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  1. 0.7.47 - User Categories & Sub-Categories
  2. Custom column for book added
  3. Set Calibre e-book viewer as default
  4. deleting and reinstalling calibre -- my books
  5. Add book by CLI
  6. scheduled download of periodicals
  7. Book SubTitle?
  8. Book numbers (limited)
  9. sort question
  10. Calibre loads books into Root of SD card, help please
  11. Adding cover image
  12. uploading books to kindle with calibre
  13. Can I specify different emails to autosend content to?
  14. Calibre Temp folders, yet again
  15. Library Maintenance feature removed?
  16. How to add books to Calibre?
  17. Getting an error while selecting Series
  18. Not Transferring Entire Book onto E-Reader
  19. Metadata comments as book summary
  20. Warning Popup gone when deleting books?
  21. User Categories
  22. Library Creation Question(s)
  23. problem adding complex html file
  24. Tagging Error
  25. right click on the cover in the book details panel
  26. Appears to have imported covers only?
  27. Please help a poor idiot with 'regular expressions'
  28. Subject Catalog
  29. setting author surname alphabetically
  30. Re-importing Library after corrupt metadata.db
  31. managing monthly newsletters
  32. How Delete all Ratings ??
  33. Complex SaveTo pattern error
  34. Retrieving custom column after reinstall?
  35. Books in Languages other than English
  36. Calibre crashes with some books when extracting Cover.
  37. Stupid DJVU books!!! :-)
  38. Need help with integrating files with non-descript names and no metadata
  39. Managing ebook updates
  40. Various Formats
  41. Anthologies with more than 1 series
  42. Library order
  43. Request: Always Show the # of e-books
  44. Custom Metaboard Plugin Help
  45. "author" and "author sort" fields
  46. Empty Books
  47. Managing subgroups of books, for example "genre" (long post)
  48. Would a kind soul please help with tweaking a few things?
  49. Calibre won't read metadata.db
  50. Inside "Edit Metadata" - hotkey for Next Book ?
  51. More than one cover?
  52. Losing files when saving saving to disk
  53. Error when downloading covers...
  54. Can't retrieve book covers
  55. Changing cover for catalog
  56. Stupid Question: ISBN-10 and ISBN-13
  57. Problem Downloading Covers
  58. Tags appearing when "Add Empty Book"
  59. mobi catalog = periodical, ePub catalog = book
  60. Cannot get book ratings - tried every plugin alone and in combo
  61. Search for Empty Book Formats
  62. Custom Styles for the calibre eBook Viewer
  63. How to format pc without losing metadata Calibre?
  64. ISBN in Calibre
  65. Title search in calibre
  66. Columns, Categories, Groups & Metadata
  67. How to edit drop down menus
  68. calibredb set_custom GUI question
  69. Multiple Sort
  70. Trimming Covers
  71. Need some help with my genre tagging
  72. Add Book Regex to Custom field
  73. Search Replcae error on custom field
  74. Importing books
  75. Library Sorting On Startup
  76. Editing a book
  77. How can I select books where #language is equal to #original_language?
  78. Is it possible to sort a custom column like authors or title?
  79. Importing meta data from xml file exported from Google "My Library"
  80. Printing Book List
  81. Tags for Catalogue file
  82. Not finding Metadata
  83. Moving books from KOBO to Caliber library
  84. Metadata download error. Over and over again
  85. Help with a Regex Expression?
  86. edit multiple Titles
  87. Sharing through rss
  88. Importing books in different format
  89. Mobi Catalog Conversion for Kindle 2
  90. Problems with sorting on author name
  91. Performance of Fetching News
  92. Series Number in Book title (Kindle)
  93. Equality searches via the calibredb 'list' option
  94. how should I enter author's names
  95. Tags within tags?
  96. Using multiple genres?
  97. PDF Category
  98. Exporting books
  99. Sharing Library without books
  100. Naming conventions
  101. Using multiple SD cards (Kobo)
  102. suggestion to change the default 'not' search behavior
  103. Ebook Files Will Not Associate With Calibre
  104. Saved Searches - Using Hierarchy
  105. read what books about
  106. Duplicates when importing...
  107. Epub series in Title problem
  108. Limiting libary display
  109. Problem with Calibre?
  110. Importing Metadata from .bib or MySQL Database
  111. Downloading Metadata Question
  112. Error dropping books into "Genre", calibre, version 0.7.50
  113. Which first: Organize or Load?
  114. Can I force Calibre to store converted epubs another place?
  115. Is it possible to show the ISBN in the book details pane?
  116. Update metadata without re-converting?
  117. Library Erasing
  118. Changing the Library Structure?
  119. Duplicate Books - Any way to use Claibre itself
  120. Error creating an epub catalog
  121. Folder question
  122. Where do YOU store the code that goes with technical books?
  123. Expression?
  124. Internal and User Categories = Identifiers
  125. category filter
  126. ISBN - to normalize
  127. Default pdf program
  128. Reload file size
  129. Default File name for newly added book
  130. Default Add Book File Name
  131. delete duplication specific format
  132. Search Authors only
  133. Request: Be able to make a list of books you have
  134. Questions by new user
  135. Calibre Library Strange character in text
  136. Exporting from Calibre into Goodreads?
  137. Reader shows half a line top/bottom
  138. Sort by and displaying page number
  139. Author's Aliases
  140. [Old Thread] Adding new column to sort by filename
  141. Title Options - Book starts with A or The
  142. Is it possible to change all commas to ampersands in author column? + more...
  143. Save/copy calibre library
  144. Problem with Book Cover in Calibre
  145. Idea for Consideration in Future Builds of Calibre
  146. Assign multiple books to a collection
  147. Updated Calibre and all my Library is empty
  148. No welcome wizard
  149. Frustrated with GUI
  150. PDF, Tags and Keywords
  151. Accessing the most recently opened ebooks
  152. Limit on Number of books?
  153. "My Books" Library
  154. No data in "In Library" and "On Device" columns after upgrade
  155. Editing metadata through content server?
  156. Sending magazines to Device
  157. eBooks with pictures as seperate jpg files
  158. reformatted hard drive now cannot see books ?
  159. Does the Calibre folder unique id matter?
  160. How to combine two formats of same ebook into one entry?
  161. Newbie question: editing metadata
  162. Changing calibre's library foders.
  163. using shared network drive on 2 computers
  164. which books did I edit?
  165. Copy ebooks from reader back to the PC ?
  166. Metadata without calibre
  167. Export a list of books for printing or a spreadsheet?
  168. linux server Mac GUI
  169. News Downloads Auto Saved To Root Folder, in EPUB Format
  170. Default Directories
  171. not showing all my books
  172. Merging libraries
  173. Metadata Plugboards and "On Device"
  174. Adding Books
  175. Spiltting the library
  176. Default Action to Send Books to Device
  177. Custom Columns - How are you using yours?
  178. Font size in metadata - comments
  179. Authors Last Name not First Name
  180. Help with Search - Floating Point Number
  181. Move apparently hung and abort unavailable
  182. Multiple comma separated values in custom column?
  183. Covers don't appear in edit metadata
  184. Books read in large library
  185. Req: copy button Author_sort to Author
  186. Covers not changing
  187. Metro Skin for Calibre
  188. Simplifying Tags
  189. Is There a Way to Search For Calibre-Generated Covers
  190. Adding language
  191. Calibre .mobi file never used if using Kindle for Mac?
  192. Keep getting 'On Device = Card A (2 Books)'
  193. Adding books with calibre default folder structure
  194. batch updating metadata
  195. calibre>csv>book crawler?
  196. author separation
  197. Help with search syntax please.
  198. calibre 'tree' not displaying properly
  199. Need help putting series books in order, plz
  200. No Avaliable format ? ? ?
  201. Suggestion - Update ebook metadata?
  202. Transferring books from one NC to a 2nd NC
  203. Sorting by authors
  204. select more than one book to sync to ipad
  205. Button Behavior for the new highlight toggle next to the search bar
  206. calibredb strange behaviour
  207. authors keep switching from alphabetical to mixed up
  208. Suggestion: Work with multiple databases
  209. Clearing the search history in the E-book Viewer
  210. Metadata changes not showing in iPad 2 Kindle App
  211. Help: cannot download covers
  212. Batch Processes.
  213. Selective format conversion?
  214. Formatting author names
  215. Regular expression search in authors
  216. Dumping large amounts of books and sorting?
  217. Regex help: looking for one thing and limiting the other
  218. Nook Color and covers in calibre
  219. Default sort order
  220. calibre -> kindle. newbie question
  221. How do I configure the calibre content server to download news?
  222. How do I configure Calibre to start with a Saved Search?
  223. Metadata for series?
  224. Having Issues w/ Covers Inside ePubs - Nook or iPad
  225. Need help with expressions
  226. Date column is gone
  227. Manage Series problem
  228. Fetching Read/Unread/Reading from Kindle with Template
  229. List of books on device/card exported to excel file
  230. Is "language description" modified when uploading
  231. Need help with Expression
  232. Appending from one field to another
  233. Subgroups to folder hierarchy
  234. Increase Performance of Edit/Assign to Tags
  235. Choosing display programs for various formats
  236. Switching library from PC to Mac?
  237. Functional enhancement requests
  238. Mass delete of unpopular tags
  239. Regexp for series in books library
  240. Disappearing books when using multiple libraries
  241. Updating meta offline, syncing when Kindle connected?
  242. Eager to get feedback on read/delete flow for Kindle 3
  243. Language Metadata
  244. Adding books
  245. Preferences/ toolbox
  246. Metadata fails to download
  247. 2 problems concerning sorting and something else
  248. Possible to print a listing of books?
  249. Download Cover question
  250. Saving to Disk (Resort) Question