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  1. Evoguía is FREE at Steven Lyle Jordan books
  2. Pandora's Children Book 5: Speaking with the Dead
  3. My first ebook - The Queen and the Castle
  4. Space Junk -a newly relesed teen scifi
  5. Medieval Love and Magic: Bird Talk by Mark Lord
  6. Coupon to get short story for free
  7. Brand new short story.
  8. Changers' Summer - YA Science Fiction Novel $2.99
  9. The Switch - FREE
  10. FALLING FROM GRACE...and other stories
  11. 'For lovers of psycho-sexual mysteries (think Klute meets Blue Velvet)
  12. My Father's America - Volume One - The New World
  13. Burial to Follow is ENT book of the day
  14. WOLFKIND, the invisible assassin.
  15. eFiction, the premier indie fiction magazine
  16. Kethril - Book 3 of the Willden Trilogy
  17. Tales From Gundarland
  18. Rapid Publishing Seven Ebook Series
  19. The SMell of Magic and Other Stories - SF and Fantasy Anthology - 99c until August 30
  20. Punk Faction - It's All Done By Mirrors
  21. Nashville musician writes a book!
  22. PRIMAL Origin by Jack Silkstone
  23. One Day Left to get DEAD MEN DON'T CRY at half-price
  24. Undead Tales zombie anthology
  25. Raggedy Chan - Modern Chinese Fairy Tale - Free
  26. Pandora's Children: The Complete Nightmares
  27. New(ish) Kindle Blog: Awakenings, a post-apocalyptic serial by Erin M. Klitzke
  28. The Old Neighborhood--new fantasy short story at Amazon & Smashwords
  29. Free Ebook on Writing Fiction by Jack Matthews (until Sept 4)
  30. Midnight and Holding, a collection of shorts
  31. Zombie Safari - Novella - Free at Smashwords
  32. The Days and Month We Were First Born- The Journey
  33. A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living (ePub and .mobi)
  34. The Catskinner
  35. Vultures in the Playground - FREE at Smashwords
  36. The Great Commission - Free Ebook!
  37. Save $6 on Patricia Ryan's award-winning Medieval Romantic Suspense!
  38. The Wayfarer King - Book 2 of The Kinshield Saga (epic fantasy)
  39. Bargain Coming of Age Novel
  40. THE GAME IS ON! (an anthology based on 'The Most Dangerous Game')
  41. Mortal Obligation
  42. New Book on Healing from Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  43. Rys Rising: Book I - New epic fantasy by Tracy Falbe
  44. Ox Cart Angel - historical fiction for mid-grade readers (and adults)!
  45. Transparent Lovers
  46. Backwoods Cannibalism 101-- free short story!
  48. The Between Years
  49. The Road Trip Dialogues - new funny novel from Jass Richards
  50. The Blood Annals
  51. The Breath of Heaven -- Anybody Want an ARC?
  52. Cooter, never before published short on Smashwords
  53. Conjoined For Life: Four's a Crowd ($0.99)
  54. FREE for a limited time! HOT FLASH -- Award-winning romantic comedy
  55. New on Kindle! - Through All Things: A Tale of Love, Magick and Quantum Entanglement
  56. New Novel: Ana Martin
  57. Angel of Solace - Paranormal Romance/Thriller
  58. The Labyrinth - A Magical Contest Turns Bad
  59. i, sexbot: A Shallow American Tale
  60. Diary of a Discontent
  61. Dark Fantasy - ELEGY
  62. 2012 2036 is the end of the world close?
  63. New Paranormal Romance
  64. Paranormal Encounters Re Released on Amazon Kindle
  65. Me and Mine - Gay Priest Romance Drama - Trailer Inside!
  66. "The Blonde Heiress" a Carter A. Johnson novel
  67. Our mystery novel The Empanada Affair
  68. Quirky fiction: lovecraftian to dystopian
  69. Two UK crime novels - Kindle
  70. Coupon Code to a free ecopy of Horror/Paranormal Novella
  71. To You From Spirit
  72. Check out 'Signs From Heaven'
  73. With a Head Bent High
  74. High Road To Tibet - Travels in China, Tibet, Nepal and India
  75. Smashwords coupon: Darkest Desire
  76. Ayos Promotional Offer
  77. With you in my heart - contemporary women's fiction
  78. Soliloquies: the lady doth indeed protest - FEMINIST, SHAKESPEARE
  79. Crime Fiction Freebie
  80. Social Networking ebook smashwords coupon - free this weekend
  81. Post-Apocalyptic Comedy: The Mostly Weird Chronicles of Steffan McFessel
  82. A Time To Heal on offer, plus a chance to win a copy!
  83. Time for Some Freebies! :) (Fantasy, Steampunk)
  84. Jeff VanderMeer about my first book in English!!!
  85. St Patrick's Day Special
  86. Women of Power
  88. Hello from Dystopia
  89. Tears of Requiem -- Song of Dragons, Book Two
  90. The Bound Soul (Book 3 of the Halcyon Steampunk Trilogy)
  91. Smite the Damned by Zack Kullis
  92. 12 hardboiled PI tales under a buck!
  93. (Bargain)Kindle Bestseller on Sale for a Limited Time
  94. Adventure Sci Fi for Kindle
  95. The Wizard on the Mountain
  96. Uligarchians: Start of the Collapse
  97. A Practical Guide to True Happiness - Free Sample Chapters
  98. Sex. Drugs. The Luxe Life. "The Beautiful People"
  99. Story Time for the Blasphemous
  100. Christianity and Science Drama : Torn
  101. New, new, new writer here
  102. The Back Row of the Balcony -- new short ghost story at Kindle store and Smashwords
  103. I'd like to introduce myself and my books...
  104. "The Third Side" - Battle for the Solar System, Book 2
  105. Potatoes, Come Forth! - fantasy novel
  106. Become a Project Management Expert
  107. Blood Guilt - A Crime Thriller Novel - Only 99cents/86p
  108. Wicked Warlock
  109. Working in the UnOffice: A Guide to Coworking (business, nonfiction)
  110. The Apocalypse Programme - Published!
  111. Two Dollar Tuesday! Get Any Full Length Work For $2!
  112. "In Wilder Lands" a new fantasy novel
  113. Free Zombie Fiction!
  114. Man in the Mirror a Rick Edison Thriller
  115. Towards Yesterday - a time-travel/post-apoc sci-fi adventure
  116. Toxicity: A thriller
  117. The Lazy Designer
  118. The Arranger: A Futuristic Thriller
  119. Vector - Never Before Published SF Short Free on Smashwords
  120. BINGOED--new cozy mystery series
  121. Black Ops: Libya - The First Instant Thriller
  122. Alien Coffee - John H. Carroll
  123. ENDLESS NIGHT - Romantic Suspense
  124. Free Kindle US - Lethal Force
  125. The Secret Signal by Simon Haynes
  126. Granny Gruesome - Nursery Rhymes to Terrify Children
  127. Nick Spalding's new book 'Love... From Both Sides' is out now
  128. BLOOD TRADE - An Adult Vampire Story $2.99
  129. 'RUN, RUN, RUN' a crime thriller $1.61
  130. Vampires Revealed - Now Available
  131. Free book (newly published historical novel) to anyone willing to read and review it
  132. September Specials In The Untreed Reads Store
  133. Free Romance eBook (Kindle, Nook, iPad)
  134. A Time For Change Romance/Mystery
  135. IN HAVANA THEY SHALL DIE! (End-of-the-World Thriller) $2.99
  136. Q: When Is $9.99 the Perfect Price for an E-Book?
  137. Thus Saith Eve
  138. Free short story prequel
  139. Chivalry by Mark Lord: Magic mingles with the harsh realities of war
  140. Have you written a book?
  141. Business Book - Building a Strategy Update Presentation
  142. The Secret Keeper and Stirred not Shaken
  144. Aporia by Tom Morgan (Kindle, $0.99)
  145. The Good Luck Knot (free with coupon!)
  146. Limekiller At Large
  147. New eBook author Serena Fairfax
  148. Traditional mystery featuring retired Mountie
  149. New book: "A Damn Close-Run Thing: A Brief History of the Falklands Conflict"
  150. Save 50% Off THE BAVARIAN KRISP CAPER And Win A Dozen Donuts!
  152. Isis meets Wonder Woman
  153. Free economics book
  154. Win a £25 worth of Amazon vouchers and a signed copy of my book The Drought!
  155. New YA Hockey Novel Classic for $2.99 - Sports & Sibling Rivalry
  156. Ministry of Morgasm
  157. Free Promotional Code For NEW YA Fantasy Series
  158. "The color of evil", a new police thriller
  159. Falling Stars - a novelette in the Epsilon universe
  160. Free Promotional Code for NEW Mystery Novel DOUBLE TAKE Featuring PI Hank Hammond
  161. Passenger - New short horror story at Smashwords & Kindle store
  162. Let's Get Digital: How To Self-Publish And Why You Should
  163. Write First, Clean Later
  164. New $2.99 Work from Bestselling SF Author Kevin Anderson
  165. New fantasy author: Lynna Merrill
  166. Drippy the Peg-Legged Rainbow, A Story for Demented Children
  167. Tourist guide with attention on the layout
  168. Trio of Picture Books - Simple Animals, Simple Shapes, and You're My Baby!
  169. Punk Faction -- Punk & Skinhead Fiction set in 1982
  170. New On The Indy Writer Front & Free eBook For eBook Review
  171. Check out "Killers", you'll love it!!
  173. GALAXY OF HEROES II: War Heroes
  174. Daphne and the Silver Ash - a fairy tale (FREE)
  175. "Oil and Corruption" has arrived!
  176. As The Mirror Cracks: Superheroes to believe in, and a worldwide threat to suit them
  177. Watcher's Web- soft SF by award-winning author
  178. New at Podiobooks - free fantasy podcast of Union of Renegades
  179. Sci-Fi Author DL Morrese
  180. Three New Releases
  181. "Expert Assistance" - humorous science fiction
  182. "True Friends" - what does friendship mean?
  183. 'The Pack' - reviewed as "This generation's Cujo!"
  184. Foundation's Key 1
  185. Two collections of funny science fiction & fantasy
  187. Historical Western Romance ebook - TRAIL TO DESTINY - Book 1 of the Destiny Series
  188. 'Elizabeth Clansham' - buy it on Amazon for under $1!
  189. Science fiction short stories for 99¢
  190. Mitch Fairchild's First Children's Ebook "Feet"
  191. THE WEIRD ONES - a new e-collection from Steve Vernon
  192. Adult letters
  193. H.E.R.O. series book 3 (Rise and Fall) released - $0.99
  194. Cruel Justice the prequel to Impeding Justice
  195. A Wickedly Cool Suspense Thriller- New Release Ebook
  196. JACQUELINE KENNEDY fans - Secret Memoirs
  197. The CERT® Oracle® Secure Coding Standard for Java
  198. my books and custom software
  199. New YA Paranormal ebook Redemption, book 1 in a three book series
  200. THRU 10/6 FREE eBOOK of Historical Crime Novel "I Dreamt I Was in Heaven"
  201. UNPUNISHED, new 99 cent Murder Thriller from William Peter Grasso
  202. Unforgettable Embrace by Joanne Clancy
  203. Air : An Elements of The Undead Novelette is now available
  204. ETERNAL KNIGHT, $.99 Epic Fantasy
  205. Halloween Tail - an erotic short
  206. Free book - Our Father's War - from the air in WWII
  207. At last, goodbye (Diary of the Displaced short story) by Glynn James
  208. Belvine Sci-fi $2.99
  209. Fantasy short story collection, Rubicon, now FREE!
  210. Thieves at Heart - Gray Fantasy
  211. Land of Falling Stars - Erotic Romance (Civil War Novel)
  212. Eve of Destruction - The battle between Industry and Magic has begun!
  213. English/Spanish Short story: Snitched, Snatched (fantasy)
  214. "Anonymity" -- New Short Story at Kindle Store and Smashwords
  215. Mentally Irregular - Rantings of a Bitter, Lonely Son of a Bitch
  216. Killers (A Prosper Snow novel)
  217. Zombies of the World: A Field Guide to the Undead
  218. New release: Mind of a Killer
  219. Humor: An Embarrassment of Riches by Gerald Hansen
  220. Musical book app for iOS
  221. Bulgarian short stories. A pleasure priced $ 0.99 / $ 3.44
  222. Herbs of the Zodiac
  223. This Too Shall Pass: Tracing an Ancient Jewish Folktale
  224. Storyboard your Life!
  225. GUNWITCH: A TALE OF THE KING'S COVEN (Alternate History Fantasy)
  227. BAD BLOOD vampire thriller by Rain, Night, Nicholson
  228. Last Words-- New Free Short Story on Smashwords!
  229. Free Excerpts from the Upcoming Novel "Faerietale"
  230. FREE October Promo - MOONGLOW by Charlie Romo (Sci-Fi Lesbian Romance)
  231. Five of the Haunted--Short story collection at Kindle store & Smashwords
  232. EMPIRE: How to Succeed with Nothing but Passion, Great Ideas and a Wealthy Family
  233. Winning Wines: Medal Winners for $15 or Less
  234. Endangered - A Suspense Novel Set in the Sea Islands
  235. New psychological horror/thriller- King of the Merge
  236. UnMythed - new book by chris wind
  237. Sh*t that Pisses Me Off - Peg Tittle
  238. Snoops, Clues & Boos
  239. The Harvest-- a hillbilly Tommyknockers
  240. Peter Swift's Fright Files-Free scary middle grade
  241. Attention historical romance readers (particularly fans of 18th century England)
  242. Incestuous (Suspense, Ebook)
  243. Fantasy short story, Legacy Hunter, now FREE
  244. The Dragon and the Lotus (a historical fantasy in India)
  246. Dralin, a fantasy novel by John H. Carroll
  247. Traditional Publishing Is My Bitch! **FREE**
  248. EltaninPub [2013]
  249. Free (mobi, ePub) Illustrated Fairytale - Legends of Number Nip
  250. new video ebook