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  1. Is there anywhere to download a large collection of free public domain ebooks?
  2. A PDA guy reviews the 5" Pocket PRO
  3. Page number, bookmarks, and font size
  4. It's here !
  5. Just updated firmware, now can't read DRM'd mobi books
  6. Hacks for PocketPro??
  7. Bugs on v5/PP
  8. Pocket Pro Review on Teleread
  9. Help please...can't open downloaded library books
  10. Can't download firmware from ''
  11. Two winners of "Find The Pumpkin" contest!!
  12. Larger Screen Astak Ereaders
  13. It's arrived!
  14. First thoughts on my new Pocket Pro
  15. How do I / Can I backup my current firmware before updating to a new version?
  16. Does the card with new firmware need to be empty of other files?
  17. My Astak 5" has locked up
  18. Finally it is arrived after 17 days
  19. ePub bookmarks not being saved
  20. I think I just made my battery worse
  21. This update will improve battery life drastically
  22. EReader DRM coming soon?
  23. OT: how to access the "reputation" list?
  24. Holiday Season gift basket coming
  25. Astak v5 pro problems, I apologise, this is long.
  26. Why is the EZReader firmware download page broken so much?
  27. Weird PDF action on Pocket Pro
  28. Resize PDF
  29. Update of Warm-Up/Closing Design Screen contest
  30. Library Books on Mentor Lite 2?
  31. New firmware upgrade on Tuesday
  32. ASTAK Pocket Pro Version listing
  33. Internal Clock
  34. book light
  35. Fourth shipment of Pocket PRO arriving tomorrow.
  36. Viewing pictures at actual size?
  37. changing font size in the new firmware
  38. PPro forgets installed mobipocket font
  39. A "Dictionary" discovery
  40. XPDF TTS weird
  41. Tips & Tricks: JPEG viewing
  42. Removing and inserting SD cards
  43. Build a bin
  44. Pocke Pro Delivery Time
  45. Pdf won't display in pocket pro- HELP!
  46. OpenInkPot on the PP (Hanlin V5) ?
  47. Find the Griffonwing!!
  48. Offical press release: "A Christmas Carol Pack"
  49. The Winner of the Warm Up Screen Design Contest
  50. Borrowing ebooks from Public Library
  51. Just ordered my PP!
  52. Custom TTF fonts in MOBI books?
  53. 5" PPro Book Light Recommendations
  54. Has anyone tried an SD card bigger than 4GB?
  55. Buy "Christmas Carol Pocket PRO Goft Basket!!
  56. Here is the link: "A Christmas Carol Gift Pack"
  57. Broken cover--no response from Astak
  58. Just ordered ezreader pro-affirm me!
  59. Astak 5" Pocket Pro review on TeleRead
  60. How about more font sizes with mobi?
  61. Can't sync EZReader Pocket Pro to computer
  62. just pulled the trigger on a pocket pro
  63. PLEASE use ONLY this link for Gift Pack!!
  64. Random Freezes
  65. My Review of Astak 5" Pocket Pro
  66. A different question, do you regret your Pocket Pro Purchase?
  67. Time to buy presents...
  68. Another Paint Issue
  69. mobipocket question
  70. Official full press release on Gift Basket!!
  71. Can't transfer firmware update
  72. Organzing books
  73. Reconnecting with PC - fix drive?
  74. Just placed my order
  75. Regarding the .bin (firmware) file
  76. Plug in Ereader, and none of my books show up
  77. Firmware for My New 6" EZReader
  78. anyway to turn off the Beep ?
  79. Inventory running low!!
  80. Pocket Pro As A Gift
  81. New Firmware Upgrade coming Friday-Monday
  82. Why is the case described as leather?
  83. Awesome, I found some real leather cases
  84. Feeler: Oberon Design case - any interest?
  86. Is it my imagination or are the fonts in a greyscale instead of a black?
  87. Difference between Astak Mentor and EZReader?
  88. Great detailed review of Pocket PRO as a gift!
  89. 5 Minute First Impressions...
  90. Could someone point me to the lbook firmware download for the v5/PP please?
  91. My suggestions on getting the device to look blacker.
  92. Anyone got a contact at Astak?
  93. Dumb Question, but...
  94. Embeded fonts vs. TOC
  95. Cheapest Ebook Site for Astak Ez Reader ?
  96. Cannot Open Adobe Digital Edition?
  97. I compared a Sony 300 at the store tonight, the Sony has blacker text. :(
  98. Why I've made no comments on my new Pocket Pro
  99. Newspaper RSS Feeds
  100. Questions about Astak Pocket Pro
  101. Duplicate files on SD card
  102. No other cover choices??
  103. Got myself the gift basket!
  104. Change fonts for Adobe Digital Edition?
  105. Issues with Mobi (unable to read) and an issue with page numbering
  106. Turn off Justification for TXT type
  107. Happy Australian Astak Buyer
  108. Font Sizes on Pocket Pro
  109. Viewing Web Pages and Websites
  110. Astak PocketPRO in Europe?
  111. Wikipedia
  112. hacking in?
  113. FB2 Book Title Display Problem
  114. Is this the new lined cover?
  115. Needed: Customization for ePub
  116. Calibre, Astak PP, and foreign languages. Help!
  117. a couple of questions
  118. New firmware upgrade today
  119. Saw the Pocket Pro At A Retail Location
  120. Pocket PRO Gift Pack deadline extended
  121. Unable to Read any Books From Digitial Editions
  122. Zagg Sale 50% Today only (12/14/09)
  123. Need help for read html files
  124. Rip out DRM off Mobi Pocket.
  125. Bought Stylz Leather Case for Pocket PRO
  126. Robertb will be gone January 2-11
  127. Astak Mentor Lite 6" - First Impressions
  128. Astak sued for violating GPL
  129. EzReader 6"
  130. Choosing the most readable font on the PP
  131. The New ePub DRM
  132. EZReader question for Robertb
  133. Ok.. Went
  134. Please write a review on PP or Mentor Lite
  135. is broken...
  136. can we read books from the sony store ( or formerly sony store) and read them in the
  137. Device not recognised
  138. Music symbols
  139. A simple Astak 6" reader review
  140. Astak --HELP
  141. Thinking about the Astak
  142. Where is the PID on Pocket Pro, ADE and K4PC?
  143. I'm really freaking out! All my files are gone from my Pocket Pro!
  144. Pocket Pro FAQ
  145. Replacement Parts
  146. large scanned PDF support Astak EZReader PRO 5''
  147. Pocket Pro firmware update problem
  148. Astak 6" basic (V3)
  149. Interested in size comparisons.
  150. Pdb compatability on new ez reader pro
  151. Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukkah
  152. astak pocket pro screen instability.
  153. What is that image of
  154. lord of the rings-- for pocket pro--
  155. The EzReader 6" Firmware Released
  156. Where to find IBOOKN font?
  157. Why EZ-PP doesn't support other epub formats but English?
  158. Booklite for PP (Hanlin V5)
  159. What is the use of SIM CARD in my V5?
  160. New Cover for EZReader PocketPRO?
  161. Music while reading?
  162. my Ppro and the future...
  163. Review: Astak 5" Easy Reader Pro
  164. Revised FAQ sheet completed but not posted
  165. So now my "paint" is coming off my White EZreader PP
  166. PPT files on the Pocket Pro?
  167. any tips how to clean the screen?
  168. Deleting files on the Pocket Pro slow
  169. Time & Date Updates Not Saving
  170. Age Old question -- SD card vs internal memory
  171. Files not opening?
  172. how to upgrade ezreader pocket pro???
  173. New future models?
  174. My History of fix requests
  175. Astak's Mentor Ereader multi-languages support?
  176. Is Astak support on vacation or just stopped support?
  177. Pocket Pro Menu Shadow/Mark
  178. Questions about Getting Started with Overdrive Books
  179. .mobi doesn't increase/decrease font size
  180. Astak EZReader vs. BeBook
  181. EZReader Pro and the hidden PID
  182. A sense of smudging...
  183. Possible Astak Products at CES 2010
  184. Questions about this reader
  185. Future of Astak
  186. Able to mark up documents?
  187. question about the pocket pro usb charger
  188. CES News Wanted!
  189. Another CES... a report from Astak
  190. Confused about Firmware
  191. queries @ ROBERT N ALL
  192. Astak 5" EzReader Pro availability???
  193. Question about navigating through large books
  194. Help - Big Issues w/Latest Firmware
  195. Oberon?
  196. colors of Pocket Pro and contrast
  197. Hyperlinks Revisited
  198. User Manual PDF for 5" EZReader
  199. Astak prototype with Android
  200. Aztak sent me a used reader?!
  201. Jinke people wonderful!!
  202. Poll to be..
  203. Adobe epub or Adobe Digital Edition?
  204. Cover with a Light?
  205. Astak Bookstore compatability questions
  206. Mighty Bright eBook Reader Light on Astak website
  207. Colored Stainless Steel Bodies for Pocket PRO
  208. Contacting Support
  209. Considering 5" - how Sony compares to 6"
  210. Should I buy an Astak EZ Reader?
  211. PP Poll of Favorite Features
  212. Question about SD card support
  213. Which format should I convert .lit files to?
  214. Which shops stock Pocket Pro?
  215. Problem with opening Pocket Pro as removable drive in Windows 7 x64
  217. Firmware function request......
  218. Sorting content
  219. New Statistics for eBook Readers
  220. CES Astak 2010 Pictures?
  221. Battery life vs what document being read
  222. Transferring Adobe Digital Editions Books to my EZREADER
  223. Aztak EZ Reader advice
  224. Any Jan Firmware?
  225. Ebook store that takes School POs(NET terms)
  226. Success!
  227. Pocket Pro Serial Number?
  228. Beeping?
  229. Carrying Case
  230. Special Pocket PRO WITH reading light $199
  231. Suggestions
  233. Maroon is in!!
  234. Anything I should know before buying?
  235. Problem with mobi format
  236. Upgrading Firmware
  237. Astak website decorations
  238. cbr and cbz convertor
  239. Library Management
  240. Audio files on Astak devices
  241. Where to see one?
  242. Just ordered my PEz this morning
  243. How to do a firmware upgrade!!
  244. For those who might like to customise firmware - check this out
  245. eReader format
  246. Other cases for Pocket Pro?
  247. The best way to clean a white PP?
  248. Big problem with my Pocket Pro
  249. Revised FAQ sheet coming
  250. Goodbye, Frank Schivo. God welcomes you.