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  1. realized how vital B & N is.
  2. CNET: Retina Display iPad vs. e-ink Kindle: Which do I prefer for reading?
  3. Literacy Programs and the Indie Author
  4. The screw that changed the world ...
  5. Posting by voice
  6. Back list vs. New release
  7. How to read metadata (book description) from ipad or kindle?
  8. Mmmm........
  9. Listing of usual metatags?
  10. I'm curious -a authors selling directly to readers
  11. Whatever happened to the "Book print vending machine"
  12. Books: Bits vs. Atoms
  13. Combination of physical payment and distribution via email?
  14. Would you ever buy a book that is in the Kindle KDP program
  15. A Monopoly is Not Necessarily Bad
  16. What's the name of that book drop thing?
  17. 1934 Price-fixing and US DOJ lawsuit
  18. Feedbooks gone to the dogs?
  19. The Ethics of Typesetting
  20. Copyright question: died with no heirs
  21. WolframAlpha Analyzes Shakespeare
  22. Overdrive and MP3 files
  23. Replacing your reader
  24. Geographical Restrictions Question
  25. What about Borders?
  26. Are Apps the Future of Book Publishing
  27. Used bookstores, harbors of piracy?
  28. Why doesn't Mobileread get into publishing?
  29. My ideal e-Reader
  30. editors review
  31. Does micro sd speed matter?
  32. Ereaders and Tracking
  33. Are you waiting for the DOJ settlement?
  34. Where is the June Analog on Fictionwise?
  35. Is this right?
  36. Priority changes
  37. Thinking About a kindle - But What Of My Existing Library
  38. E-book hardware rant at The Reg
  39. People Recognize my Ereader ... Can I Pretend its a Geiger Counter?
  40. Branding: Does the publisher matter to you?
  41. Prologue Books: Pulp and Noir
  42. Artful Reinvention of Asa Carter as author Forrest Carter.
  43. What are your favorite ebookstores for ADE epubs?
  44. Help! Can you run Calibre on Mac OS 10.5.8?
  45. Pricing the e-books from the "Big 3"
  46. Crash and burn
  47. Sony ebook SD card sharing
  48. Kopimism, Sweden's Pirate Religion, Begins to Plunder America
  49. Goodreads question.
  50. Thank you, thank you Dropbox Users!
  51. Ebookreader in wood?
  52. Font Size on New Books Is Too Small!
  53. Library borrowing/returning
  54. “Why I break DRM on e-books”: A publishing exec speaks out
  56. Everything You Need to Know about the Hugo Award
  57. Which book do you consistenly postpone to read?
  58. Most Highlighted Passages of All Time
  59. Click / Digital Planet ebook special
  60. Amazon Prime...
  61. Are Children's Books Doomed?
  62. 16 bit VS. 32 bit
  63. Selling ebooks in bookshops
  64. Reader Abreviations
  65. When You See the Initials "KT" What Do You Think Of?
  66. NYT goes trolling - "Adults shouldn't read read YA fiction"
  67. ebook pricing
  68. Amazon's upsetting the publishers again
  69. The Guardian on Is science fiction literature's first international language?
  70. Creative Commons CC BY-SA: commercial use question
  71. Is WhisperSync getting a little sloppy?
  72. What was the first e-book you read and on what device?
  73. Calling all NZers!! Can YOU find Penguin Australia ebooks for purchase???
  74. Do you judge a book by its cover?
  75. electronic format only
  76. Royal Society Launches Picture Library
  77. Harper Collins doing some price experimenting????
  78. 2012 Locus Award Finalists
  79. "Cannot connect to server" error in ADE
  80. Interesting Op-Ed Piece about the St Louis County Library
  81. Fifty Shades - "We Deserve Better"
  82. Why do old books smell? It's the smell of death.
  83. Can't read 100 this year? Try 5!
  84. Format comparison
  85. epub Background image on iPad2
  86. How to make a font darker (semibold)
  87. Are eReaders Really Green?
  88. Nice, but as long as there are readers there will be...
  89. better models in the next future?
  90. DRM alters formatting? [Ans: No, Kobo does]
  91. BPH Accounting Shennanigans
  92. Ebooks for Libraries - A Petition
  93. Spam as MobileRead private message
  94. sleeping disorders e-ink related..
  95. How close are we to the 50% threshold? (ebook 50% of fiction books sold)
  96. My Very First Library Book
  97. Whither SF?
  98. Annotating DRM'd content
  99. From Dear Author: Digital first boosts total sales...
  100. Is there a way to......
  101. Google books....
  102. How many free books have you read?
  103. HarperCollins uses Sigil
  104. Is this a pirate site?
  105. Does anyone have any updated numbers
  106. El Paso Museum of Art is also a Public Library
  107. What are derivative devices in literature
  108. What do you use Calibre For?
  109. How can I search Smashwords more effectively?
  110. ebub ebooks
  111. The used pbook conundrum
  112. Overdrive: ebooks for K-12 schools
  113. Return rate: Android vs. iOS
  114. Am I Weird for disliking first person books?
  115. nook kids
  116. Ebook reader news source
  117. Harry Potter on Kindle Prime Lending Library
  118. Can non-DRM ePub books be read on a DRM-ePub device?
  119. FBReader and Highlighted material
  120. Let's hope this doesn't catch on with ebboks
  121. 2012 Campbell Award Finalists
  122. What's next?
  123. The Avengers/Maurice Sendak fan art
  124. Bathtime reading
  125. Is the American Novel Dead?
  126. Books We Lie About Having Read
  127. Battery-powered book a surprise hit
  128. a reader survey
  129. Column width in general and at Amazon in particular
  130. The National Archives Releases Latest Catalogue
  131. E-Readers in the movies
  132. No Amazon Sales Rankings? 9:30CST 05/15/02
  133. Amazon's 2nd Annual "Most Well-Read Cities in America"
  134. Amazon Killed The Book Reviewer Star
  135. Amazon searching
  136. how to share ebooks i bought
  137. 4 Kindle, apps numbers ?
  138. audio file
  139. ebook cover software?
  140. A Fairer Fair Use?
  141. Large format readers, less user friendly
  142. Amazon's self-published success stories
  143. Wireless or Tethered? Are You a Cylon?
  144. Audio interview with Heather Reisman of Chapters-Indigo
  145. Amazons KDP, $2.48 per download
  146. Hachette Back in Some Libraries w/ Frontlist Titles
  147. CNET: Amazon explores new business models for content
  148. New OverDrive Apps for Android & iOS
  149. Sports Book of the Year - UK
  150. Robert Moog's Birthday
  151. What’s Going on in the Mexican E-Book Market?
  152. E-book readers as stand alone device
  153. Is digital copyright incompatible with technology and / or democracy?
  154. Book Reviews: Populism vs. Edification/Initiation
  155. I just.... can't.
  156. Will Amazon ever start a Neflix for ebooks?
  157. How do I get an ebook autographed?
  158. Application for Indexing e-books for a web site?
  159. Pages... Do we need them
  160. Business models of e-book suppliers
  161. Are you using your reader to hide your reading habits?
  162. Pollen - should I worry?
  163. Help Stop eBook Censorship
  164. Prepaid Cards to protect Credit Card
  165. Best Book Review Sites?
  166. Book Places in the Digital Age
  167. Copyright Question
  168. 50 Shades of Grey sex classes
  169. What is piracy?
  170. Do you include web fiction as part of your Goodreads Reading Challenge?
  171. The future of bookshelves
  172. Paperback vs. digital
  173. Books where the main character keeps a secret from the reader?
  174. Copyright Math
  175. Best ebook price comparison?
  176. Andre Norton in the public domain?
  177. Holiday Weekend Reads~
  178. My reading pattern
  179. Where can I get DRM e-library software?
  180. A Book Prize & the Pullitzer ......
  181. P.S. ?
  182. How many books should you read to become fluent in a second language?
  183. Calling all robots to action!
  184. Windows 8 preview now available...
  185. Kobo Touch in cold weather
  186. The Nation: the Amazon Effect
  187. Overdrive coming to MY Library :-)
  188. Print is still overvalued?
  189. From The Nation: The Amazon effect
  190. Kindle to Nook search and replace blunder
  191. How come there are only a few manga on the Kindle Store?
  192. Motorola launches triple-SIM MOTOKEY 3-CHIP for Brazil
  193. "you've just gotta read this!"
  194. People with Kindles are like robots in another world
  195. EReader owners are more likely to buy and read books...
  196. Any problems with tools 5.1?
  197. Digitizing Coffee Table Books
  198. Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon keeps its design intact
  199. Good spelling still matters
  200. How does Karma / Reputation work?
  201. AT&T will open the SGS III pre-order books on June 6 as well
  202. Are public libraries inadequate?
  203. I've been Nookd :-)
  204. Windows Phone Marketplace reached 100,000 app submissions
  205. Libraries Demand Better eBook Services
  206. Rebate Promotions?
  207. In Search of Pirates (article)
  208. E Ink vs Paper
  209. How do you maintain and backup your ebook library?
  210. Read Asset Folder
  211. Discoverability: Where did you find that book?
  212. Do you think your reading tastes evolve
  213. Big time authors not happy either
  214. E-book Complaints Thread
  215. Periodic ereader cleanup
  216. Do you still buy books printed on paper?
  217. Convert iPad eBook to Nook Using calibre
  218. The biggest threat to publishing isn’t Amazon; it’s Angry Birds
  219. Spelling anomalies
  220. Adobe Digital Editions
  221. Simon & Schuster surprised me.
  222. Can Caibre output a report?
  223. Alan Hunter - George Gently.
  224. How Amazon squeezes authors
  225. FireFox epub addon
  226. Want to make audio book vodcasts
  227. The Book Cover Archive
  228. Asset Folder Reading File Not found Exception Error
  229. How does one know if an image is public domain?
  230. Zzreader
  231. Ack! About to buy a dead tree book!
  232. Japanese "Mobileread"
  233. New State Law Put ISPs and Libraries at Risk
  234. Ridley Scott hates ebooks!
  235. nook tablet
  236. Social reading?
  237. Reading Rainbow is Back: Can it Do for the iPad What it Did for TV?
  238. Digital vocabulary
  239. Losing Wedding Ring Less Stressful Than Losing Mobile Device
  240. Alternatives to Audible?
  241. Penguin & 3M Test eBook Pilot at NYPL & BPL
  242. Your Features in Text to Speech Software
  243. Do you use Evernote etc to keep book type info in?
  244. Ebookreader in Budapest
  245. Reading stats
  246. An Observation on Fonts - Improving readability by using *bold* versions of fonts
  247. E-Paper Writing Tablet
  248. Academic ePublishing
  249. Brazil prisoners reading books to shorten their sentences
  250. Has the internet leads to natural monopolies and will it be different for ebooks?