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  1. Cleaning ePubs: automatically, fast and with as many generic rules as possible
  2. To cite ePubs: Do you recommend an ID attribute for every single element?
  3. New user, need clarif. on several format issues.
  4. How to Load epub in playbook if the size exceed 50MB
  5. Epub specs: "Page not found"
  6. Best practice for Outlining and Splitting
  7. Tendencies
  8. What dimension should I use if I am submitting my ePub to BookBaby?
  9. keeping image and caption together
  10. Mathematical Equations in epubs
  11. Help with toc.ncx file please
  12. Div Selectors vs Paragraph Classes -- Robustness?
  13. Digital Book Apps / Epub
  14. Which is the best ePub Reader app?
  15. Alt Text in epub
  16. Custom Chapterhead style --- possible in CSS?
  17. Fonts and EpubCrawler
  18. Warning ITMS-9011: No NCX Extensions Doc specified
  19. Left border for text within paragraph
  20. HELP! Funny Characters
  21. Annotating editions?
  22. Cleaning out warnings?
  23. Apple symbol and other special characters in ePub
  24. Cross References: How to Handle the Backlinks of Multiple Links to One Anchor?
  25. Fixed Layout Epub questions
  27. control div box, page breaks and margins?
  28. Type and save text from reader on epub?
  29. Editor for EPUB w/SMIL on Windows?
  30. Tables in an epub?
  31. Conditional CSS for ADE readers
  32. Tutorial: Formulas to PNG
  33. Links to external PDFs
  34. HELP! There's a funny character in my ePub!
  35. audio control in epub 3
  36. Help with scaling cover to fit thumbnail
  37. EPUB 3 multi column text reading order across pages for epub
  38. Invincible but functional HTML page in epub?
  39. Embedded fonts
  40. Numbered and bulleted list format lost on Nook Simple Touch epub
  41. Epub versus Mobi
  42. Clean HTML from word For EPub
  43. ONIX code in metadata
  44. PNG Images in ePUB Files not rendered on Kobo
  45. embedding fonts using Indesign
  46. ePub 2.01 specification as ePub file?
  47. Unusual audio problem in fixed-layout EPUB
  48. Manifest error from Apple that makes no sense?
  49. margin-top with page-break-before
  50. Table strangeness in epub/iBooks
  51. Smashwords Premium Catalogue
  52. Where do I put the font EULA?
  53. Preventing chemical symbol from being split by page or line break
  54. Forms in Epubs - Best way to show a PDF
  55. EPUB BOOK Creator - From Scratch ???
  56. Looking for sample rights.xml file
  57. ePub Permissions: Defining Licensed To
  58. Assigning height=100% within Sigil from a Calibre ePub
  59. New editor/creator
  60. A problem with images inside tables
  61. Validation errors on epub3 sheet music document
  62. Line Break Madness on Nook
  63. Blue Griffin ePub authoring tool
  64. Setting margins for ADE
  65. Need Example SVG wrapper including caption
  66. Korean EPUB
  67. Apple Fixed Layout Question
  68. Best PDF settings
  69. Handling of series metadata
  70. Stretched out images in an ePub (textbook)
  71. IBook and Book Nook have 'issues' - Kindle uploaded fine - help!?
  72. PLEASE help with epub validation errors or point to where I can get help?
  73. Validation Error:"The a element must not appear inside a elements"
  74. New Errors Converting epub3 -> zip -> epub3
  75. Can't Upload to IBook etc???
  76. ISBN??
  77. Bulk convert HTML characters for epub
  78. Plain Vanilla Stylesheet Prevents Validation
  79. Italic versus oblique
  80. how to create original page nav in epub
  81. Fragment identifiers
  82. Link Targets are Underlined on Kobo Touch
  83. Audio in EPUB
  84. General Sibling Selector
  85. Epub Validation Errors
  86. Page breaks and file splitting
  87. Epub error help
  88. Help I got stuck trying to convert my book into an epub file.
  89. Background image with text on top?
  90. Epub: using icons mapped to characters in special font
  91. Text with fixed proportional size
  92. Have Apple deprecated the display-options.xml file in ePub2?
  93. Another EPUB validation error!
  94. How do you get references to point back to old page?
  95. Is there any consistent markup for series/volume?
  96. Wrangling covers for ePub
  97. epub 3 validation errors
  98. A problem with ADE?
  99. "spine is undefined" error
  100. epub validator
  101. Converting RTF to ePub with NCX
  102. Does epub validator work?
  103. epub images are broken in Kobo
  104. ePub book category
  105. Does anybody use BlueGriffon?
  106. epub problem with unicode extended
  107. ePub Validation
  108. SVG in stylesheet?
  109. Inkscape SVG Validation Problems
  110. Shaded text box background in epub - broken?
  111. Driving me nuts, lol ePub tocs
  112. Converting Word to clean HTML nightmare
  113. TOC with Page #
  114. InDesign Export to Epub fails IBooks uploads
  115. Advice on making ePub3
  116. Images not showing in ePub books
  117. textbooks epub or pdf?
  118. ePub SMIL Validation
  119. Epub Validator
  120. How to create epubs in Chinese that will display on a Nook?
  121. Smashwords error report:Please make your cover image the very first page of your EPUB
  122. Lulu Validation Errors
  123. Named character references
  124. Icon Fonts and eReaders
  125. Google Play Books & Page Breaks
  126. Testing approach for EPub
  127. What exactly Epubcheck validation tool does?
  128. Title page formatting question
  129. Device emulators to test the epub file
  130. Epub file readers to test the created epub file.
  131. Author showing up "Unknow" on epub for Nook
  132. Compare the font style and size from the source pdf with the destination epub files
  133. ADE 3.0 and RMSDK 10 released
  134. php???
  135. Exporting text frame from InDesign to ePub
  136. Facepalm - installing latest ePubCheck
  137. How to prevent page breaks?
  138. ebook covers
  139. fixed layout mobi to epub
  140. EPUB Fixed-Layout Style
  141. Back cover
  142. iBooks Image Upscaling
  143. New players in the ePub editor market ...
  144. the <dc:title>field ?
  145. Need help with conversion of texts
  146. Where to Post Question About Differences between Sigil & Nook
  147. Square box before apostrophe
  148. ADE glitch
  149. Override Font Settings for Icon Fonts
  150. unnecessary/unwanted page breaks
  151. Poetry
  152. Question: Centered Heading With Line Through Middle
  153. Epub Errors from Apple SOS!!
  154. Svg wrapper and image resizing
  155. Sigil style and page break
  156. Another Epub Errors from Apple Thread
  157. Replacing tables
  158. How to make an epub book from scratch?
  159. EPUB2 and the DOCTYPEgate
  160. Too many notes!
  161. Epub creation - pasting word and preserving codes
  162. alternative character for white space
  163. Custom Font -- Where to Map Glyphs, How to Display Characters?
  164. Limitation in numbered lists?
  165. Thoughts on how to format a dual-language book for learners?
  166. Wanted: Company who makes Epub
  167. ibooks and animation
  168. fixed layout text display on iBooks
  169. Oxygen Author
  170. Stuck on embedded Hebrew font in ePub
  171. Using PG
  172. Retaining formatting in inline links
  173. Split file doesn't start new page - reader gets stuck
  174. Huge text encoding problem
  175. What is there to convert blog posts with comments to epub?
  176. Confusing global definitions in css
  177. Page breaks
  178. Validation Error on SVG image No RDF allowed
  179. The "best" body?
  180. ePubs not playing nice with Fastr Pro
  181. docx to epub conversion working from command-line but not from PHP
  182. REGEX can't seem to figure it out
  183. Lists are shifted to the right in ADE.
  184. Converting mobi to epub for Google play books
  185. forms with fixed text fields
  186. Interactive Diagrams?
  187. TTF, OTF and SUIT font file formats
  188. How to put stripes in between text
  189. can't find the warning message for vendor-extension
  190. The Helpful/Helpless Gang at nookpress
  191. standalone and the editors
  192. Downloading epubs from dropbox with kobo
  193. Displaying Chinese? Characters
  194. SVG Images on iPad - contained bitmap image not displaying
  195. Epub creation. Image appears twice!
  196. font-size headings
  197. HTML TO epub without image error
  198. html to epub: no text reflow
  199. Epub3 CSS not implemented on Google Play Books
  200. URI issues
  201. EpubCheck jar/webapp
  202. Problems with fixed layout epub 3 and iBooks version 2
  203. element "u" not allowed anywhere
  204. CSS: is space before unit legal?
  205. ePub Validator
  206. Controlling indents for bulleted lists
  207. epub Expiration
  208. Social DRM
  209. EDUPUB
  210. Preventing images breaking across pages
  211. Text wrap around irregular shapes
  212. Epub Manual question
  213. Trying to find an innovative substitute for footnotes
  214. Help required with error message from Apple
  215. Image within a title: how to align?
  216. Sort TOC alphabetically
  217. Abiword v3.0 ePub plugin output test
  218. Calligra Author 2.7.5 ePub output test
  219. Ibooks, Epub3 and fixed layout overflow?
  220. red x
  221. DIY Guide: Using and embedding fonts in EPUB
  222. Tool for Fixed Layout
  223. IDPF validation error Iframe scrolling
  224. Are 'empty' heading tags acceptable for generating a table of contents?
  225. SVG wrapper not read by iBooks and Sony
  226. Image + ePUBCrawler
  227. Position text bottom right corner
  228. Using italic and bold instead of emphasis and strong
  229. Strange, specific bug rendering centered text w/ p class command in Nook touch
  230. Error epubcheck
  231. Jutoh - toc modification
  232. Aligning poetry lines flush that begin with left quotation marks
  233. Blank pages before new chapter on iPad
  234. epub table/column widths
  235. Converting cm to em in css stylesheet
  236. Small caps
  237. Rogue Space appearing above floating divs
  238. At what point do we deprecate the 300KB image limit?
  239. Epub Validator Errors for iBooks Producer
  240. Drawbacks with Pop Up Footnotes in epub 3 ?
  241. How to Control Fonts in SVG Images of Charts and Tables?
  242. CSS: margin-top and margin
  243. Pure SVG covers
  244. Please help, I really need it!
  245. text-align:lol;
  246. list-style-type bullet
  247. Pop-up endnotes
  248. 'page-break-before|after: always' doesnt work
  249. Pop-up notes for iPad
  250. cover page shows up twice