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  1. Unwritten Rules of Impossible Things
  2. Strange Attractors by Jeffrey A. Carver (The Chaos Chronicles)
  3. Review a book & Win a Free CD Audiobook
  4. Chosen
  5. THE SUMMONING FIRE - by David Michael (Horror) [contest post #19]
  6. NASTY, BRUTISH & SHORT SHORT - by David Michael - $0.99 (or FREE) (Horror)
  7. The Baby Thief: A provocative medical thriller, $2.99
  8. Planet Omega only $1.50 For a limited time!
  9. The Inferior. Finally Available in Europe as an eBook!
  10. Formatting eBooks with Open Office Writer
  11. Body Betrayed: My Journey through Sickness and Faith
  12. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and so...
  13. Twisted Perception and a Buried House
  14. Urban Fantasy - Under Witch Moon
  15. PEACE WARRIOR - $2.99 - Military Scifi
  16. The Son Of Man by CW Johnson
  17. TAOS SOUL: Love Stories, Heroes, & Wild Adventure by John Hamilton Farr
  18. The Breadwinners - an epic family saga set in South Africa
  19. "Droll, witty and utterly British" - Publishers Weekly Reviewer
  20. Something to Read on the Plane
  21. Latest Indieviews - Interviews with Indie Authors
  22. Untreed Reads Launches New Web Store
  23. 25% Off All Mystery and Horror During October
  24. New Mystery Release by June Whyte: Chasing Can Be Murder
  25. New ebook: Anni
  26. Zombies and Ancient Rome - Together at Last
  27. Remember Denial of Service? DOS Entire Saga is at Smashwords!
  28. 99 cent fiction - Ladies and Gentlemen...The Redeemers
  29. New Ebook: The 2010 Edition of =50 Benefits of Ebooks=
  30. Contemporary paranormal mystery
  31. Manifesto of an Intolerant Bastard [COUPLE OF PAGES ONLY]
  32. I've been interviewed!
  33. The Fly Caster Who Tried to Make Peace With the World
  34. New Literary Short From Jesse S. Greever: 5
  35. Falling Star
  36. The Heretic - free ebook of the day [OFFER ENDED]
  37. Country Boys, by B.J. Scott
  38. Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid
  39. Kindle Blog Publishing
  40. An Indie Book And Author Page
  41. The Other Iron River -- new fantasy short story in Amazon Kindle store
  42. Earthfleet - Book 2 - Destiny's Mission - Now available on Goodreads!
  43. The Day of the Nefilim (SF)
  44. Novel discount to commemorate new Queen Elizabeth liner
  45. [DRM-free Comic Book] First Five, issue #1
  46. Man with the Blue Hat: Priced at .99 through the Holidays
  47. The Art of Reviewing: A thread for anyone who enjoys reviewing!
  48. First Time Ever In Ebook Format! WHILE I DISAPPEAR By Edward Wright
  49. Authors To Reveal Future of E-Books. Hint: It’s Big!
  50. Jake Lassiter's Latest: "Mortal Sin" for $2.99
  52. Spore - Free Horror eBook for all eReader Formats
  53. Free anthology: "Other Sides"
  54. IN MAPS & LEGENDS, an ongoing fantasy/steampunk digital comic, just $.99/issue
  55. Want a ghost story for Halloween? Here's one I prepared earlier
  56. Isn't It Necromantic? - A Dark Urban Fantasy
  57. Out of Time, science fiction time travel novel
  58. The Crown Conspiracy (Riyria Revelations #1) by Michael J. Sullivan
  59. Free ebook: Honolulu Hottie
  60. Hudson House [Horror novel for $2.99]
  61. DEMON GATES by fantasy author Robert Day
  62. High on You
  63. New Short Mystery From Wade J. McMahan: WITCHES WITCH?
  64. Blood Bank - Sweeney Todd meets Stephanie Plum - 0.99
  65. Faithful Warrior, by Basil Sands - fast paced, action packed, thrill ride
  66. GONE by critically acclaimed author Karen Fenech - $2.99
  67. Gnelfs - A Mother Defends her Daughter Against Demons
  68. Daron's Guitar Chronicles, v1 (Free until October 22)
  69. THE LIVING IMAGE - What happens when you meet your own double?
  70. The Key to Magic -Book I: Orphan
  71. New Literary Short: VENUS OF THE METRO by Rodolfo Peña
  72. The Infinite Sea by Jeffrey A. Carver -- new edition
  73. The Gift - Paranormal mystery thriller
  74. Accepting Submissions--Bargain eBooks (promotion opportunity)
  75. UNHOLY ANGELS - suspense/mystery (Some content may be disturbing)
  76. Untreed Reads Launches First Title in Spanish
  77. An alien wants to be a Movie star.
  78. New Romance Release for E-Readers
  79. An Agent of the King - a new Napoleonic Wars hero - Nigel Slater
  80. New Espionage Thriller: The Patriot Paradox
  81. Lucky Me, a pulpy $0.99 Novel
  82. Ameriqaeda - Terrorism Thriller $2.99
  83. Superheroes for Grownups
  84. New Post-Apocalyptic Novel
  85. Free e-book - all formats
  86. "The Year We Finally Solved Everything" only 99 cents
  87. The Kestral Voyages: The Lens - re-released on
  88. Debut novel by Samuel J Riddles - Dark Gold. An action packed thrill ride!!!!
  89. Blood Hunter $2.99 Horror Mystery Thriller set in Louisiana
  90. 15 Buddhist ePubs
  91. The Last Rose of Summer - Free Fiction
  92. Status Update
  93. Ghost Writer -- new DRM-free short fantasy story at Amazon Kindle store
  94. E-book author on TV - 29 Oct.
  95. October Girls against breast cancer
  96. SERENE MORNING & OTHER TALES by David Michael -$0.99
  97. Free Fiction: Beatrice Beecham's Halloween Haunting
  98. -iBookstore- "His Niji" Realistic Character based Story-Telling
  99. New Crime Novella: Hostages at the Kitchen Table by Corie L. Calcutt
  100. Halloween Sky and Other Nightmares
  101. The Chaos Chronicles - New SF Omnibus Edition with Afterwords by Jeffrey A. Carver
  102. Young Adult Suspense - SNOW BURN
  103. Win a custom blog tour and promotional sponsorship for your book
  104. Blood and Sunlight: A Maryland Vampire Story
  105. Giant Killer Eels
  106. Ancient Eyes - David Niall Wilson
  107. The Gray and Guilty Sea -- only 99 cents (for now)
  108. Shattered Earth a new science fiction novel
  109. Economicon: new Lovecraftian short with current twist
  110. Beware the HitchHiker, by B.J. Scott
  111. Only the Beginning, by Shannon Pearce
  112. Abominable - a cryptozoological story - 99c
  113. A Halloween Treat from Gryphonwood
  114. Free Short Story: "Hunter's Pond" (multi-format)
  115. A Guilty Mind - new novella 99c
  116. The Big C - fighting the monster the best way I know how
  117. New Hallowe'en Story: Catgut Variations (on a G String)
  118. Riverwatch - Good Old-Fashioned Monster Mayhem
  119. Horror Showcase Anthology: Free to download now
  120. Cold as Death - A Historical Fantasy short - 99c
  121. 2 E-books for Halloween - 1 Horror, 1 SciFi - Stephen D. Sullivan
  122. Bug Island - now available
  123. Disintegration: a 99 cent crime thriller
  124. New Mystery Flash Fiction Anthology: DISCOUNT NOIR
  125. Free: ebook of 37 poems by Stanford Friedman
  126. Heirs of Mars - a science fiction novel of sacrifice and revenge
  127. New! Lady From The Jade Mountain - free coupon
  128. NICOVAR - free ebook - first novel in series of 4
  129. #4 Best-Selling Amazon Top 100 Thriller "Fifth Avenue" .99 Cents for a Limited Time
  130. Dame Demise
  131. Enhanced Photography ebook
  132. Hot Rod, by K. Lyn
  133. New Thanksgiving Mystery Anthology: The Killer Wore Cranberry
  134. A Collection of Wordstreams (Prose Poems & Vignettes)
  135. A Grand Illusion
  136. Daughters:3 generations; 2 world wars; too many secrets; revenge; at last love
  137. Best Friends: old money; betrayal; childhood promises; unbearable secrets
  138. One Hundred Open Houses: The soul hole is whispering, move. It will change your life.
  139. Nothing To Lose: fat girl, boy from the projects, crazy ad world, at long last love
  140. Report From The Heart: Mommy isn't happy. Should she stay? Should she go?
  141. SPELLCHECK NATION: Does SpellCheck have a dark side?
  142. Ghostkiller - A FREE OGMIOS TEAM STORY
  143. DEAD(ish) Sequel Out - (technically) DEAD!
  144. Novels by David H. Burton
  145. Duality - A Dark Christian Fantasy Novella
  146. Shredder and other free fiction
  147. The People's Fiend
  148. 'The Time Hunters' - a book for children of all ages...
  149. Sister Anna The Juggling Nun
  150. Northern Lore
  151. Classic Rocket Mystery Re-Released! Denise Dietz’s FOOTPRINTS IN THE BUTTER
  152. "Baptism" by David Michael - $.99 - Horror/Apocalypse
  153. Diary of the Displaced - The Journal of James Halldon - Free Horror/Fantasy serial
  154. New Horror Short From K.G. McAbee: BLZ
  155. The Eye of the Storm (The Stritonoly Chronicles)
  156. "Nostalgia" by David Michael - $.99 - Slipstream
  157. FREE Story for Veteran's Day - SHOOTER by Mystery Writer Ruth Francisco
  158. New Thanksgiving Fiction: PUMPKIN LIE by Lorraine Sears
  159. New Humorous Essays: The Unleavened Truth by Darryl A. Forman
  160. "Walking with the Mailman" - My Life as a Letter Carrier (A Guaranteed Laugh!)
  161. His One True Love
  162. E-book reviews
  163. New Literary Fiction: THE OUTHOUSE GANG by Neil Plakcy
  164. New Military/MMA Series: THE O’QUINN FIGHTS By Robert Evans
  165. DISMEMBER—A Suspense Novel
  166. The Venom of Vipers - science fiction novel
  167. 5/5 Historical Romance 'A Dead Man's Debt.'
  168. Stormwinter (Sandman style fantasy adventure) for Kindle
  169. God's Gift to Women (Literary Romance)
  170. EARTHSHAKER: New $2.99 Urban Fantasy Series Book 1 Starring Sexy Mother Earth
  171. Impeding Justice. A thriller priced at $1.99/£1.45
  172. This Last Summer - Family Saga with a romantic thread
  173. Explorers of the Unknown - FREE BOOK
  174. New Thanksgiving Short From Bryl R. Tyne: The Secret Ingredient
  175. Justice Is Served by D P Clark
  176. Deadly Delivery - Role-Playing Monsters Become Real $2.99
  177. Berserker - A Vikings vs Yeti novel
  178. Guitar Heroes : An Urban Fantasy Short Story
  179. The Necromancer - for your consideration
  180. New Thanksgiving Mystery Short by S. Furlong-Bolliger: Death by Jello
  181. New Entry In The ROADS THROUGH AMELIA Series: Faith in Amelia
  182. New Literary Fiction From George Seaton: The Cow and Other Colorado Tales
  183. New Literary Short From Jesse S. Greever: The Annex
  184. New Crime Anthology From Jim Newell: NEVER USE A CHICKEN and Other Stories
  185. Quiz Lovers and Trivia Fans
  186. New Science-Fiction: Once and Again
  187. The Honour of the Knights - Science Fiction eBook
  188. Holidays Our Way
  189. What secrets will the Silver Dragon reveal? A book the whole family can enjoy.
  190. BLOOD AND BRONZE (sequel to Mighty Hammer Down)
  191. Not Your Typical, Scantily-Clad Virgin Sacrifice
  192. Cursed! by JR Rain and Scott Nicholson
  193. PLAYING THE GAME - $0.99 James Patterson style thriller
  194. New Horror/scifi - Luminous and Ominous 2.99 82k words
  195. Koenig's World
  196. October Breezes--An Edgy Ya Novel About What Really Matters
  197. Romantic Comedy set in Ozarks & featuring a pug :) $2.99
  198. THE MARLOWE CONSPIRACY - historical thriller
  199. The Sleeping God
  200. Aviation Autobiography endorsed by US Airways 1549 Jeff Skiles
  201. Humorous Adventure Book for All Ages - Bloated Goat
  202. Free books for Kindle: A guide to finding freebies
  203. My Bet With a Dom
  204. First We Kiss
  205. BeWrite Books Going Black Friday Bonkers
  206. Graveside Tales Books On Sale
  207. Black Friday offer - 20% Off @Directebooks
  208. The Armageddon Machine - Golden Age SF - 99c
  209. Black Friday Sale at Untreed Reads!
  210. SHYLOCK OF VENICE - Because Shakespeare got the ending wrong the first time.
  211. Beatrice Beecham's Fearsome Feast $1.99 (Kindle edition)
  212. How I Met Mr. Right
  213. Shades of Green - A horror novel $2.99
  214. Suppose Beethoven had to promote "Ode To Joy?"
  215. Educating Adrianna
  216. THE GIRL WHO RAN WITH HORSES by David Michael (YA Contemporary Fantasy)
  217. The truth about THE TRUTH BE TOLD! (sort of)
  218. Multiple Formats: Beatrice Beecham's Fete of Fate ($1.50) with enclosed Coupon Code
  219. Love, Sex and Tesco's Finest Cava?
  220. Staggered. A Christmas tale of mankind vs animal gone bad
  221. C. A. HOCKING's novels are now available as Kindle from Amazon for $1.99!
  222. BORROWED TIME - Romantic Suspense from the author of Widow's Tale
  223. Short read! historical fantasy romance (heat rating = "sweet")
  224. Bella and the Doctor
  225. Free children's ebook for ipad!
  226. 1st Down
  227. The Scream - a short story (Psychological Horror, FREE)
  228. Draw Me Out
  229. My Time In War
  230. Whispers From the Darkside - A Collection
  231. "I Am Become Death" - Sci-Fi / Adventure Short Story (Free)
  232. Scars and Candy: Tales of Terror and Dark Mystery
  233. Roll Over, Hitler! - a new comic novel with a razor edge
  234. Online eBook Creator
  235. Sex and Murder Magazine Issue 15 Free
  236. XXXmas Box
  237. Rojuun, Book 1 of the Willden Trilogy - John H. Carroll
  238. Blue Haired Alien Girlfriend - John H. Carroll
  239. New Literary Christmas Short From George Seaton: ANOTHER FINE CHRISTMAS
  240. New fiction ebook novel, "John Hancock"
  241. Safe Haven for Authors and the Readers Who Like Them [contest-post 2]
  242. Stories from the Strangers' Universe (scifi)
  243. "Love, Pinkie (>.<)" e-Book
  244. New Tennis Memoir From Douglas Henderson Jr.: ENDEAVOR TO PERSEVERE
  245. Nature Writing by Richard Herley
  246. Sing My Name, new western historical romance
  247. Privacy Most Public by Andrew Burt
  248. Sneak Peek and Giveaway - Spiderwork by L.K. Rigel
  249. Prince on a Red Dragon by James Wilde
  250. New Christmas Mystery Short From Wade J. McMahan: NAUGHTY OR NICE?