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  1. eBook, ebook, or e-book?
  2. What to do with your old paper books
  3. Poll: Age of People who Read E-Books
  4. Giving away or lending an Ebook
  5. How many e-books have you read so far?
  6. geographic restrictions at Fictionwise
  7. CourseSmart - Is anyone using it?
  8. Any libraries that allow online signup and...
  9. Anti-Muslim Bias to the International Kindle
  10. How Does it Affect You When eBooks Aren't Published in Your First Language?
  11. Have something to say to publishers about ebooks?
  12. The $15 Boycott: Will you be participating?
  13. Design the ultimate eBook site
  14. Do you read books in more than one language?
  15. How To Deal With New Pricing Strategies (and get noticed?)
  16. What are your views on illegal copying?
  17. which format will win?
  18. Will eBooks create an elite reading class?
  19. Funny I don't feel like a criminal
  20. Do Libraries have eBooks not available on the net?
  21. Copyright infringement terminology
  22. Diesel ebooks download problem
  23. Non-DRM ebooks as library bequest?
  24. New eBooks are a hard buy
  25. Is there a standard format for library eBooks?
  26. Could selling ebooks on media get around geo restrictions?
  27. Frustration with Geographic Restrictions and E-Book stores in general
  28. Is this a pirate site?
  29. Help-I just bought another book!
  30. Did anyone else love their ebook reader at first but start going back to paper?
  31. How to get around geographic restrictions, legally.
  32. Anyone else feel loyalty to their first?
  33. How many free ebooks did you download for Read an Ebook Week?
  34. Publishers' Pricing & Release Delay Tactics - An Individual Response
  35. Question about publisher info
  36. What does Grey Level(Scale) mean
  37. Will prices go down or quality go up?
  38. The feeling of reading PDF English ebook with DoctorYi
  39. TomeRaider: anybody knows the Ebook software?
  40. It's fun to vote down the A-C-T-A!
  41. Why I don't buy books from Australia
  42. Digital psychosis
  43. Why I didn't wait for the iPad killers
  44. Is the new 'agency' system going to change your buying habits?
  45. Was in Shanghai yesterday and ebook readers were everywhere
  46. Day or Night Mode?
  47. How often do you not find an ebook you want?
  48. Book genres
  49. A survey on ebooks
  50. Vaporware
  51. Newspapers on ebook readers?
  52. Library Ebooks
  53. fictionwise and mobipocket format
  54. Pocketbook 302 Review & Videos
  55. Magazine Apps verses Websites
  56. Books copyright protected in US but not Canada
  57. The 200 page per minute "scanner"
  58. Help me find my ideal PDF viewer
  59. Web Standards for E-books by Joe Clark (web article)
  60. Geo-restrictions not legal?
  61. The future of publishing: Why ebooks failed in 2000, and what that means for 2010
  62. Problems with Ebook stores???
  63. How do you back up your books?
  64. Awesome! Seiko made a new E-Ink watch!
  65. O Karma Ye Faithful
  66. The people selling ebooks on ebay
  67. Do you think JK Rowling will cave eventually?
  68. Help with Sue Grafton series
  69. High quailty ebooks
  70. video on iPhone
  71. Privacy - Is it just me?
  72. Books or Music?
  73. copyright question
  74. My journey into the darknet
  75. Stop by my blog for my review of Repo Men
  76. Delstar Openbook Review
  77. Question for Canadians about Kobo and GST
  78. How many different ebook readers have you used?
  79. The Full, Consolidated ATCA has been leaked
  80. The perils of the ebook reader: P-book guilt
  81. Trying to Find: PINYIN Bible
  82. New Kobo ereader
  83. looking for some advice.. (PDF)
  84. Ipad launch and effect on Ebook reading device
  85. What's wrong with this picture?
  86. Get Well Slow
  87. Digilog 3-D technology for books
  88. Volunteers wanted `'Reseach project about Ereaders`'
  89. The new publishing business model
  90. Question about agency pricing model
  91. How to Sell books on iPad?
  92. a solution to piracy...
  93. For Those Of You Worried About Privacy...
  94. A baffling pricing question
  95. Saying goodbye to teleread
  96. can there be a market for used digital content?
  97. Where is this from!?
  98. Observations of 10 years buying used books
  99. What would you ask the president of your favourite ebook store?
  100. eReader Survey
  101. Gift Cards and Pre Paid Credit Cards
  102. Lost Man Booker Prize - whole shortlist missing in eBooks
  103. How can I register an American Account?
  104. The right to read
  105. Under the Dome crashing my reader
  106. iTunes 9.1 available now with book "support"
  107. Declining need to purchase from US ebookstores
  108. How many backups do you have?
  109. Confused newbie
  110. Young eBook Readers .. Do They Exist ???
  111. Fictionwise no longer selling certain books?
  112. How big is your TBR list
  113. Is piracy likely to harm ebook sales?
  114. Disappearing books at
  115. Seeking Class Action Lawyer for suit against Fictionwise
  116. Convert DRM books to Epub/other
  117. Library books
  118. A Brief Review of the SmartQ V7, pt 1
  119. Dr. Horrible comic book now available
  120. the FTC's definition of price fixing
  121. I don't care how books smell either
  122. Using a Border's gift card
  123. Developing for the iPad?
  124. Anyone else having problems with Fictionwise purchases?
  125. How does a Wacom stylus work?
  126. Boycott Amazon's eBooks
  127. Topeka It!
  128. NYT-article: costs pBook vs eBook
  129. Questions about the publishing cabal's timing.
  130. So as a Linux.....
  131. The New Agency Pricing Scheme is Total B.S.
  132. Typos in ebooks
  133. Is there a 'theme' in the national literature of your country?
  134. Publisher's Names
  135. Fictionwise "personal rebates"
  136. 2010 Hugo Award Nominations
  137. eBook vanishing act, again (Ace Books/Penguin Group)
  138. Out of Whack Agency Prices - Let's Start a List!
  139. Prices are so confusing---and in print, too!
  140. Hall of Shame
  141. What I will miss about Fictionwise
  142. Most you will pay for the average ebook?
  143. Books
  144. Average Ebook Cost
  145. Who's at fault in the FW/BoB/eReader breakdown
  146. Silver Lining in Agency Pricing
  147. My letter to Amazon and E-Book Publishers
  148. sending books to ereader how??
  149. Now that they've been able to push the agency model on e-books..
  150. Difference between e-ink and e-paper.
  151. List of retailers affected by the Agency Five embargo
  152. HarperCollins -- or my adventures in the new agency model
  153. Is pirating a book that you already own ethical? Yes says NY Times Columnist.
  154. What's up with Random House?
  155. ComicRack for comics, Calibre for books...?
  156. Best way to care for/honour a special p-book?
  157. Books not in Amazon
  158. Hall of Shame - don't buy these ebooks!
  159. eBooks vanishing from eReader, Fictionwise, etc.
  160. Purchased new Jim Butcher cover..
  161. Eye-Strain on LCDs is a Myth (or missunderstood)
  162. I'm sending a message to publishers.
  163. need help finding a book
  164. Genre Mash-Ups
  165. Reflective lcd's vs e-ink
  166. Will DRM on ebooks go the way of iTunes
  167. Response from Fictionwise CS Regarding Missing Titles
  168. How will the new agency rules affect you?
  169. Converting to Epub
  170. Now I can't download my B&N books!
  171. Help revise the Epub standard
  172. Have random people in the street asked you about your e-Reader?
  173. Geo restriction protest to Tor
  174. Agency pricing in Canada
  175. Problem with downloading from kobobooks
  176. When will amazon and apple accept manuscript submissions for publication?
  177. IAds=free ebooks?
  178. My Email to Orbit Books about Ebooks price higher than Paperbacks
  179. What is the real purpose of DRM?
  180. The Great LCD Brightness/Distance Experiment
  181. Books I've bought from fictionwise
  182. eBook sales on the rise
  183. Book carryover into life
  184. Kindle books in Canada
  185. Books missing on Sony's Bookstore?
  186. Thanks Chaps and Chapettes
  187. What other e-reader bookstores exist
  188. Why does the publishing industry need my address before I can make a purchase?
  189. Qs and As with Willy G
  190. Why turn off eink device?
  191. Ambitious creative developer who loves eBooks? Come work in Ireland!
  192. Interesting Lecture Forum Topic
  193. What to do with my books.
  194. Will ACTA end the (direct) purchase of foreign titles by libraries?
  195. VAT paid on eBooks in the EU, what do you pay?
  196. Android Os for tablets
  197. Best Font?
  198. What happens to an e-ink screen when subjected to a strong EMP
  199. How to make a new word: ebook, e-book, eBook?
  200. Why do the same books look different on different readers?
  201. Scribd?
  202. Still Want to be Surrounded by Treebooks?
  203. Calibre formatting help
  204. Stupid ebook
  205. Fiction in the Age of E-Books
  206. Working on a Samsung Ereader E60 commercial
  207. My Entourage Edge Review
  208. Vector at in ereaders
  209. I've had enough with this "iPad killing Kindle" thing
  210. What's happened?
  211. Adobe CS5
  212. New poll: What impacts your book buying decision?
  213. eReaders with bigger screen
  214. How do I make my own Ebooks?
  215. It's Steve Jobs' fault..
  216. Always woth complaining.
  217. Where can I buy Harry Potter ebooks to read on my onyx boox?
  218. London Book Fair - Any requests?`
  219. For those with large (500+) libraries...
  220. How are the mobi and epub files at Project Gutenberg?
  221. Did you use bookmarks with paper books?
  222. Amazon poorly formatted titles?
  223. Newspaper Comics
  224. Is there a librarian in the house?
  225. Can someone with an iPad check something for me
  226. Question for those who read in their non-native language
  227. PDF files not loading on Calibre
  228. Book Fair Dropouts
  229. New poll: What do you think of DRM
  230. Apple Aggregator Policies & Methods
  231. The future through the eyes of the MPAA/RIAA
  232. Are Fictionwise and eReader on the way out?
  233. Barnes and Noble and the Darknet
  234. Are reprints public domain?
  235. Are there publishers like Baen but for other genres?
  236. Need help finding this book
  237. new poll on ebook pricing....need some help
  238. iPad V e-ink devices
  239. Anyone else here on Goodreads?
  240. Bebook Neo/Onyx Boox 60 in Hungary/France
  241. ebook tech conference next week in San Jose, CA
  242. PDA/Smartphone format eBooks
  243. Macro photos of Vizplex E Ink
  244. Anyone hear about the WePad?
  245. ADE is not a file format!
  246. Libre and Amazon
  247. Color ereader & pics
  248. Do you review?
  249. Do you know what you REALLY need in an e-reader?
  250. "... and please switch off all electronic devices."