonext?
  170. Seiko's New EInk Watch
  171. "We will stop printing the New York Times sometime in the future"
  172. Kindle at Best Buy
  173. No Mirasol announcment at Qualcomm event but...
  174. Attack Riddles Adobe Reader
  175. Kobo donating sales from book list to support children's needs in Haiti
  176. Dorchester Publishing Going All Digital
  177. This might be a first
  178. Comparison photos of new Sony 350 and Kindle 3
  179. Flip scanning
  180. WH Smith - geo-restrictions circumvented
  181. Joe Abercrombie to sell enhanced ebook
  182. Reading E-Books in All the Colors of the Rainbow
  183. Funny new commercial
  184. US Circuit Court of Appeal verdict making first-sale doctrine practically useless?
  185. WHSmith withdrawing access to Mobipocket and Reader ebooks
  186. Fanfic Archive Adds Download Options
  187. Japan rapid scanning system can digitise book in one minute
  188. Amazon Kindle advertisment pokes fun at Apple iPad
  189. Sony Shows Off Prototype Flexible Electronic Paper Display
  190. Blio to Launch September 28 2010
  191. Dual screen eink and Lcd Android Phone
  192. Another Author Signs Kindle Exclusive - David Morrell
  193. Local high school hands out 2,100 Kindles to students
  194. Is Agency Pricing Coming to UK?
  195. Bus Driver Caught on Tape Reading Kindle While Driving
  196. Continuous discussion on China MID Market(Shan Zhai)
  197. Notion Ink tablet design explained
  198. Anyone knows this reader (AGK)?
  199. If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself ...
  200. UK eBook customers complaints: 50% prices, 49% DRM
  201. Interesting take on one CEO's true attitude toward student needs
  202. CBC: E-books: A new chapter begins
  203. Dual e-ink screen ereader
  204. Spray-on tech for eBook readers?
  205. Pixel Qi e-readers - H1 2011?
  206. UK/European Agency Model introduced
  207. New Interactive eBook concepts from Ideo
  208. The "V-Reader"
  209. E-book sales jumped 150% in July
  210. Titanic Sunk by Steering Mistake
  211. Kindle for Android App Adds Voice Search
  212. Sony readers in Oz
  213. E-Books Are Only 6% of Printed Book Sales
  214. Kindle Name Can't be used
  215. e-Books, Bookstores and the Law in France
  216. CBC: iPad hits Nova Scotia classrooms
  217. Sharp's Galapagos e-reader is out [IN DECEMBER]
  218. Tablet computers: Will devices like the iPad replace paper?
  219. Kno News
  220. Blackberry Playbook announced
  221. RIM announces BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  222. WSJ: Authors Feel Pinch in Age of E-Books
  223. Notion Ink Adam Colors and design
  224. Kindle for Web arrives at Amazon
  225. Pixel Qi 10" display will be sold as USB powered Secondary Display
  226. Blio released
  227. Xerox throwing weight behind Espresso Machine
  228. Borders unveils updated Kobo eReader with Wi-Fi
  229. Sony Readers available through Angus & Robertson and Borders in Australia
  230. Toshiba joins the eBook party
  231. Scholastic 2010 Kids & Family Reading Report
  232. Mirasol Displays Coming to an eReader Near You, in 2011
  233. What the Heck is C-Paper or Cheap Backlid Color 7" Ereader(59Euro)
  234. Children's Book Donation Campaign 'Read For The Record' October 7th 2010
  235. Mirasol inching it's way to a real product...
  236. Yet another thumb of the nose from publishers
  237. Microsoft to debut slates and phones
  238. Read all about it! Device owners read more books, magazines and newspapers
  239. Why we shouldn't buy ereader
  240. Wired is totally clueless about ebooks
  241. Slash Gear reviews the Sharper Image Literati
  242. Wired: The Kindle in the tablet world
  243. Salon Futura, a new non-fiction ezine about SF
  244. Frankfurt Book Fair: jetBook mini
  245. Mario Vargas Llosa [Peruvian] wins Nobel Prize in Literature
  246. OYO a new e-book Reader
  247. Scotiabank Giller 2010 Prize Shortlist
  248. New electrofluidics design from the University of Cincinnati
  249. Skytex Reader?
  250. Ebook reader mainstream adoption