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  1. Self-Help Satire
  2. New Novel - Prairie Hill
  3. Crime/Mystery - Blue Angel, White Shadow by Charlson Ong
  4. The Sad Viking who taught Teri to say Hello - Childrens Book
  5. Meet Molly the Mummy (children's book)
  6. The Call - African Fantasy Graphic Novel
  7. The Survival of Thomas Ford
  8. Wanderer's Shadow- a 99-cent indie fantasy
  9. The Honour of Rome - Free for 5 days - Historical Fiction Short Story
  10. "The United Kingdom of Islam" by M.L. Stewart
  11. End Of The World Love Songs (Free Poetry Book)
  12. THE SECRET WEAPON - Poems and Sort Stories
  13. Operation Bald Eagle
  14. The Ballad of Old Windrush Cave
  15. Polygrammaton - An android app/book collection!
  16. Space Exile Of The Jews -- Free Feb. 8 & 9
  17. It’s Start a New Series Month! 30% Off First Books In A Series!
  18. An amazing, life changing book" FREE Dec 12th on Kindle
  19. Two Fools And A Cat
  20. The Space Between
  21. The Next Game - Building Videogames
  22. More Of What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know
  23. Times of Trouble a Christian fiction thriller
  24. Hazy Lazy: If you Eat it You Will Die
  25. Andy the Spider - A chapter book series for kids!
  26. Satellites Out of Orbit - unique feminist fiction
  27. High Stakes - "24 hours to get your name on the news....."
  28. The Banjax Arrest by Jonathan Lamb
  29. Petals and Thorns (Love Poems)
  30. Indie eBook into a movie?
  31. Хумористични разкази от Любомир Николов
  32. FREE epic fantasy - today and tomorrow only!
  33. Dancing on Coals - Western Historical Romance
  34. Nancy Fulda -- News
  35. The Happy Harold Stories
  36. Lionel's Grand Adventure
  37. Children's eBooks - A Prince of Aelon Currently Free
  38. 'In Vino Veritas'. Murder amongst the vines!
  39. "Potential Energy" free now through 2/15 (Dystopian sci-fi novel set in Superfrance)
  40. Hush Up - A short story thriller for free untill 2012-02-18
  41. Mountain Man (zombie/survival horror)
  42. Jonnie Dearborn: Vampire Hunter
  43. More S*** that P***es Me Off [Asterisks added by MR Moderation Team]
  44. Prosper Snow Series
  45. Sterling Redmond - Historical Romance
  46. Obsolete Protection - FREE Sci-Fi Short Story
  47. Talisa Creek - Drum Chase Trilogy (Book 1)
  48. Anny One -- a sexy sci-fi thingy
  49. HOPE ROAD, a 'criminal procedural'... full novel
  51. Adasia Released-ParaRomance/UrbanFantasy
  52. New Religion: Rys Rising Book III epic fantasy
  53. Untreed Reads Celebrates Agatha Nominees With 40% Off!
  55. Ghost Box: Six Supernatural Thrillers free for Kindle
  56. "The Protest" - sci-fi short story
  57. The Return
  58. Coding Isis - Technothriller by David Roys
  59. Someone Likes Lan Yu: A Forbiden Love of a Straight and Gay [Now a motion movie]
  60. ESL and Adult English Learners CAN WRITE RIGHT!
  61. ¡Escucha y Habla Inglés! Claves de Gramática y Pronunciación
  62. Hot Horror: SINS OF THE SIRENS
  64. Murderous Relations
  65. White Sands, Red Steel (Heroic Fantasy)
  66. Growing up Wired by David Wallace Fleming - $2.99 - 5 FREE COPIES FOR REVIEW
  67. Start Tracing Your Family Tree Now!
  68. Any Old Life by Herbie Jackson
  69. Free short story — Warrior in Woolworths
  70. What Ever Happened to Jerry Picco?
  71. Mystery Dance: Three Novels free 2/24-2/26
  72. This Peaceful State of War - award-winning story
  73. The Dogtrot Murder - A Carter A. Johnson novel
  74. Running After Tall Sexy Men
  75. Mama, Why Did You Name Me That ? by Jack Frost
  76. FREE ebook: Going Home (and Other Stories)
  77. Free zombie-type short story
  78. Hurry! Coupon For 100% Discount on ebook Until Mar 7 Only!
  79. Dead World
  81. Pulchritude - A Beauty and the Beast retelling
  82. Serial Killer Thriller: TEN
  83. So my debut ebook....
  84. In Pursuit of the living God - A Guide to Prayer by Peter Enseleit $4.99
  85. "Just Not My Day"-For your kindle devices
  86. Oracle of Delphi, Prophecy of the Most Beautiful $1.99
  87. In the land of temples: Notes from a South Indian pilgrimage (DRM-free Kindle, $2.99)
  88. New Serial: Quality Times & The Whispering Tombs
  89. "Killer Whispers" - undercover cop investigates serial killer targeting witches
  90. A Wolf in Priest's Clothing - A True Story
  91. I'm Participating in Read an E-book Week with my AWARD-WINNING Children's Book!
  92. Bad Karma, A Hard Boiled Crime Novel
  94. "Hackettstown" free on Amazon until midnight 3/5
  95. Eye of Darkness - A Fantasy Mystery/Thriller
  96. Unspent Time, Fantasy collection $0.99
  97. "The Blue Hour" & "Shadowchaser" Released
  98. Great Promotions From Untreed Reads For March! Free Titles, Buy 1/Get 1 At 50% Off...
  100. "Z14" - A Humorous Story About A Cyborg
  101. BooksOnBoard is offering the lowest prices
  102. Follow A Certain Path, ebook or paperback!
  103. Alcaeus: Poems and Fragments
  104. Free copy of No Place Like Home
  105. "The Auxilia of the Roman Imperial Army" (History)
  106. sailorladd
  107. Ethereal Messenger box set free March 9-11
  108. Melissa and her Prince- short illustrated book for free
  109. The Duck and The Doe Part I-Our Blissful Bayou Beginnings
  110. Epic Fantasy for Kindle, Free Today: RETURN OF THE DRAGONS
  111. Choose Your Future
  112. Trailer - Honest Opinions Please - My Bus Driver Is A Polar Bear - Children's Book
  113. Psychological Thriller - E U G E N I C S
  114. Get ZOMBIE FEVER: MALAYSIA OUTBREAK now! It's Contagious!
  115. 【kindle lending】Two sci-fiction/Fantasy, Devourer & The Wandering Earth
  116. FREE Urban Fantasy in all ebook formats!!
  117. "Mornings Are Rough" - Humorous teacher memoirs
  118. 2-Day Freebies: Horror, Urban Fantasy, Sci-fi
  119. SF novel Twin-Bred free today only, Thursday March 15th
  120. FREE - "Klondike House - Memories of an Irish Country Childhood"
  121. WWII True Romance
  122. Two Moons of Sera Volume 1 is FREE
  123. Christmas Trailer/Book - Belstarr The Lost Toymaker
  124. Comic 3/12 by Manix Abrera - Free on 3/17/2012
  125. The Manliest Novel!
  126. Maggie Scratch
  128. Whisper My Secret, a mother's story
  129. My Personal Pillar
  130. Butchered- 2 Thrilling Short Stories
  131. Sniffing Glue and other tales from the underclass
  132. Not only for photographers - Free ebook (limited time offer)
  133. In Death There Is Life by Laura Lin - young adult fiction
  134. Walking, talking crisp packets!
  135. Poetry Anthology For All Flavors
  136. Bother in Burmeon by S.P. Moss
  137. Learning to GIVE in a GETTING World
  138. Suicide Artist: A Sci Fi Kindle Ebook
  139. The Prophet Motive
  140. Chord Charts for ukulele ebook
  141. Kali's Tale - Book IV of The DeChance Chronicles
  142. Fangs in Bed: 99 cent launch
  143. The Roaming Renegade (TRUE CLASSIC e-book)
  144. Small World, a Hard Boiled Crime Novel
  145. Free on Kindle - Ties that Bind by Heather Huffman (Romance)
  146. 【Free for Two days】A short Sci-fi The Micro-Age
  147. New! "You, Fascinating You" for lovers of music, dance and history
  148. "And They Called Her Spider" - Steampunk Mystery Novelette
  149. The K'Barthan Trilogy or at least, three quarters of it.
  151. King Bong - My first short story, free this weekend
  152. Delhi Deadlines, a novel
  153. Suitcase Pimp - the Los Angeles porn industry exposed! Only 99c
  154. Drool-worthy Cupcake Recipes
  155. How To Make Money In Your Fuzzy Bunny Slippers
  156. Ark Of The Witch
  157. Dragons and Butterflies
  158. Scott Nicholson Library, Vol. 4
  159. Hemlock and the Dead God's Legacy
  160. NEW! Coupon for 100% Off
  161. The Kestral Voyages: All 3 books 99 cents each!
  162. Ben Bova's THE EXILES TRILOGY - on 99cent special for a very short time
  163. Fat by James Keene -- Medical Fiction
  164. Fantasy/Mystery - Lower Myths by Eliza Victoria
  165. SF Comic - Marco's Delivery Service by Koi Carreon
  166. An exciting romance novel
  167. Family Magic-YA Paranormal-FREE! :)
  168. 【0.99/kindle lending】Sun of China, a short Sci-fi story
  169. Debut Fantasy Novel-Free Kindle Download Mach 30/31
  170. Anthology of Poetry
  171. The Dark Lord's Handbook - how hard can it be?
  172. Red Leaves and the Living Token - a new, atypical, fantasy novel
  173. Hyperink eBooks
  174. Henry VIII's seventh wife
  175. Just Poetry
  176. Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 4: The Young Sorceress
  177. A Slice Of Life Behind Bars. Memoir
  178. Witches versus cats!
  179. 25% Off All Humor Titles Throughout April!
  180. Looking for good inspirational reading?
  181. My first book "Alone"
  182. The Ptorrigan Lode(Character-driven sci-fi)
  183. Kentucky Charm by Christine Anne Libbey
  184. The Price - spooky thriller FREE on Amazon 4/5-4/6
  185. Walking The Keys - an eCoffee Table Book
  186. Spooky thriller The Space Between free 4/6-4/7
  187. Recycled Stink! Children's eBook! Recycling with a humorous twist!
  188. Spinning (flash fiction) - Kenny A. Chaffin
  189. The Dreables
  190. hi,I recommend a reader app(ShareReader) for readers.
  191. The Emo Bunny that Should - Illustrated Edition
  192. ALTOR: The Shadow Rebellion (The Chronicles of Ageron) -Children & YA fantasy fiction
  193. $0.99 Short Story-The Adventures of Luciana
  194. The Frigate Victory Collection 1
  195. $0.99 Sci-Fi Short Stort -War Between Two Powerful Nations
  196. Not from Concentrate - A Bizarro Short Story Collection of Current Trends
  197. No Longer Dressed in Black - Kenny A. Chaffin
  198. 2 Free Ebooks!!
  199. TETRIS-like game+book on E Ink Kindle, available worldwide
  200. FREE today-YA dystopian-Night of the Purple Moon
  201. Free Short Story!
  202. What's New (and/or Free) At Crossroad Press
  203. Inheritance - a short story Free at Amazon
  204. FREE Book Download today only
  205. I, ALEPPO - from Twilight Zone master author Jerry Sohl
  206. New Release - Philippine Speculative Fiction anthology series
  207. Medusa "Through the eyes of the Gorgon"
  208. The New Guy in Moon Base Twelve
  209. Super Wonder Bubs early chapter book
  210. Free epic fantasy on kindle, itunes : The Shadowbearer
  211. THE OBSIDIAN PEBBLE -5* fantasci for everyone $3.12
  212. Amazon bestseller & explosive conspiracy thriller, THE CODEX FILE, FREE - 13-15 APRIL
  213. Slavery, Sex, War, Alcohol, Elvis: A New Collection
  214. new ebook
  215. They Shoot Birds, Don't They?
  216. 0.99$ Romantic Short Story- Eternal Love
  217. At the End - a new YA post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller - $0.99
  218. Titanic novel in time for anniversary
  219. The Death Fairy (fantasy/thriller) free this weekend (april 14/15).
  220. Free today: Genre-Hopping Anthology
  221. PANDORA'S GENES Sci Fi romance/adventure
  222. Gnit-Wit Gnipper and the Perilous Plague
  223. Hunt the Winterlands - Horror/Fantasy
  224. The Black Doors Free on Kindle
  225. $ 0.99 fantasy short story- Hill's Adventure
  226. $ 0.99 Romantic Short Story- Evermore Love
  227. Free Epic Fantasy Book for Kindle - SWORD BEARER
  228. Review of 'Hit Lit' -- New Book About What Makes Bestsellers TIck
  229. Free Ebook: Why Children Matter
  230. Son in Sorrow: Victorianesque epic fantasy
  231. Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 5: The Two Dragons
  232. Verliege a new release is Free on Amazon Kindle April 17/18
  233. Funostra [2013]
  234. Trafficking, A Memoir of an Undercover Game Warden
  235. FREE copy of Demonworld, an epic post-apocalyptic saga at the Age of Capricorn
  236. Free today and tomorrow Away From Whipplethorn
  237. 【Free for today】Short scifi about alien Mountaineers_Mountain
  238. THE ROAD TO DARK DESIRE - Historical Romance .99 cents
  239. it's not a chick flick - $0.99 YA for the Kindle, Buy One Get One (with a catch)
  240. Free 16 & 17 June: Reclaim Me! A Plea From Jesus Christ to His Followers
  241. Like a Newly Found Heinlein Book - POINT ULTIMATE by Star Trek writer Jerry Sohl
  243. $0.99 (Lyth: Hymn of the Flesh) A dark fantasy novel
  244. Free Fantasy Saga!
  245. PCOCK
  246. Steampunk Mystery Novelette Collection
  247. The Voyage of the Minotaur - Free at Smashwords for 1 Month.
  248. The Five Elements - A character driven fantasy adventure
  249. Here's something shameless...
  250. Deep Space Doris launches into iSpace