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  1. High-speed book scanner works as pages turn
  2. Amazon Taps Its Inner Apple (Fast Company Magazine article)
  3. "At least" 10 new e-book readers between now and January
  4. Declaration of Independence
  5. PRS-500 to get EPUB support after all?
  6. Google and Creative Commons
  7. Stylistic changes to a text?
  8. News Article
  9. Consumers Not Convinced they Need Ereader
  10. Cloud-publishing; or, Why "Self-publishing" Is Meaningless
  11. Sleeve for the new Sony readers
  12. New Form of DRM?
  13. Is this the rumoured Apple tablet?
  14. Infoweek on Sony and ePub
  15. Hey! Somebody gets it...
  16. Lots of covers for the new Sony readers
  17. Harry Potter Pirated Editions on Kindle Again
  18. Ebook readers at IFA Berlin, 4-9 September
  19. Tulane Univ E-Textbooks -- Conflict of Interest?
  20. Fox News: Kindle may not "dominate" digital book market for long
  21. J.D. Salinger legal battle and authors rights
  22. Matsunichi ER600 ebook reader
  23. Please stop complaining about e-book design.
  24. Public Lending Right as a model for ebook pricing
  25. Review of ECO reader
  26. Cory Doctorow on free ebooks (Guardian)
  27. Sony PSP Digital Reader Service
  28. Fujitsu to set up color e-book reader production plant in Taiwan
  29. Didn't Sony say they were releasing $9.99 books?
  30. Opus not very robust?
  31. Aussie Publishers Reject Amazon Kindle
  32. National Book Festival
  33. HTC to make ebook device
  34. Double whammy from Apple?
  35. The Book vs the Kindle
  36. Kindle US Marketshare at 45%, Sony at 30%
  37. Cybook Opus Review by
  38. Video appears in paper magazines
  39. Disposable e-paper
  40. Not 1, But 2 Apple Tablets On The Way, says Report
  41. Sonystyle Canada reduced price of PRS-300 from $279 to $259
  42. Brooklyn Library restricts access to Tin Tin book
  43. Sony to announce colour e-book ?
  44. Danish paper on ebooks - 400 titles this year
  45. MS, Amazon, Yahoo join forces against Google Books digitization
  46. Dan Brown is author most donated to Oxfam
  47. Open Book Alliance
  48. Lost Agatha Christie Tale to be Serialised
  49. Message from Oberon Design
  50. Frustrated with all the recent posts by Kindle-only authors
  51. Find Sony readers in Las Vegas
  52. Stallman: Ending the War on Sharing
  53. Site for pre-readers, young kids.
  54. Sony encouraging self-publishing ...
  55. Sony eBook Store Price Drop?
  56. Chicago Public Library Added No Books in August!
  57. It ain't the book, it's the shelving...
  58. Bureaucrat Wants To Void Ownership Of Ebooks In Brazil
  59. xkcd Commentary
  60. Ebook growth explosive, serious disruptions around the corner
  61. CNet article about iPhone Kindle app experience
  62. Ad Age article on Sony vs Kindle
  63. Reader's Digest Bankrupt
  64. Make magazine, digital edition is online only.
  65. Foxconn to deliver e-book readers to China Mobile
  66. Ars article on Flat World Knowledge
  67. eReaders for Sales Presentations
  68. Sony Reader Daily Edition - ad photo leaked
  69. Sony Reader Daily Edition - SCOOP!
  70. No more out of state access for NYPL online
  71. What form of 3G does the Sony Reader Daily Edition use?
  72. UK: new Sony Readers on 10th September; free Dan Brown with preorder
  73. Amazon's First Response to the Sony Launch Announcement (?)
  74. Lending Library ebooks on the Kindle?
  75. Sony Mac software
  76. Public Library - Overdrive e-book selection?
  77. Social networking?
  78. Pressmart brings leading newspapers to Kindle and Sony eReader
  79. ONYX BOOX will release in Sept.
  80. News on the new Apple tablet
  81. MR at Sony Daily Edition press conference
  82. New technology for "touch" screen
  83. Sony Daily Edition launch video
  84. Sony PRS-600 gets first firmware upgrade
  85. More details for the txtr emerge!
  86. Any word on the UK press conf today?
  87. Dutch E-Book store opened (
  88. eBooks in Australian libraries
  89. Article on music, MP3s, DRM. Read it, and think EBOOKS...
  90. Sony & Amazon, etc. - Why No Wifi or Bluetooth?
  91. Kindle to launch in europe next week???
  92. Sony PRS 600 Hands on Video Review
  93. Google Books brings EPUB for all
  94. Sony's London press conference - roundup
  95. eBL 3.0 - Clearing up after Bootcamp, Parallels or Fusion
  96. Tor Publisher Patrick Nielsen Hayden On the Future of SF Books (
  97. Ebook prices drive me insane
  98. Asustek to launch e-book reader under Eee family
  99. Interesting Article About the Expansion of ePaper and eReaders
  100. Meet-up! Frankfurt Book Fair 14-18 october 2009
  101. Pixel Qi announced it is busy creating a battery powered HD tv!
  102. Google releases 1 million public domain books in ePub format
  103. eBook Store 3.0: Mac OS X Support and more!
  104. Waterstones trying to get simultaneous release of ebooks and pbooks
  105. e-Books as Mobile Apps?
  106. No Sony Reader Pocket Edition for France and Germany?
  107. Publishers Must Change the Way Authors Get Paid
  108. Open Internet Lending Library?
  109. Canadian perspective of the recent Sony ebook readers - PRS-300/PRS-600/PRS-2121
  110. News and Commentary
  111. Sony Reader first hand reports
  112. Sony stores stop selling PRS-600
  113. Smashwords ebooks at Barnes & Noble
  114. Sony Daily Reader PRS-2121 Technical Specifications
  115. Google Books Offers ePub Downloads Of Free Books
  116. Can't wait for Apple Tablet!
  117. Sony PRS-505 spotted in the wild
  118. Hachette complains about eBook prices
  119. Disney to buy Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion US... Will Spiderman get therapy?
  120. When will a wireless e-book device come to Australia?
  121. Disney acquires Marvel Comics!!!
  122. Buttons are not an eBook navigation method
  123. Astak EZ Reader Pocket Pro is now shipping
  124. How big is that e-book anyway?
  125. How are books chosen for Overdrive?
  126. iRiver's new e-book reader 'Story'
  127. A database/website: I want this book Published as an Ebook.
  128. Sony uses Chrome as default browser
  129. ebooks formats, US and the rest of the world now really apart ?
  130. Decatur Book Fest 2009
  131. Lions Gate using Kindles as Script Readers
  132. Why E-Books Look So Ugly
  133. California digital textbooks - update
  134. Sony PRS 600 Black in stock
  135. The 10 Most Pirated eBooks of 2009
  136. Pricing and info on some ereaders from Rachel
  137. Google Partners with Coolerbooks
  138. iPhone readers QUADRUPLED from April to July
  139. The Digi-Novel: The New Electronic Reading Format?
  140. A new color e-paper competitor next year
  141. Toshiba Journe Touch
  142. Everyone Wants a Kindle - For $50
  143. amazon sends a note to google books.. we hate you.
  144. sony prs-600: a review
  145. E-books a hot topic at next Consumer Electronics Show
  146. EB20 online reader - review
  147. Amazon's Apology for the Orwell Incident
  148. Kindle (And Ereaders) Advantage on the Subway
  149. Ubuntu linux running on a Kindle 2
  150. Google, Sony, Cool-er, ePub and... selling books?
  151. CNN article on Changing/Future Libraries
  152. Amazon gives book back, or coupon
  153. Amazon expands the $30 credit
  154. New England Prep School Throws Away all Their Library Books... Buys 18 Kindles.
  155. Astak Announces New 6" Mentor Lite
  156. Weather/Environmentally Sealed Reading Devices...where are they?
  157. Sound Archive of the British Library Free Online
  158. A new online resource for old Spanish books
  159. Competition on E-Book Reader Market Heats Up
  160. Information Week: e-Book Readers Need To Get A Lot Cheaper
  161. Toshiba E-Book Reader in mid-2010
  162. iriver Story coming to Germany?
  163. Ebook Readers: Itís All About Price
  164. ZuluReader for PC beta release
  165. So here's the part that kills me
  166. ASUS EEE Reader by Year End, Color, Touch Screen, £100
  167. First look: Pocketbook 360
  168. Any other MR folks going to WFC in San Jose?
  169. I am going backwards with e books
  170. Ebooks to group by ODM!
  171. Article link - How to beat Kindle...
  172. Where's the Pandora for e-book recommendations?
  173. Amusing take on some of the problems introduced by Google Books
  174. Polymer Vision back from the grave
  175. E-books for the French (Canadian) market
  176. Asus to launch cheap liseuse this year
  177. Jordan's Wheel Of Time series to be released in E-Book form
  178. Ebook price comparisons
  179. Google makes concessions to European publishers
  180. Calbrie is the Featured Software at Raiden's Realm
  181. Google Books Debate Now on KQED.
  182. Penguin launches first 'Digi-Novel'
  183. On the rising Tower of eBabel
  184. Overdrive's Traveling Digital Bookmobile
  185. new form of drm. dpp
  186. Is the end near for Mobipocket?
  187. Review: Astak 5" Pocket Pro and Sony comparison
  188. Today's Apple announcement!
  189. US-based ebook reader owners want more features
  190. Enhanced Editions
  191. Baen's Webscriptions turns ten
  192. Over 1,000 free Kiwi books in ePub
  193. Steve Jobs on Amazon and Ice Cream
  194. E-Ink talks about plans; promises color in 2010
  195. EZ Reader Firmware update
  196. Amazon Lives Up to Its Promise/Apology
  197. More Sony Reader models to appear?
  198. Google promises to give competitors the right to sell their scans
  199. U.S. Government blasts Google
  200. Time Inc - Time for a New E-Reader
  201. sells 1,500 Sony readers
  202. Time to come out with a new ereader
  203. Essential characteristics of the 'perfect' E-book reader in 2010.
  204. John Grisham has NOT gone digital after all
  205. AirPaper 50T - new Chinese liseuse w\GSM
  206. Is this Apple's e-book trojan horse?
  207. Electronic Book Reader Landscape
  208. Article:E-book readers still owned by small niche
  209. Nicholas Jones - The Book Carver
  210. E-reader cartoon in Sept 14th "New Yorker"
  211. O'Reilly Ebook Survey with a chance to win $200 worth of their ebooks
  212. now offering Adobe ePub downloads
  213. New Tom Bihn Kindle 2 (or other) Carrier Pouch
  214. E-books a hot topic at next Consumer Electronics Show
  215. The Law of Unintended Consequences - eBook Edition
  216. Register for CES 2010: Free before 10/01/2009
  217. The future of e-book readers
  218. Facelifting for Manybooks
  219. CNN: Ebooks are catching on
  220. reverts back to high prices
  221. Why does the page refresh on eink devices bother people so much?
  222. Philadelphia Free Libraries are closing :(
  223. Slashdot Poll on EReaders
  224. Gizmodo just tore the sony 600 and 300 a new one
  225. Penguin Georgraphical Restrictions
  226. Tear down the Prs-300
  227. Does an ebook sale represent, to you, a lost print sale?
  228. Google's leitor em linha
  229. News Corp CEO Murdoch: Sony Reader Superior To Kindle
  230. Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters
  231. Does an unavailable ebook represent, to you, a lost book sale?
  232. France passes La Hadopi AGAIN
  233. Amazon: "Refurbished" Kindle 1's for $149
  234. Any body like real phisycal chinese book? please come in
  235. What do you do about ebooks you buy to replace paper books?
  236. E-book of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol outsells the hardback on Amazon
  237. Google uses anti-fraud tool to help digitize books
  238. DNAML releases PDF to ePub
  239. Dude!! This is what it's about!
  240. Hanvon N516 firmware update adds Adobe Epub
  241. I'm a newbie.
  242. Sony Reader Daily Edition model number is PRS-900
  243. E-Ink panels with plastic substrate finally entering production?
  244. UK Daily Telegraph "Ebooks will make authors soulless, just like their product"
  245. Sony ereader commercial
  246. The Lost Symbol falls into the hands of pirates
  247. Asus confirms rumors: out by Christmas
  248. I stopped telling my friends about ebooks
  249. Bebook Mini is available for pre-order
  250. Selling of IRiver's story starts next week