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  1. Universal to test $10 price for new CDs
  2. Amazon reveals new Kindle app for iPad and other tablets
  3. Entourage eDGe is available
  4. Sony slashes Pocket Edition price to $169 for two weeks
  5. Jobs confirms DRM free epub books can be loaded and read via iBooks on iPad
  6. Topaz developer discusses DRM implementation and cracking
  7. Italy will have e-books!
  8. Kobo Launches New E-reader!
  9. Liquavista Announces Dev Kits for New Screens
  10. January 2010 US ebook sales up 261.2%
  11. Wall Street Journal to cost $18 on the iPad
  12. Skiff partners with Samsung Oh Boy, What a Gaffe!
  13. WePad Android Tablet: 11.6", SDcard, usb ports, webcam, multitask, flash, etc
  14. MS Courier Confirmed in Job Opening Blog?
  15. CBD (Christian Book Distributors) to add ebooks later this year!
  16. B&N eReader Now Out for Windows Mobile (sorta)
  17. iPad periodicals doing brisk trade in ad-space
  18. Apples's iPad Book Pricing May Match Amazon
  19. Ohio calls for more Digital Textbooks
  20. Sprint's new Android HTC phone EVO has 4.3" Screen
  21. The Times will add Paywall in June
  22. Microsoft Courier Possibly Confirmed?
  23. According to BoB the agency pricing will start on april 1st
  24. JooJoo preorders shipping
  25. BooksOnBoard reports major changes in ebook pricing
  26. iPad Camera Connection Kit Available, Ships Late April
  27. Amazon Begins To Run TV Ads For The Kindle
  28. Eye-Tracking Tablets and the Promise of Text 2.0
  29. Smashwords signs distribution deal for iPad iBookstore
  30. Digital Economy Bill
  31. Bi Sheng 600TW new E-reader/Smartphone Hybrid
  32. Zinio Launches new Reader
  33. Mills & Boon boom sparked by young fans in rush to download romances
  34. BBC postpones iPhone apps
  35. OLPC & Pixel Qi announce cross-license deal
  36. Bloomsbury to Reissue Harry Potter
  37. Fictionwise discontinues Buywise Club
  38. Itunes 9.1 Released; Allows importing of books in Epub format
  39. Warner Bros hiring student to spy on pirates
  40. The Coming Agency System: Suggestions for Stores (Teleread)
  41. Seton Hill University to give all students an iPad
  42. Amazon anounces: Kindle Apps for the Tablet Computers (Including the iPad)
  43. Classic April Fools (early) at Diesel
  44. Paris Book Fair
  45. Books removed from fictionwise?
  46. A Bookstore drama
  47. WSJ: Amazon Strikes Two Book-Pricing Deals
  48. K2i out of stock at Amazon - What could this mean!?!
  49. Sony is following the new industry standard pricing scheme.
  50. Has the changeover happened yet?
  51. The latest use for eInk technology... programmable tattoos?!
  52. Amazon geo restrictions suffer a "glitch"
  53. Mirasol Displays..Safe?
  54. Tegra 2 problems?
  55. R.I.P. Dr. Henry Roberts
  56. New ebook store in Australia - sort of
  57. Marvel Comics App Debuts on iPad
  58. Doctorow on the iPad
  59. Kindle app for iPad appears in the App Store
  60. CBSnews: iPad Mania (video report)
  61. iBooks, Wattpad Ipad apps avalaible now, B&N coming soon
  62. "Greed" on iPad iBooks bookstore!
  63. is this true?
  64. I met with the head of Kobo today...
  65. JooJoo Reviewed and HP Slate info
  66. For Authors and Ebook Producers: Win $1,500 in the FiFoBooks Summer 2010 Contest
  67. Smart Devices to release new E-reader - the R7
  68. How Green is My iPad - NYT Article
  69. [Rumor] Kindle coming to Target on April 25
  70. New Tom Clancy Novel Announced
  71. Plastic Logic will begien shipping Que June 24th
  72. Surprising reactions to Kobo's bookshelf view
  73. 2009 US ebook sales up 176.6%
  74. Yinlips eBook Reader
  75. Wiley launches new e-reader comparison site
  76. Rumor (but strong): Nook to be sold at Best Buy
  77. RUMOR: Best Buy will sell the Nook on 18 April
  78. RUMOR: Amazon Kindle Coming to Target on 25 April
  79. Rumor: Apple seen readying 7-inch iPad for early 2011
  80. Colour e-readers with video
  81. BBC posts video on Liquavista and their electrowetting screen
  82. Introducing the Viewsonic VEB 620 & VEB 625
  83. Notion Ink Adam delay
  84. Enso's zenPad is vaporware
  85. DIY Scanner
  86. Borders & Sony
  87. read ePubs on WinCE
  88. The Book Depository launches an Ebookstore
  89. (UK) Labour Party Manifestio as an ebook
  90. "Copyright Violation" Malware
  91. Google Coming Out With An iPad Challenger
  92. Agency titles for sale again at Books on Board
  93. Sony Circumvents Agency Pricing Model
  94. WePad gets preorder date in Germany April 27th
  95. Sharp unveils new 3D LCD screen
  96. (UK) Conservative Party Manifestio as an ebook
  97. Random House combines Ballantine, Bantam, and Dell imprints
  98. Spring Design Alex ships Tomorrow 4/14/10
  99. Australia's biggest telco attempts to steal iPad's thunder with T-hub tablet
  100. (UK) Liberal Democrats Manifestio as an ebook
  101. Spanish firm Grammata will sell Alex reader in Spain (and EU and Latin America)!
  102. Marvell promising $99 tablet computer
  103. ok dont laugh but they are selling for less than $175
  104. [GIZMO] Apple Blocks Pulitzer Prize-Winning Cartoonist From App Store
  105. Leaked pics: 4G iPhone signals iPhone/iPad convergence...
  106. Now Things Get Complicated
  107. Hanvon Shows off Tablets
  108. MobileRead Wiki is 4 years old
  109. Upcoming tablets
  110. Small Publisher expands Formats
  111. Leaked pics: Delyca Android Based Reader S600K
  112. An insight into the heart of a publisher
  113. Rolling Stone New Web Model
  114. Fujitsu demo color ereader prototype; launch in 2010
  115. Dell's 7-inch and 10-inch Streak tablets leaked
  116. Nook 2 and Nook Lite
  117. "Publish or Perish" -- New Yorker on the ebook biz
  118. EPUB Logo Contest
  119. Harvard Business School:Close of a Chapter in Publishing
  120. Pocket Book at the London Book Fair 2010
  121. New E-Ink displays...err...displayed!
  122. Latest news on ACTA (copyright treaty)
  123. International Day of the Book, on 23rd
  124. Mirasol e-reader this year?
  125. Paradigm Shift debuts $130 EER-051D
  126. ICD Gemini Tegra 2 Android Tablet
  127. Converting ODF to ePub with ODFToEPub
  128. Hachette Children's to launch e-books
  129. Russian President endorses ebooks for kids
  130. Best Buy now selling the Nook
  131. iPad drives Kindle prices higher, readers revolt
  132. New ebook at Eletroworld
  133. New Nook firmware v1.3 now avaiable
  134. Gizmodo article: How To Fix Today's Ebook readers
  135. Marvell unveils 1 GHz chips that consume just 1 watt of power
  136. "How to Create an E-Book for the Kindle, Nook, iPad/iPhone/iTouch"
  137. New E-Ink
  138. Target(R) Stores to Sell Kindle
  139. Alan Sillitoe dies at 82
  140. Top 10 Most Pirated Ebooks of 2009
  141. Well, Shut My Mouth
  142. Publish or Perish, Part II: NPR Interview
  143. Apple sued by Elan Microelectronics
  144. China Mieville wins Arthur C Clarke award
  145. Mirasol -- which readers is Q4? Let's speculate
  146. 12 Months of Learnings About eBooks in 40 Minutes
  147. MS Courier
  148. PRS-600 on Woot!!!
  149. HP cancels its Win 7 slate
  150. North Carolina's tax collectors VS Amazon (and us)
  151. Is that an Ipad??
  152. Amazon Paying Commissions On Kindle Books (Again).
  153. New Aigo 7-inch Android tablet with Tegra 2
  154. Apple 'sells 1m iPads in a month'
  155. Apple Draws Scrutiny From Regulators
  156. Update on Google eBook Sales Plan Update
  157. New Video - Pixel Qi vs Kindle vs Toshiba R600 vs regular LCD tablet
  158. Fiction takes an interesting new twist with 'moooks' from mifiction
  159. Google Editions
  160. Card Lock Broken
  161. Scientists say goodbye to screen glare
  162. Scribd social publishing site dumps Flash in favor of HTML5
  163. Zenithink iPad Clone Features 1 GHz CPU
  164. iPad Launch
  165. Blackberry Tablet
  166. Consumer Reports... doesn't report
  167. Fujitsu upgrades Flepia screen!
  168. WePad is WeTab now
  169. Sony Celebrates 10 Millionth Book Download
  170. taking pre orders for the Kobo reader
  171. Charles Stross on eBooks
  172. Google To Offer 4000000 titles
  173. Dymocks now stocking EPUB and DL format ebooks
  174. Kobo in Borders Australia
  175. The Green Reader UK launches new e-reader
  176. Verizon and Google Teaming Up For Tablet
  177. samsung e60 - e61 in britain in july
  178. Frank Frazetta, 82, dies in Fla.
  179. Border's eBook store to serve many devices (not just Kobo)
  180. Amazon Spying On Your Ebook Highlighting
  181. Oxford Dictionary to correct 99-year old error
  182. Cory Doctorow's Latest Launches Today
  183. At last, fast PDF annotations! (Hanvon N518 with new firmware)
  184. HarperCollins: Angus & Robertson e-book store opening next week
  185. DRM = Don't Read Me
  186. Italian ebooks, ready, set go!
  187. Plastic Logic preparing Color epaper launch for 2012
  188. Intel on Tablets: "Stay tuned for Computex"
  189. Hulu says HTML5 not ready
  190. Fight the Good Fight ... against DRM
  191. Call for comments: OPDS Catalogs 0.9 draft (open catalog standard ebooks)
  192. Dell streak dubs as a phone and a 5" eReader
  193. Spring Design Alex just got a firmware update
  194. Borders (USA) is selling the PRS-600 for $100
  195. Flattr, a micropayment service to show your love
  196. Court Rules That File-Sharing Service Infringed Copyrights
  197. Entourage review from Invention & Technology News
  198. Poll Says a Low-Priced Tablet Will Turn the Masses on to E-Reading
  199. J.A. Konrath's next Jack Daniels mystery to be published by Amazon
  200. Anyone ordered the Spring Design Alex Reader
  201. NVIDIA puts its Tegra 2 eggs in Android's basket....
  202. Taking off - tablets and e-readers are not niche
  203. Amazon: Introducing Kindle for Android
  204. Why even people in the content industry pirate stuff
  205. Digital Content Production and Instant Multiple Book Format Generation Solution
  206. Kobo in Borders Australia on sale NOW
  207. New Courier/Entourage-like device on the way
  208. Catherynne Valente takes down her own award-winning ebook
  209. HP says WebOS Slates and Printers Coming
  210. Sony Pocket Edition Refurbished on Woot for $110. 5/19/2010
  211. Does anybody know CEM001?
  212. A collection of tablet rumors
  213. Overdrive releasing reading apps
  214. B&N Announces PubIt! self-publishing platform
  215. Bill Gates hates ebooks!
  216. Augen has an eBook Reader called "The Book"
  217. WebM: The Truly Open Video Format is here!
  218. nice new review of PocketBook 360
  219. Kindle 4 Android Hands on demo from the Google I/O Coverage
  220. QuickReader 2.0 release announcement
  221. New Android Tablet
  222. WSJ: E-Books Rewrite Bookselling
  223. Funny article about the future of paper books
  224. Article in WSJ today
  225. Back to the Future: Paper E-Books?
  226. Germany: First iPads on their way
  227. Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear & Friends: The Mongoliad
  228. Martin Gardner October 21, 1914 May 22, 2010
  229. Stephenie Meyer, New Book, Best prices ever!
  230. Will publishing move to the middle?
  231. Pandigital Novel: Color LCD eBook Reader that Runs Android Apps
  232. Android tablets about to break?
  233. European Parliament to buy iPads for every member
  234. Is the Adam now vaporware?
  235. WSJ: Amazon CEO Says Kindle Will Stay Focused On Reader
  236. Canada, China tops piracy watch list
  237. Article on creating a free ebook
  238. Is the Pixel Qi vaporware?
  239. Amazon Kindle flunked by college students
  240. Coming to the end of an era in publishing
  241. Any new info about the ASUS DR-900/DR-950?
  242. NYT: Sony Showcases New Rollable, Flexible Screen
  243. WSJ: Amazon, Penguin Resolve Book-Pricing Dispute
  244. Hair-thin, rollable OLED
  245. Acer CEO shows off 7-inch Android tablet
  246. Book Expo America - More of the Same
  247. Acer 6" E-Reader
  248. Sony to challenge Apple in Japan with e-reader
  249. iPad launch in Australia
  250. G&M: Penguin Celebrates 75 Years