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  1. Free (Kindle) Band of Sisters: American Women at War in Iraq [Military Experience]
  2. Fictionwise coupon 40% off week of Jan 27th
  3. Free (Kindle DRM-free) Cinema Futura [Film Essays by SF/Fantasy Luminaries] + KDP
  4. HARDWARE DEAL: Pandigital Multimedia Novel 4GB 7-inch Touchscreen Tablet
  5. 99c (Kindle DRM Free) : Stories From the Quiet War - Paul J. McAuley
  6. Free (Kindle/Nook/ChristianBook) The Good Life [Christian Inspirational]
  7. Free (Kindle) : Tyrus Books - Fishing and Shopping Mysteries
  8. Kobo's Minotaur Books Quiet Mystery Sale
  9. More freebies from new word city (K)
  10. Free (Kindle KDP) Galahad Schwartz and the Cockroach Army [GG-Award Canadian Kid Lit]
  11. Free (Kindle/Nook/Christianbook) Church History: An Essential Guide [Reference]
  12. Free (Kindle/Nook/ChristianBook) The Jesus Revolution [Christian Inspirational]
  13. Free (Kindle/Nook) The Rules of Money [Financial Self-Help]
  14. Free (Kindle) Critical Thinking Strategies for Success [Cognitive Self-Help]
  15. Free (Kindle/iBooks) JoAnn & Vickie's Favorite Recipes [Cookbook]
  16. Free (Kindle/ARE/Nook/Sony) Seductive Persuasion by Frances Stockton [PantheraBk 1
  17. Free (Kindle/ARE/Nook) Scent Of Passion by Elizabeth Lapthorne [Rutledge Werewolves
  18. KDP freebie backlist round-up for 2012-01-30
  19. Free Delphi Classics: Tales of Adventure - Kindle & ePub
  20. Head Start - Free Audiobooks from Guardian UK
  21. Free eBook Shorts - Sounds from The Great Animal Orchestra (K)
  22. Free (nook/Kindle/ARE/Sony/iBooks) Lucky in Love by Carolyn Brown [Cowboy Romance]
  23. Comixology 3 day half-off sale: The Sixth Gun
  24. Free (Kindle DRM-free) Northern Frights by Arthur Slade [Canadian Kids Fantasy] +KDP
  25. Richard Herley's "The Drowning"
  26. Seven Stories by Brian James Freeman - free at Amazon this week
  27. Affiliate Links for "arcadata"- February 2012
  28. Affiliate Links for koland - February 2012
  29. Free (Kindle/Nook/Christianbook/Kobo) Rhythms of Grace [Christian Women's Fiction]
  30. Free (Kindle/Nook/Christianbook) The Swiss Courier [Christian WWII Thriller]
  31. Free (Kindle/Nook) Personalities in Love [Christian Relationship Advice]
  32. Free (Kindle/Nook) What Wives Wish their Husbands Knew about Sex [Christian]
  33. Free (nook/Kindle/Sony) Something Secret This Way Comes [Urban Fantasy/PNRomance]
  34. Free (nook/Kindle/Sony) Ghost à la Mode by Sue Ann Jaffarian [Cozy Haunted Mystery]
  35. Free (nook/Kindle) Project Daddy by Kate Perry [Contemporary Romance]
  36. The Horror and Mystery Boxed Sets/Omnibus Thread - FREE ONLY
  37. Free Book - Class War? (ADE-PDF)
  38. Free (Kindle) Collision of Evil by John LeBeau [Political Conspiracy Thriller]
  39. Free (Kindle) Wyatt's Revenge by H. Terrell Griffin [Murder Mystery/Thriller]
  40. Free (Kindle) Of Blood and Honey by Stina Leitch [Historical Urban Fantasy]
  41. Free (Kindle DRM-free) RACE by Mobashar Qureshi [Canadian Satirical Crime Novel] +KDP
  42. Free (DRM-free, multiple formats) Shape of Silence by Stephen Leigh [Science Fiction]
  43. Free (Kobo/Sony/nook/Kindle) A Valentine from Harlequin [Romance Shorts]
  44. Free (NookTablet/iTunes) Digger the Dinosaur [Children's Picture Book]
  45. Free (nook/Kindle) Creating an Intimate Marriage [Christian Advice]
  46. Free Audiobook - Trusting God
  47. Free (Kindle, DRM-free) Bangkok burn - great gangster thriller based in Bangkok.
  48. KDP freebie backlist round-up for 2012-02-02
  49. Free (nook/Kindle/Christianbook) Amish Prayers by Beverly Lewis [Christian Devotional
  50. Free (nook/Kindle/Christianbook) Love is a Flame [Christian Inspirational]
  51. New Harlequin Coupons for February
  52. Free (nook/Kindle/Christianbook) Hip-Hop Redemption [Christian Pop Culture Study]
  53. Free (Kindle Fire) Sesame Street: Count to 10 [Children's Picture Book]
  54. Free (Kindle) First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers... [Anecdotes/Advice]
  55. Free (Kindle) From Here to Freshman Year [College Admissions Advice]
  56. Free (nook/Kindle) Winston's War by Michael Dobbs [Historical Fiction]
  57. Free (Kindle Fire) Count to 10 by Emily Thompson
  58. Where to buy Asus Transformer Prime?
  59. Free Book - How to Survive The Hunger Games (K/N)
  60. Free Short Story - Career Day (K)
  61. Free (Kindle KDP) A Gathering Conspiracy by Michael A. Stackpole [Fantasy]
  62. Three Free Titles from PS Publishing (K)
  63. Free (nook/Kindle/XtianBk/Sony) Closer Devotions to Draw Couples Together [Christian]
  64. 64GB iPad 1st Gen., recertified, on Woot! today (2/4/12)
  65. Free (Kindle) Bio of a Space Tyrant Vol. 1. Refugee by Piers Anthony
  66. Free (Kindle KDP) In the Company of Ghosts by Stephen A. Hunt [Paranormal Mystery]
  67. Fictionwise coupon 30% off
  68. Free (Amazon) Oink Oink! Pig Pictures
  69. Free (Kindle) Tales of the City Episode 1 - Armistead Maupin (Australian preorder)
  70. Free (nook/Kindle) Love is a Verb [Christian Inspirational Advice]
  71. Free (nook/Kindle/ChristianBook) 40 Unforgettable Dates with Your Mate [Self-Help]
  72. Free (nook/Kindle) ManWords: Real Words for Real Men [Humour]
  73. looking for "The Vast Spread of the Seas" (The Twelve Kingdoms #3)
  74. KDP freebie backlist round-up for 2012-02-05
  75. Free (nook) Walking with Lincoln [Christian Inspirational]
  76. Kindle Fire + $50 Walmart Gift Card for $199
  77. Free (Kindle/Nook/Sony) Candy Cookbook [Recipes]
  78. Free (Kindle/Nook/DRM-free @ ChristianBook) Us: A User's Guide [Relationship Advice]
  79. Free (Kindle/Nook) Essential Rules From Richard Templar [Self-Help]
  80. Free (Kindle/Nook) Beyond the Keynesian Endpoint [Politics/Economics]
  81. Free (Nook/Kindle/ChristianBook) Laugh-A-Day Book of Bloopers etc. [Christian Humour]
  82. Free (nook/Kindle/Christianbook) Kiss Me Like You Mean It [Christian Couples Advice]
  83. Free (nook/Kindle/Christianbook) Emancipation of Robert Sadler [Slavery Biography]
  84. Free (Kindle/Nook/Sony/ARE) Traveller’s Refuge (Mystic Valley, Book Two) by Anny Cook
  85. Free (Kindle/Nook/Sony/ARE) Holding the Cards (Nature of Desire bk 1) by Joey W. Hill
  86. KDP freebie backlist round-up for 2012-02-06
  87. Free Book - Just Use This Mind (K)
  88. Free (N/K/Christianbook) Real Sex: The Naked Truth about Chastity -Christian Culture
  89. FREE (iBook) Say That You Love Me by Patricia Hagan
  90. Comixology 3 day half-off sale: Awakening
  91. Free (Kindle KDP) A Death of Honor by Joe Clifford Faust [Sci-Fi Murder Mystery]
  92. Audible - First in the Series Sale
  93. DRM free-- Amazon change?
  94. Free (nook/Kindle) Silent Kills by C.E. Lawrence [Cop vs Serial Killer Thriller]
  95. Free (K/N/Christianbook) Girl Soldier: A Story of Hope for Northern Uganda’s Children
  96. KDP freebie backlist round-up for 2012-02-08
  97. Free Book - Scream (K/N/E)
  98. Sale at BetterWorldBooks
  99. (Kindle) Philip K. Dick - The Simulacra $3.99
  100. 10% discount at the Book Depository - Feb 2012
  101. Free (nook/Kindle/XtianBk/Kobo/Sony) The Keeper by Suzanne W. Fisher [Amish Romance]
  102. Free (Kindle KDP) Silk Train Murder by Sharon Rowse [Canadian Historical Mystery]
  103. Free (nook/Kindle/ChristianBook) Love, Sex, and Lasting Relationships [Self-Help]
  104. Barnes & Noble coupon good on Nook accessories
  105. Steampunk Tales
  106. 25% of one SONY eBook
  107. Free Book - Under the Sheets (Nook/Christianbook)
  108. Sony PRS-T1 $99 through 2/18/12
  109. Nook Touch $69 on (2/10/12)
  110. FREE-Best New Zombie Tales Volume 1-3 (Kindle)
  111. Free (nook) Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey [YA Paranormal Romance]
  112. 10% Carina Press Discount Code
  113. Free--FALSE DAWN (The Jake Lassiter Series) Paul Levine
  114. Diesel ebooks deal of the day - Riverwood Bend [Romance] by Robyn Carr $1.10
  115. ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 from -0.01 to 14.99
  116. Free (Kindle KDP) Rhino History, Other Lies and All That Jazz [Canadian Politics]
  117. Free (Kindle) Pandora Park by Piers Anthony
  118. 25% off 'select' ebooks on Kobo thru 2/13
  119. Fictionwise coupon 60 % off
  120. Free (nook/Kindle/Christianbook) Life Recovery Devotional [Christian Self-Help]
  121. Free (nook/Kindle) On Writing Romance by Leigh Michaels [DIY Advice]
  122. Gift cards with ereader purchase
  123. Free (nook/Kindle) Stein, Stoned by Hal Ackerman [Slacker Sleuth Murder Mystery]
  124. Free (Kindle DRM-free) Grazing the Long Acre by Gwyneth Jones [SF/Fantasy Awards]
  125. Free (nook/Kindle) Transforming Power of the Gospel [Christian Inspirational]
  126. Free (nook/Kindle/Christianbook) Young and in Love [Christian Relationship Advice]
  127. Free (nook/Kindle/Christianbook) Into the Free by Julie Cantrell [Christian Fiction]
  128. Free (nook/Kindle/XtianBk/Sony) Have a New Husband by Friday [Christian Self-Help]
  129. Free (Kindle/Nook) Investing Essentials: What You Need to Know [Finance Self-Help]
  130. Free (Kindle/Nook) Extreme Money [Business/Economic History/Analysis]
  131. Free (Kindle/Nook) The New Players in Life Science Innovation [Business Overview]
  132. Free (nook/Kindle/ARE) Taste of Twilight by Aubrey Ross [Paranormal Erotic Suspense]
  133. Free (nook/Kindle/+2 DRM-free/Sony) Gatekeeper by Debra Glass [Paranormal Romance]
  134. Free Book - Clowns At Midnight (K)
  135. Free PDFs on evolution from National Academies Press
  136. Free (Kindle KDP) When We Were Real by William Barton [Science Fiction Award Nominee]
  137. Mills & Boon Pink Tuesday offers
  138. Free (Kindle) Your Gay Friend's Guide To Understanding Men [Self-Help Humour]
  139. Happy Valentines Day!
  140. 30% off from Samhain today only
  141. Free (Kindle DRM-free) Dragon and the Unicorn by A.A. Attanasio [Arthurian Fantasy]
  142. Neverwhere on cheap
  143. FREE 2/14 only [ARE] The Virgin Billionaire by Ryan Field
  144. Free (nook/Kindle) Match Made in Heaven by Bob Mitchell [Golf Redemption Comic Novel]
  145. Free (ended) Vamplayers by Rusty Fischer [YA Paranormal Urban Fantasy]
  146. Free (nook/Kindle/Sony) Bound by Honor by SE Jakes [Gay Soldier BDSM Erotic Romance]
  147. Free (Kindle) Just a Kiss Away by Jill Barnett [Jungle Adventure Romance]
  148. Free (iTunes audiobook) Love Story (Unabridged) by Erich Segal
  149. Free SF/Fantasy March 2012 Monthly Baen Bundle Gift Thread (formerly Webscription)
  150. Cheap: Acclaimed novel "Dirty Work" by Larry Brown $1.99
  151. Free (Kindle DRM-free) Survivors by Marion Zimmer Bradley [Vintage Sci-Fi Adventure]
  152. Free (Kindle) Sacrifice: Book One of The Last Forever by Kelly Komm [Fantasy]
  153. Free Short Story - The Dark Lifer's Revenge (K)
  154. Free Book - The Piazza (K)
  155. A Trio of Free Ebook Shorts from Bethany House (K)
  156. Nook Tablet $199 today only
  157. Nook Simple Touch for $84 + Free Shipping
  158. Shotgun Gravy by Chuck Wendig free today on Kindle
  159. Free (Kindle DRM-free) Moby Jack & Other Tall Tales by Garry Kilworth [SF/Fantasy]
  160. (free) Kindle- Fool Me Twice by Paul Levine-- mystery
  161. Free (Kindle KDP) Changing Fate by Elisabeth Waters [Shapeshifter High Fantasy]
  162. KOBO 20% off Expires 20 Feb 2012
  163. Nook Tablet for $199 + free ship at eBay (Daily Deal)
  164. Free (Kindle/iBooks/Sony/Smashwords) Debra Webb Romances
  165. Free (Kindle KDP) Male Impersonators: Men Performing Masculinity [Cultural Studies]
  166. 35% of one SONY eBook thru 2/20
  167. Free (Kindle KDP) The White Dragon by Laura Resnick [Epic High Fantasy]
  168. Kindle DX $130 clearance at Staples
  169. Free (Kindle KDP) Radix by A.A. Attanasio [Far-Future Coming-of-Age SF Award Nominee]
  170. Fictionwise Coupon 02/19/12
  171. free (Kindle) International Kittens of Mystery
  172. Free (nook/Kindle) Hot Cocoa Cookbook [Recipes]
  173. Free (nook/Kindle/Kobo/ChristianBk/Sony) Chasing Mona Lisa [WWII Art Theft Caper]
  174. Free (nook/Kindle) Essential Ken Blanchard Collection [Leadership Self-Help]
  175. Free (Kindle/Nook/Sony/ARE) Keeper of the Spirit (Keeper, Book One) by Rudy Storm
  176. Free (Kindle/Nook/Sony/ARE) Midnight (Dark Promises, Book One) by Elisa Adams
  177. Free (B&N) The Italian’s Inexperienced Mistress by Lynne Graham
  178. Free Book - The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress (N)
  179. A listing of free Amazon ebooks each day from this site - ability to filter for genre
  180. Free (Kindle KDP) Rediscovery by Marion Zimmer Bradley & Mercedes Lackey [Sci-Fi]
  181. Tribute of Death (Aztec mystery) by Simon Levack is $0.99 at Amazon
  182. Free Book - Safe at Home (K/N/Kobo/DF)
  183. PDFZilla 20 day giveaway
  184. Samhain - Save $5 off $15 - ends 2/20
  185. Kobo contest - win 10-35% codes for the next 10 days
  186. KOBO 40% Off one ebook Expires 2/25
  187. Free (Kindle) Stuck With You by Trish Jensen [Romantic Comedy]
  188. Free (Kindle) Dark River Road by Virginia Brown [Southern Suspense Drama]
  189. [Canada] Free Sony Ereader with new Sony credit card
  190. 6 free for Kindle by Erik Handy
  191. Free (Kindle) Taking a Stand by Kenneth Casper [Mystery/Thriller w/ some Romance]
  192. Free Audiobook - The Ascent of George Washington
  193. Free Hachette Pre-order: The 500
  194. Free Short Story - Newfangled Fairy Tales(K/N/S)
  195. Short Stories - Girls to the Rescue (K/N/S)
  196. New Lower Price Nook Color/Tablet
  197. free (Kindle) Bob Mayer novels- Thriller/Scifi/Military
  198. Free (kindle) Collection/Omnibus -Three to Get Deadly
  199. Acclaimed YA book "The Boy at the End of the World" by Greg Van Eekhout $1.99 amazon
  200. The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, by Ruppelt, free for Kindle
  201. Free Kindle Single - Lost in Kandahar
  202. Free book - Magic in Suburbia (K)
  203. Free (nook/Kindle/ChristianBk/Kobo/Sony) Reclaiming Lily by Patti Lacy [Family Drama]
  204. Free (nook/Kindle) Antiques Maul by Barbara Allan [Comedy Cozy Mystery]
  205. "THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY OF STEVE JOBS" play Open sourced to the public
  206. Secondipity deal of the day: K3 3G Spec. Offers, light use: $90
  207. Free (Kindle KDP) Agents Under Fire Trio by Dana Marton
  208. Free YA Kindle Book- Notes to Self by Avery Sawyer
  209. Bargain ($1.99 DRM-free @ Carina) Dangerous Race by Dee J. Adams [Romantic Suspense]
  210. Nook Simple Touch $79.99 + free ship at Icemonkey
  211. free (Kindle) Bill Pronizi shorts- Graveyard Plots (detective)
  212. Free (Kindle KDP) Voima by C. Dale Brittain [Epic Poem-Based High Fantasy Quest]
  213. free (Kindle) Norman Spinrad screenplay- Bug Jack Barron- (SciFi Geeks only)
  214. Free Book - Creatures Here Below (K)
  215. "Best American" series on Gold Box Deal (K)
  216. Free security app Cerberus for Android
  217. Fictionwise Coupon expires 02/27/12
  218. Bargain ($3.85 DRM-free @ Samhain) Lamplighters by Frazer Lee [Horror Award-Nominee]
  219. Burroughs's Princess of Mars free from mousecatcher Media
  220. Free (nook/Kindle) Southern Seahawk by Randall Peffer [Historical Adventure Thriller]
  221. Free (Kindle) Killing With the Edge of the Moon by A. A. Attanasio [fantasy]
  222. Free (Kindle) Bringing the Thunder [WWII B-29 Pilot Military Biography]
  223. Free (Kindle) Michael Wittmann and the Waffen SS Tiger Commanders... [Military Bio]
  224. (free) Kindle-- 2 by John R. Maxim - Thriller/ mystery/Adventure
  225. Free (Smashwords) Seer's Blood by Doranna Durgin [Appalachian Adventure Fantasy]
  226. Kindle Fire refurb w/ full warranty and new packaging, $169.
  227. Free audiobook download: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
  228. Free (nook/Kindle) How to Tell a Lie by Delphine Dryden [Academic Cybersex Romance]
  229. Free (nook/Kindle) Alcandian Quest by Mary Wine [Sci-Fi Warrior Ménage Romance]
  230. Deal (Kindle/Nook)- The Lord of The Rings $10
  231. Free (Kindle KDP) stuff by John Whitbourn, William Barton, F&SF Magazine [SF/Fantasy]
  232. Free Book - Marketing Strategy from the Masters (K)
  233. Free Book - My Kindle Fire (K/N)
  234. Free (iBooks) - Moscow Sting by Alex Dryden [Espionage Thriller]
  235. Free Book - A Season of Angels [K-AU]
  236. Free Book - Skies of Fire [K-AU]
  237. Free Book - I Love Kawaii (K)
  238. Free (Kindle/nook/Kobo/DRM-free @ ChristianBk) Blue Hole Back Home [Literary Fiction]
  239. (cheap, not free) Kindle- 2 by Thomas Perry- Suspense/mystery
  240. Australians-Kindle Touch For $59
  241. Free (Kindle) The Unusual Genitals Party and other Stories - Fergus Bannon
  242. Audible - Use one credit get 2 books!
  243. Free Book - Secrets (K)
  244. Some free romances for Kindle
  245. Kindle 3 Wi-fi, "light use" $55, free shipping
  246. Harlequin Leap Day Coupon
  247. From Amazon - The Last Apprentice Prequel By Delaney, Joseph
  248. Affiliate Links for "arcadata"- March 2012
  249. Harlequin Presents 3-Book Bundle for 89 cents
  250. Free (nook/Kindle/Christianbook) Out of Mormonism [Christian Evangelical Memoir]