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  1. SVG mess in my epub
  2. Margins on Floating SVG
  3. Filename conventions for organization?
  4. Reducing the size of epub files?
  5. Is it possible to add metadata as a page in the book with a program ?
  6. Centering SVG graphics in iBooks?
  7. Regional language (kannada) epub convesion.
  8. Reducing file size for straight-text epub?
  9. Where's my Georgia on the Nook?
  10. Epub projects in india, how to get..??
  11. Sony T2 and its ugly links
  12. InDesign TOC Linking to Images for EPUB
  13. ePubchecker the easy way
  14. epub 3 .. load image to html5 canvas ?!!
  15. Issues embedding licensed fonts & Adobe's font permissions
  16. Image limits in epub?
  17. HTML with EPUB
  18. Epub reader app build
  19. video format for epub book that works on calibre ?!!!
  20. W3C Validation says: Elements are undefined
  21. Glitch with page numbers (!) in Digital Editions
  22. Designing for Kobo
  23. Ebook / Epub Functionality
  24. combo strategy with Sigil and iBook Author
  25. page-break-before not responded to in any Epub reader
  26. Besides file size, is there any reason I shouldn't use images larger than 600px wide
  27. Experience printing epubs?
  28. Images always show on new page, even if there's only 1 line of text on previous pg
  29. XML 1.0 vs 1.1 does it really matter?
  30. Footnotes renumbering automatically
  31. Styling lists
  32. How do I turn off ligatures in ADE?
  33. Word Doc to ePub to iTunes Producer.
  34. Do you create a hyperlinked TOC for your ePubs in iBooks?
  35. Error message about fonts in ePub when using ITP.
  36. Text Rotation (Flip)
  37. Fixed layout epub
  38. iTunes Producer Error - calibre_bookmarkd.txt - Help please!
  39. splitting html files?
  40. why does tall image splits into two pages.?!!
  41. style sheet works in browsers but not in epub file
  42. Struggling with InDesign CS5 to EPub conversion
  43. Text within Graphics in Fixed Layout ePubs
  44. url link checker needed
  45. Line won't break automatically in iBooks
  46. Images "Negativized" on some readers
  47. Epub - Thumbnails - WIN 64Bit
  48. EPUB validates, and breaks in iBooks
  49. Multiple Div Tags in Fixed Layout Epub
  50. Best Typeface and Font Size for ePub Creation
  51. Scaling up an image via SVG
  52. EPUB3 - Float audio pane with page turns
  53. epub check tells me "Version not found" in my content.opf
  54. [tool] ExplodeImplodeEpub
  55. A workflow for generating epub files from InDesign
  56. iBooks sans-serif weirdness
  57. How to Change Paragraph Indentation
  58. Can a toc.ncx point to an empty content tag?
  59. ADE 2.0 crashes?
  60. Where is line -1 ??
  61. Ipad Fixed Layout cover
  62. ePub limitations, good practices and safe bets.
  63. How to specify imagesize in epub
  64. Reducing left-margin indent
  65. OPF file doesn't like "._"
  66. epub vs mobi
  67. Lists (ul, ol, li) removing indent completely?
  68. The element type "p" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</p>".
  69. Links and anchors question
  70. Help Converting KF8 to ePub
  71. dynamic content manipulation
  72. BrailleNote Apex giving error on EPUB from InDesign CS6
  73. Inverse behaviour of fonts
  74. glyphIgo: font minimizer for EPUB ebooks
  75. Chapters in iBooks Format Problem
  76. Image With Text Formatting Question
  77. columns for dummys? I need help
  78. Confused! XHTML, HTML, HTML5, EPUB2, EPUB3???
  79. W3 Validation Error (noob question)
  80. Can an EPUB file be localized to many languages?
  82. Anybody here know how to use pandoc to output XHTML?
  83. Presenting EPUB and/or EPUB content over internet to visitors - automatically?
  84. Have I made a mistake?
  85. This book cover just doesn't want to work on Kobo... (Help needed!)
  86. iBooks Night Mode Overriding CSS
  87. Maths and EPUB - best option?
  88. View Epub on Ikureader (DS)
  89. Unwanted blank pages
  90. CHM to epub with Calibre, Images are missing and even downscaled
  91. How to insert hard page breaks
  92. Including jQuery in an ePUB3.0 eBook
  93. Single words in different colours
  94. Formatting for poetry
  95. Creating Fixed Layout ePub3 from InDesign
  96. Epub validator error code assistance
  97. ePub vs Mobi
  98. Why the heck do they setup margins using pixels?!
  99. Internal links not working after Packaging (copying) indb file
  100. Value of the guide
  101. Hyperlink an image
  102. Start page on fixed layout epub3
  103. Link to cover image in TOC
  104. How do I learn to create fixed page pubs
  105. Optimal cover dimensions for epub?
  106. Keep words from splitting between lines
  107. iPad not honoring CSS
  108. svg wrappers for epub covers
  109. setting line-height between paragraphs of poetry in epubs
  110. Specs to format an epub for kobo
  111. Cover Image size?????
  112. Illustrations with interposed text
  113. Viewing .epub covers in Windows Explorer?
  114. How to constrain Table Width
  115. span in span: is this problematic?
  116. Foreign Characters & Fonts Vietnamese
  117. font encryption, mangling, legal
  118. Best image size for cover?
  119. ebook company purchase?
  120. Error Code Message
  121. Image Size CSS for Sony Reader epub?
  122. Want to Center Irregular Images with text wrap
  123. Support of Special Unicode Characters?
  124. Irregular images on an iPad/iBooks
  125. Do I need to embed a Japanese font?
  126. Please help me with CSS really lost
  127. InDesign to ePub: Preflight question about "char width"
  128. <body> style
  129. .lit or .mobi to epub for ipad loose format
  130. Epub exactly as PDF
  131. Why is Sigil 0.7.1 displaying all text oblique?
  132. Headings Hyperlinked?
  133. In an ePub reader, what are the rules for processing styles/CSS?
  134. PDF to EPUB cover page issues
  135. Retain page numbers in headers
  136. "files not listed in OPF" ARE listed. what do I do?
  137. Image on click change to nex image for Ipad view.
  138. Removing Arrow Links on EPUB book
  139. Force Single Column in Desktop ADE
  140. XSLT vs InDesign - best conversion process?
  141. How do I fix 'title element is empty' error?
  142. Oxygen XML Editor - Image error
  143. Question about ADE
  144. Hyperlink to PDF
  145. I made a discovery, but should I use it?
  146. Float Question (ADE)
  147. Subtitle in epub metadata?
  148. Is there a good reason to use Atlantis WP over OO with writer2epub extension?
  149. Posting data from Epub3
  150. Sidebar background color in ePub
  151. Need to create ePub from PDF with equations, diagrams and tables
  152. How to move toc go the beginning of epub file
  153. How can I make my book display bigger on the iBooks shelf?
  154. problem downloading noncommercial ebook files
  155. Which CSS for illustrated epub
  156. How to fix this error? " the id in the spine does not match any item in the manifest"
  157. List of epub formatting "don'ts"
  158. want to fix Cryoburn (Lois M Bujold) character spacing
  159. How can I make an image clickable, and have it redirect you?
  160. Formatting Nook Color Image Sizes
  161. Footnotes
  162. My cover image keep shrinking when opened on ibooks
  163. Best way to format images and captions in EPUB
  164. Display of ePub in different software
  165. Steps/ best practices for converting PDFs to ePUBs? Thoughts and Ideas
  166. When displaying ePubs, what is the best way to display user font-size, color, etc.?
  167. ePub passes validation - won't upload to Nook Press
  168. Question: paragraph spacing and CSS styles
  169. Problem with accents in the OPF file
  170. Broken ebook cover in Nook Press
  171. Linking to an image
  172. Paragraph text alignment in Fixed-Layout EPUB
  173. Max OPF filesize (can smaller text files be counter productive)
  174. Nested Span?
  175. How can I hide some things from ereaders
  176. Debugging an epub anomaly?
  177. Nook Press linking issues
  178. How to solve EPUB3/EPUB2 rendering issue on Ipad
  179. Are Two EPUB Covers possible?
  180. Best graphics formats?
  181. Replacing javascript with CSS - possible ?
  182. Forcing paging - good or bad idea?
  183. Filename to Metadata
  184. fixed layout landmarks issue
  185. TOC out of order after InDesign export
  186. table centering in ePub
  187. Making some % of first line different in new chapters?
  188. What ePub page/position calculation methods are there?
  189. EPUB3: Ready or not?
  190. How can I make my ebook fill up the entire iPad screen?
  191. What is the right size for images in epub?
  192. Spaces vs. kerning for laying out quotes and symbols?
  193. Need text box to float left beside image
  194. Error when checking with ePub-Checker
  195. Is it wise to ignore epubcheck warnings and/or errors?
  196. How simple should I make the CSS?
  197. Help! Problem with HTML tables in epubs
  198. How do I indent each line of my fixed-layout epub?
  199. epubcheck alternative
  200. NCX TOC section headings
  201. HR alignment problems
  202. page border
  203. Any Chinese vertical text ePub 3 samples?
  204. Line over text
  205. Catalogue using background images
  206. How to be sure a full page image+ caption is not split between 2 pages?
  207. Are definition listst <dl> suitable for dictionary like entries?
  208. Markup for TTS?
  209. validating epub fails - how do I correct?
  210. How do I assign different colors to different sections of text?
  211. "C'mon, I Want Lolcats" or "how to abuse JS in EPUB3"
  212. When I put two different fonts on one page, they don't show up on the iPad.
  213. My texts remain black in "night" mode
  214. Converting from PDF to ePub using Abbyy Fine Reader
  215. metadatal.xml error prevents epub upload to iBookstore
  216. Four books in one--TOC help
  217. Display block ... why? (Question about CSS and Calibre)
  218. Hypertext and EPUB?
  219. Strip all formatting?
  220. Kitabu says ePub is DRM encrypted even if it's not.
  221. Test EPUB files using Google Play
  222. full page image problems with iBooks/cover problems in iTunes
  223. <hr> as section separator?
  224. Image slider in iBooks (NOT iBooks Author)
  225. stylesheet help
  226. Modify ePub with video for use on iPad/ iBooks ?
  227. Picture Titles
  228. Eastern European languages in Sony for PC
  229. missing header
  230. Does Kindle actually use epub format?
  231. Full screen on the device
  232. Calibre Covers in Aldiko vs. Moon Reader
  233. epubcheck: attribute "page-map" not allowed here error message
  234. hyphenation control
  235. Wrong cover rendering about part showing text
  236. EPUB Formatting Challenge: Embedding blog posts in the flow of story text
  237. epub3 iframe
  238. Removing indent for individual paragraphs
  239. Image maps in epub
  240. META-INF/container error
  241. Looking for help in developing workflow, css, InDesign template
  242. epub download
  243. put favorite articles in EPUB or PDF format together to make new doc for Kindle
  244. how to put EPUB articles together to form new doc
  245. Creating epub books using Bangla fonts
  246. TOC issue: only h2, h3 selectable, not h1
  247. How do you convert Word file to ePub file?
  248. Illegible EPUB Text
  249. What purpose do thumbnail images serve?
  250. Convert website with txt files to epub