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  1. Adobe Digital Editions
  2. file names column
  3. Book details are now in bold font
  4. How do you manage short stories?
  5. ids - Best practice
  6. Merge metadata from other lib
  7. Copy tags to new Calibre library
  8. Simple question - hopefully!
  9. Merge two existing libraries
  10. How 2 get books from ebook into Calibre
  11. Request: Last acces
  12. Hierarchical organization by subject
  13. Calibre Becomes Unresponsive While Adding Books.
  14. Importing expression title 'by' author help?
  15. Editing Metadata?
  16. just a couple noob questions
  17. Merging Multiple Libraries
  18. Multiple Copies of One Library
  19. Have book covers show instead of just a list
  20. Question about ebooks with multiple novels in each
  21. Re Entering Title in Bold or Bold And Colour Font
  22. Library won't store metadata
  23. New calibre metadata download
  24. Device library with non-english names?
  25. Remove books from Calibre but not the library
  26. How to choose a favorite format for my reader
  27. How to make the book format on the reader visible in Calibre
  28. Mounted webdav share as library location?
  29. Combine x-pdb files into one Epub
  30. Authors with initials
  31. Rationalise Tags
  32. Drop Down menu for similar books
  33. How to prevent cover dl in .8?
  34. Metadata sources
  35. Read/unread field or button
  36. Koobits view
  37. MOBI stuck on author sort display
  38. Search Results
  39. Folder names in calibre library
  40. Use the first Picture in an epub as cover?
  41. Copy to Library
  42. Restricting the book list to the results
  43. E-Book Viewer as standalone viewer
  44. Metadata during directory add?
  45. Printing Problem - Unable to resolve with CSS moldifications
  46. restrict overwriting by downloaded metadata
  47. Creating metadata pre/post-import
  48. Slow calibredb add on huge ebooks directory
  49. Adding Epub to Calibre Issue
  50. Import expression request
  51. Moving library between computers
  52. Using folder structure to generate tags?
  53. Calibre 0.8.1 - Editing Metadata
  54. Trim pictures
  55. Cannot Add Multiple Authors to Meta
  56. Default value for custom columns?
  57. Same Library on multiple computers - Ratings don't match
  58. Importing trouble
  59. Searching in the e-book viewer - viewing all results
  60. Displaying Author Sort Names
  61. What's the best/easiest way to indicate books that I've read on the Kindle?
  62. Issue with download metadata
  63. Exclude books w/certain tag by default?
  64. Copy books between libraries?
  65. Damaged files?
  66. Some Kindle Titles not showing as on Device
  67. Column Creation
  68. Send to Device using {id}
  69. Calibre Database cp Kindle Database
  70. Calibre library created in Windows....
  71. Recreate cover from PDF's first page
  72. delete Ids
  73. Series in Title
  74. copy between libs, keep custom fields
  75. : instead of _ in Kindle Book Title
  76. Assistance with adding series titles/number - Calibre 0.8.2/Nook Classic
  77. cover art on purchsed books/ EPUB to EPUB
  78. Send to SD Card
  79. A calibre library suggestion
  80. Sigil Edits
  81. "Recent books in the catalog" question
  82. Columns
  83. can't find the answer or figure it out
  84. Saving to Disk Multi Auth same series
  85. Moving library to new laptop
  86. Formatting Floating Point # Custom Column
  87. Custom Coloring
  88. Permanent Tag Rename on Import
  89. Calibre can't find library
  90. Device <=> Library handling
  91. Send To ... directory creating-nameing problem
  92. Corrupted OPF Files in large library
  93. preserving metadata on kindle 3
  94. Managing my library
  95. "Configure metadata from file name" help!
  96. Annoying Watermarks
  97. Saving to disk and authors
  98. Genre to Collections
  99. ASIN, syncing etc.
  100. Date published
  101. Metadata is changing my Title/author upon exit.
  102. Disable search-while-typing for authors in Edit Metadata
  103. how to organize books in a series by using tags?
  104. Title cut-off
  105. Problems with overriding image icon in Calibre
  106. After converting, can we save as Author (then) title?
  107. Help needed with an expression if possible
  108. Advice on Bulk Updating MetaData
  109. Windows Explorer v Calibre - same files, different results
  110. Seperate App to edit Metadata
  111. Can't get "read books" to show in catalog
  112. getting deleted book files when adding books
  113. Error in Content Server
  114. How to integrate with feedbooks
  115. Author sort won't change
  116. Create Catalog Error
  117. Adding Books to Calibre error
  118. Save to Disk
  119. Displaying series with title
  120. Custom Column (Synopsis) shows in Book Details Pane! Great!
  121. Copy library to second PC
  122. Books blank when exported
  123. Separate field for ISBN
  124. Calibre removes final 'x' from ISBNs when importing books
  125. Custom title not making it to device
  126. Published Dates
  127. Help with regular expressions
  128. Problem Creating Catalog of ISBNs
  129. Can I Remove The Cover From The Right Pane?
  130. Won't group author/series together
  131. where is preferences
  132. Creating a new column showing Id's
  133. Importing books with different formatting
  134. Calibre server and database locking
  135. Suggestion:not copy books to library
  136. Best way to work on Library between 2 PC's
  137. not your average library question!
  138. Sync'ing between readers using Calibre?
  139. RegExp in search field
  140. Importing Version Info...Possible?
  141. Creating an epub only library
  142. Too many covers
  143. Using two ereader question
  144. calibre not detecting Kindle for Android?
  145. Error message with number columns
  146. Adding books with series in the filename
  147. Issue: No Series Metadata
  148. Regex: File Renaming Pre-Import & Importing
  149. Nested or enclosed series
  150. Search & Replace question - something not right
  151. newbie - library question
  152. Series Information
  153. Adding in Bulk to Library
  154. Calibre/Kindle 3 Public Libraries
  155. User Column with number of formats
  156. Price Custom Column Formatting Help
  157. Noob question
  158. Caibre removes cover image
  159. Thought: Authors Database
  160. Unread vs. Read books
  161. Calibre Library problem
  162. CSV Catalogs with plain text
  163. Nook:Calibre. Books not showing in correct place.
  164. Help please manage library for kindle
  165. German Dictionary on Calibre Reader?
  166. Moving books purchased from BORDERS from my KOBO to Calibre
  167. Calibre will not add books correctly
  168. What happened to my collections?
  169. Calibre and Comics and collectable cards.
  170. New added column is not shown as metadata
  171. Request: Sidestreaming Tags
  172. Determining which files were not imported during a bulk import
  173. Library disappeared?
  174. How to sort on Author(s) last name?
  175. Select all A, B, Authors?
  176. Downloading metadata in versions after 0.8.0
  177. Cover Size Column?
  178. Delete Books from Calibre on OS X?
  179. Reinstall windows....lost old
  180. Strange Author Sort
  181. Feature Request - ability to send CBR/CBZ to ereader device
  182. Author Name Display and Sort
  183. Calibre creates duplicate folders
  184. No search/replace on custom long text column?
  185. Another help with regular expressions
  186. Auto-delete source files?
  187. [0.8.6] Get number of books in "Library" menu back?
  188. Control Tags when Sending to Device
  189. metadata problems
  190. Moving between linux and windows.
  191. Does Calibre have the ability to do highlights & annotations?
  192. Need Add Book Preference Help
  193. ISBN.ext
  194. Deleted Documents Folder :(
  195. how to handle this 'book'?
  196. Too many authors with only 1 title
  197. Odd Problem
  198. Books FROM Kindle App TO Calibre
  199. Two questions, more or less
  200. Normalising the library
  201. How to merge 2 Calibre Libraries?
  202. Newspapers covers?
  203. Maintaining Separate Established Libraries
  204. Can't Make Books into Chapters with Manga
  205. I messed up
  206. How to convert my library to only one format
  207. questions about libraries
  208. Synchronize metadata between calibre and nook
  209. Calibre could not convert cbr to epub
  210. New Quick View feature
  211. Finding books on device that are not in Calibre
  212. Need some help please - stuff is missing
  213. Checking for duplicate books, is this possible?
  214. Help needed to import blogs & magazines
  215. Library corrupt?
  216. User PNG's for User Columns
  217. Authors and Authors Sort
  218. Add a book from another computer running calibre server
  219. Metadata not being pasted into box
  220. Bug with the Authors
  221. Using Sub-Categorization Scheme
  222. How can I move the library to another drive
  223. If you add a book more than once is each version unique (aka- will this work)?
  224. [Old Thread] skipped files on Windows backup
  225. How to delete "empty" folders?
  226. Adding new ids links in right-side box and Book Details window
  227. Calibre experts?:book cover upload frustration
  228. retrieve metadata from ISBN only??
  229. Moving books between Libraries
  230. Kindle Collections & News
  231. Path to library too long. Must be less than 75 characters.
  232. Help with Categories
  233. Transferring Library from Another Computer
  234. Speedup Metadata download
  235. Column that allows only checkmarks?
  236. Import order when adding multiple books
  237. Bulk Metadata Download Problem
  238. Help with formatting
  239. Finding Calibre Interface on a MAC
  240. MAC Install/Use Commandline tools
  241. [Old Thread] desperate help needed with plugboards etc!
  242. multiple series support
  243. Filtering main window problem
  244. importing metadata into custom columns
  245. PDF Will Not Load in Built-In Reader
  246. Internal tags in PDB files
  247. Help : Author and Series Lists ?Corrupted?
  248. Calibre - Moving Files
  249. Sorting 'unusual' names
  250. Any way to rebuild meta data for library?