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  1. Free e-novel (fantasy)
  2. " re-releases Chasing the Light"
  3. The Time Cavern - now under $4 (20% off retail and 69% paperback)...
  4. Free ebook: Mars Girl by Jeff Garrity
  5. Free E-book: The Infinite Sea, by Jeffrey A. Carver
  6. New Richard Herley novel
  7. Ajax Publisher
  8. Now Released: The Lens, by Steve Jordan
  9. New edition of The Textile Planet; read chapter one for free [see post #14]
  10. Mrs. Beast
  11. Eternity's End - New Edition
  12. Campbell Award finalist releasing free e-books
  13. 99 cents Sci fi Novel_Rogue Hunter
  14. Soul View – Supernatural Thriller, Free download in many formats
  15. Well-Reviewed Medical / High Tech Thriller for under $2
  16. Lets' Talk Honestly: One Black Man's Thoughts, just $1.50
  17. MetaGame (new sci-fi novel for $1.59 (in the USA))
  18. Two New SF Novels
  19. "Daughter of New York" high suspense fast moving thriller
  20. "Daughter of New York" high suspense fast moving thriller
  21. Radium Halos by Shelley Stout
  22. Apollo 11 Moon Landing and SAC HQ Junior Officers Revolt
  23. My Phantom: The Memoir of Christine Daaé
  24. Killing Mum, a crime thriller
  25. Verdant Skies by Steve Jordan
  26. Unbroken Hearts Available on Kindle
  27. STREET & CLAIRVOYANCE by Ryan A. Span
  28. Ebook: Amazing chroma green screen extraction with Photoshop
  29. Kat and Mouse: Guns For Hire
  30. Strange Times - Now an ebook
  31. BearMountainBooks blog, free stories and reviews
  32. Tales of the Ragoon, Sam's Winnings
  33. 24 Bones!
  34. WIDOW'S TALE - Romantic Suspense
  35. Middlewitch by Heather Parker
  36. Ebook retailer seeks advice
  37. Fruitbasket from Hell & sequel only 0.99
  38. The Bum Magnet - A Romantic Comedy [see post #16 for Kindle Giveaway]
  39. Heaven's Superhero only .99!
  40. Reflections of the Pink Elephant only .99!
  41. Boomerang
  42.'s Uncategorized by Sue Lange ($1.99)
  43. Xenolith: Contemporary Fantasy
  44. The best Bible for your Kindle
  45. Mercury Falls "is a blast from start to finish"
  46. Pandora's Succession
  47. A Quiet Place in the Country Published Today
  48. Working Stiffs -- Crime Thriller
  49. Dragged into Darkness -- Horror Stories
  50. New Paranormal Romance Novel—In Shadows ($2.95)
  52. WE ALL FALL DOWN--Thriller
  53. Sunborn: an update
  54. Victory Cove - Romantic Suspense
  55. Saint Nicholas, The Christmas Story
  56. JFK Conspiracy Thriller
  57. yay - Soul Identity is free at :-)
  58. Looking for some great Kindle reads?
  59. All My Books are Free - ONLY today - JANUARY 17
  60. Jason Cosmo fantasy series by Dan McGirt
  61. Fourteen Days Later - a romantic comedy ebook available now!
  62. Paranormal Romance Novels
  63. RADIUM HALOS .99 cents for a limited time [OFFER ENDED]
  64. Right Ascension and Declination, sci-fi novels now just 99 cents each
  65. [Expired] The Undead Situation-- now in Mobi and ePub!
  66. Joy Boy's Chasm less than a buck for a limited time
  67. Peculiar, MO - Sci-fi/horror novel, now on Smashwords!
  68. Thin Blood by Vicki Tyley – Australian Mystery
  69. Historical fiction set in New Zealand
  70. Free novel 'Haven'
  71. New Romance Novel: Trash Course
  72. Crack-Up
  73. Hi, free animated picture books for kids and a request for feedback
  74. Present-day nautical mystery thriller 'Final Passage'
  75. New eBook: A 'Why-Bother?' housekeeping manual
  76. Outsmart the Unexpected - A Creativity Challenge
  77. New boys adventure books now available for ebook readers
  78. False Refuge: AWOL Crime Noir
  79. Free adventure Whirl of the Wheel hits the Top 100 at Smashwords
  80. Buffalo Airways - Diamonds, DC-3s and 'Buffalo Joe' McBryan
  81. Free Fantasy Novel by Glenn G. Thater
  82. The Horns of September: My Horror/Thriller [coupon post #33]
  83. ROGUE WAVE - Danger and romance in Hawaii!
  84. "CLOUDED RAINBOW" - a twist of Michael Douglas' "Falling Down"
  85. Short story, "Herbert Meets God" (free of course!)
  86. Prosper in the Spirit - Christian devotional ebook
  87. The Skull Ring by Scott Nicholson
  88. New from Dan McGirt: Twinkle vampire mini-novel
  89. Read Sin & Vengeance for $.99 before the movie is made
  90. Free novella Burial to Follow by Scott Nicholson
  91. Agents of ISIS by Stephen Goldin-a new space opera series
  92. New price for My Phantom:The Memoir of Christine Daaé
  93. POLLY!--a boy-meets-girl fantasy satire
  94. Free science fiction story: But As A Soldier, For His Country by Stephen Goldin
  95. Rottweiler Rescue: a mystery for dog lovers, by Ellen O'Connell
  96. "The Shameless Promotion and Endless Plug-Your-Novel Thread"
  97. Kill&Cure 'Freed Up'
  98. Alien Murders by Stephen Goldin--a science fiction murder mystery
  99. The House of Jacquarelle is now available on the SJB
  100. The Losing Role: WWII Noir Thriller Out Now
  101. THE SCRUBS by Simon Janus
  102. FUTURE USELESS by W. A. Patterson - 50% off for April
  103. MAN WITH THE IRON-ON BADGE now available on Smashwords
  104. Seeking after the Kingdom - Free Christian Devotional Ebook
  105. A Nasty Case of ROAD RASH by Simon Janus
  106. WE, ROBOTS launches in multiple formats at Book View Cafe and Kindle ($2.99)
  107. Second novel is DONE!!!!
  108. Blood Orbit, a Sci-Fi novel now just $1.99
  109. Sins of the Flash - by David Niall Wilson
  110. Free Kindle copies of PORTAL, A Time Travel Romance Fantasy [see post #73]
  111. Alison Wonderland
  112. The Tether: None Good - A Paranomal Action Adventure Novel
  113. Free Sci-Fi Short Story: We Don’t Plummet Out of the Sky Anymore
  114. Reunion - Facebook inspired chick lit w/ wit & a COUPON thru 4/30
  115. One Year War - Snapshots from the Front - FREE ebook
  116. Firefly Island, epic fantasy novel
  117. The House of Jacquarelle: Third in the Kestral series [see post #18]
  118. Write Good or Die free writing manual
  119. Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold, historical romance
  120. THE LAST KEY, a fantasy adventure novel for $1.99!
  121. Love medieval English history? Love romance?
  122. New SciFi: 2184
  123. ePub version now available of My Phantom:The Memoir of Christine Daaé
  124. Being Light
  125. THE SAND DRAGON - multiformat
  126. Simon Wood is ASKING FOR TROUBLE
  127. New Coastal Times -- Read it Anywhere But on the Beach
  128. Nick Spalding's 'Life...with no breaks' - 2nd Edition
  129. Free Coupon - Medieval Action & Adventure thru 5/26/2010
  130. "The Haircut, A New Year's Tale"
  131. "The Half Broken Crown" on Kindle - A Fantasy Novel
  132. Tales from the Green series - YA Fantasy
  133. Free fantasy ebook: Union of Renegades
  134. New Historical Fiction / Romance e-book: Tulagi Hotel
  135. A Bitchin' Cool Sexy Sci-fi Rock & Roll Detective Story
  136. Stephen Goldin - SF/F
  137. Thrillers, Supernatural, Fantasy & Spooky Tales
  138. iBookstore now features My Phantom: The Memoir of Christine Daaé and Others Pending
  139. The ADVENTURE OF ANNA THE GREAT - .99 cents for the Summer
  140. The Knight of Darkened Light
  141. Stephen Leather's "Private Dancer" Now in E-Book Format
  142. Drummer Boy marching into battle...
  143. The Losing Role | WWII Espionage Thriller
  144. Free Novel by Steven Lake at EZread!
  145. Disney Spoof Getting Good Reviews
  146. Romance, Women's Fiction Fans?
  147. ‘Life…With No Breaks’. 83% of people buy it…so why not join them?
  148. Want to read something funny, poignant and modern?
  149. NEW - Science fiction action adventure trilogy
  150. Powerful, Compelling "Three Minutes More" now available at Smashwords for $1.49!
  151. The Sex Club and other Detective Jackson novels
  152. Supernatural Thriller e-book: Unnatural States
  153. Summer Horse, novel for middle readers
  154. "Crude Behavior": a Political Satire Graphic Novel in Full Color
  155. ON SALE! My Husband's Book is $6.99 Until June 30. Coupon Code HL68S
  156. Third book in Scott Morrow series published
  157. When the human race is threatened by a deadly plague...
  158. Live Forever - from Smashwords
  159. Dust - FREE Story on Smashwords
  160. Long Weekend Special - Free! [OFFER EXPIRED]
  161. Book Giveaways, Author Interviews & Book Reviews on Two Ends of the Pen
  162. Freebie for MR members - Maisy May
  163. Faith Seeds: Volume One - Free Christian Devotional Ebook
  164. Counterproductive Man by Jeff Inlo (Many formats, DRM Free)
  165. An Antichrist that's also a Messiah: 2.99 Thriller on Kindle
  166. The Miracle Inspector - dystopian thriller
  167. Super Star
  168. A Different Kind of Paranormal Romance
  169. Medieval Action & Adventure Only $0.99 at Amazon & Smashwords
  170. Golden Retriever mystery: In Dog We Trust
  171. 'Dreamshade' - available free for a limited time!
  172. Fifobooks Composer: a simple way to create your own illustrated e-book
  173. Past Life Space Opera / Sci-fi Adventure
  174. Undaunted Hearts - Now available on Kindle store
  175. Free - DARK FUTURE novellas
  176. New Pride Month Short Story Release: "At the Diner" by Neil Plakcy
  177. For short story fans - a link to mine
  178. SUMMER OF LOVE, A TIME TRAVEL by Lisa Mason
  179. Pieces of the Empire, Book One -- SPECIAL OFFER!!!
  180. Executive Retention is Live!
  181. Cocaine and Blue Eyes is the best I’ve ever written …
  182. Amazon lowered the price on MURDER IN WAIKIKI
  183. THE TWILLER, A Comedic Science Fiction Novel, Available Now (just $2.99)
  184. GALAXY OF HEROES -- FREE on Kindle
  185. Taking Care of Katrina - a short mystery!
  186. "Creepier than a Whorehouse Kiss"
  187. While the Savage Sleeps a forensic/paranormal thriller
  188. Another Thin Line ~ $1.99 at Amazon
  189. For a Limited Time Only - The Last Angel 99c
  190. Rupert & Me - 1st Graphic Novel for the Kindle
  191. Free noir thriller - [SEE POST #107]
  192. Risen (chiller) available, free shorts
  193. Humorous Mystery Western - HAVE GUN, WILL PLAY
  194. A Taste of Blood & Roses - Vampire Fiction $2.99
  195. THRILLED TO DEATH has early Kindle-only release
  196. New Orleans Noir - Mardi Gras Anyone?
  197. "Happy Hour is 9 to 5" now available in e-book format at
  198. FREE: Read AMBER MAGIC first book of a fantasy series Online!
  199. Happil Wed (and Read) Ever After!
  200. TERMINATED--New Thriller
  201. Neuroscience thriller anyone?
  202. Phoenix Pick Publishers - Oct Free Ebook - Barking Dogs by Terence M. Green [Post 19]
  203. Cross between Lord of the Rings and the Matrix
  204. All My Books On Smashwords Discounted
  205. Sex and Murder Magazine Issue 12
  206. Smashwords sitewide promotion!
  207. Special Promotion - Secrets In The Shadows
  208. The Orffyreus Wheel by David Niall Wilson
  209. No Good Deed--character driven thriller
  210. Free Book: Everyday Madness - A Mostly True Story
  211. French Fried: A Year in Provence with Miss Marple and Gerald Durrell
  212. New Comedy/Fantasy Short From Wade J. McMahan: "Flying Solo"
  213. New Short Story Release: "4 Stories Down, 4 Stories Up" by Sara Elizabeth
  214. Wrapped in a Rainbow - Romance
  215. Genuinely Rewarding Read
  216. Open For Business
  218. ONLY MONEY - Crime/mystery/suspense
  219. Promotion Posting Guidelines
  220. SERENDIPITY HOUSE women's fiction/romance/mystery
  221. eBook Signing: We Don't Plummet Out of the Sky Anymore (EPUB/MOBI)
  222. Meet Victoria Frost, the sexy decoy in "Excuse Me, Miss"
  223. YA Fantasy: The Powerless Series!
  224. New Contemporary Romance - $2.99!
  225. Indie Author Appreciation Contest
  226. FREE: The Roman and the Runaway
  227. Maisy May - Christianity and reality collide
  228. The Gods of the Terminal, $0.99
  229. New Horror Release From Untreed Reads And Joshua Calkins-Treworgy
  230. My Books Just Came Out in E-Book Format
  231. The Red Church on sale for Kindle
  232. The Four Last Things, Timothy Hallinan - Special Kindle $1.99
  233. New Gay Short Story Release By George Seaton: "Continuum"
  234. Big Sick Heart
  235. Dirty Old Vampires by Tennessee Hicks - $2.99
  236. Senta and the Steel Dragon book 2: The Dark and Forbidding Land
  237. [shameless plug] Happiness in Slavery
  238. Closer Than Breathing - A Light Gay Odyssey
  239. Goblin Alley: the Bloodied Fang by Michael Burges - $1.99
  240. Waking Dead Things by Tennessee Hicks - $1.99
  241. Downland by R.M. Haag - $1.99
  242. Dark Matters by Ryan M. Williams - $1.99
  243. Tracking Magic
  244. New Mystery From Rodolfo Peña: AN INCONSEQUENTIAL MURDER
  245. Exiles - new science fiction novel on Kindle
  247. Untreed Reads Launches Titles For Children With THE DIAMOND TREE
  248. Speed Dating with the Dead
  249. EQUILIBRIUM (Portal Chronicles Book Two)
  250. Powerful paranormal fantasy, Liberation, Book One of the Andrusian Chronicles