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  1. Page breaks lost after upload to iTunes Producer
  2. Apple pages Creating Page breaks
  3. ADE Registry Question
  4. First thoughts on InDesign CS6 EPUB
  5. Javascript in ePub
  6. exlibris - add a nice ex libris to your EPUB eBook!
  7. Changing the viewport on these files
  8. ePub CSS @fontface Unicode chars render in <td>, not in <div>, other elements
  10. Epub errors
  11. Font does not show up on IPad
  12. EPub Finished using Sigil - Validate questions
  14. Skipping pages...?
  15. Commercial ePub (3) authoring software
  16. Epub Validation Error Help Please
  17. Lulu's ever-so-helpful ePUBcheck 1.1 issue/apple meta file
  18. type WARNING split - URI escaping
  19. Getting smarter everyday but..........
  20. OPF inside OEBPS folder - Obligatory or strongly recommended ??
  21. Testing epub book on readers?
  22. Help me with some concepts with tags/class for epub
  23. Dangling Quote or Footnote Reference Number
  24. Strange Bug in Kindle Formatting - pls help
  25. font problems in ADE
  26. Understanding foreign fonts and HTML conversion
  27. Slideshow
  28. Preparing the pictures
  29. Master page in epub ?
  30. Audio Controls in ePub3
  31. DRM Error from InDesign CS6
  32. ordered list numbering problem
  33. Fillable forms
  34. Help on project to create ePub of the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  35. How to reduce size of opf file???
  36. please give me the solution of this error
  37. XHTML <form> and <input> usage
  38. Cover image puzzlement
  39. KOBO Wifi non-English WORKS, But New Problem -- Help Please?
  40. DocBook to ePub (using XSL/XSLT?)
  41. .epub to LaTeX Conversion
  42. Book Wildly Different Depending on Device
  43. Figured out why a lot of ePub isn't well formatted
  44. Line Spacing Problem
  45. epub3
  46. asking for help
  47. ePub validation error - not liking div tags
  48. ereaders for ePub3
  49. Another problem embedding font
  50. iTunes Connect spitting back befuddling errors on valid ePub
  51. Image overlayed over text (but text visible if image disabled)?
  52. ePubcheck 1.1/1.2 Validation line number
  53. Errors in LuLu and some questions
  54. Converting Project Gutenberg books to ePub
  55. Lulu validation error
  56. embedded font - now line with embedded font not re-flowing
  57. Epub Cover, Thumbnail Covers, cropping off
  58. How do you center text vertically?
  59. Books with headers and footers?
  60. How do you make captions?
  61. Adobe New Open Source Font Doesn't Render in ADE?
  62. epub and calibre
  63. media-type
  64. Table foot element displays strangely in ADE
  65. help with Apple error - null - expecting"
  66. Metadata query
  67. Unusual ID
  68. Display Code and animation
  69. reader for read aloud feature in epub3
  70. ePub to PDF, passing through TeX
  71. TOC attribute validation error
  72. Emulators
  73. Moving endnotes/footnotes
  74. Help needed, remove lines in ebook
  75. Manually Anchor Images to Text
  76. Fixed spacing in HTML/CSS without tables
  77. Script to resize images to 2 Million Pixels
  78. page-map.xml
  79. Limiting image size in ePub
  80. Installing Readium validator
  81. No margin middle in ePub
  82. highlighting effect in read aloud
  83. Fixed Layout Ebooks - Kindle - Nook specs etc
  84. EPUB with images. Tweaking inside to make it lighter.
  85. Long words running off page
  86. Presence of breaks Readium?
  87. What dark art is this?
  88. Text + Musical notation?
  89. Controlling left and right pages in 2-page iBooks view
  90. Read Aloud ePub - popping sound
  91. Streamlining Blank Lines in InDesign
  92. What version of Webkit does iBooks use?
  93. InDesign CS6 export to EPUB problems
  94. Getting word breaks to work correctly
  95. Develop epub 3.0 reader on Android and iOS
  96. Header and Footer in EPUB
  97. How much can I delete from css?
  98. Floats, images, text-wrap --- need advice
  99. BlueFire <ul> issue
  100. Narrow No-Break Space and commercial support.
  101. ISBN?
  102. Dropcaps code wanted
  103. Cover Image not showing up -
  104. How to download iBook's JavaScript "ibook.js & fixedlayout sample"
  105. JAVASCRIPT support in ePub2/ePub3
  106. Burmese Font embed problem
  107. Nook disregarding word-spacing in Epub
  108. SVG question
  109. Mobile ADE TOC limitation?
  110. Image mapping in an epub
  111. Covers not showing
  112. InDesign CS6 and Sigil issue
  113. Problems with two epub Bibles
  114. EPUB not readable on IPAD
  115. XHTML fallback for SVG
  116. How does ADE test whether virtual printing is disabled?
  117. ePub Validation Error
  118. Navigation for epub book
  119. bookmark for epub
  120. Text over image
  121. A New Epub Creator: txt to epub, word to epub
  122. Ask the Ebook Experts
  123. ePub validation error help "attribute border is not declared for element img
  124. How to save to Epub from InDesign CS6 and preserve the Cross-Reference links
  125. Epub validation issues between versions
  126. ePub validation error Filename contains spaces - help
  127. file name contains spaces
  128. newby Q about images in ePub
  129. page numbers & chapter titles
  130. traditional and simplified chinese character set?
  131. File Format Not Supported
  132. My ePubs render differently on Android, Apple and Aldiko
  133. multiple style sheets for different languages
  134. iFilter for EPUB files
  135. Image (was Sigil) creates a blank page
  136. Tables problems
  137. Units of measurement
  138. Convert PDF to EPUB in Text not pictures.
  139. Cover in ADE is first page, and not according to metatag set in content.opf?
  140. InDesign CS6 and embedded fonts in iBooks 2.2
  141. Epub - best practice for base font size?
  142. What was the glitch in J.K. Rowling's eBook?
  143. A program for converting HTML pages into EPUB on a server side
  144. Field length for first filename too long
  145. Calibre has no choice on font size unit in css?
  146. Inserting file in EPUB
  147. Superscript widow's
  148. HI all and I need help :)
  149. Epub meta property
  150. Text rectangle
  151. Multiple foot notes with same id
  152. Indent other than em
  153. indexing for epub
  154. Problems in My EPUB Creation
  155. Multi book in one epub
  156. ePub to PDF converter
  157. My table of contents is messed up-please help
  158. Support for Images as Links?
  159. blank pages after SVG images in Kobo
  160. Kindle font problem with EPUB to mobi conversion
  161. CHM to EPUB, blank pages
  162. EPUB without fonts
  163. Help with ePub 3 TOC
  164. epub 3.0 with ncx, example please?
  165. ADE not reading my validated epub Ordered Lists
  166. EPUB creation problem with ipad
  167. Embedded fonts question
  168. Reading epub with Firefox add-on
  169. language support???
  170. Can I capitalize a letter?
  171. Permission denied while running epubchecker
  172. [SOLVED] Aligning text inside a <p> and an image <img> vertically (iBooks)
  173. No class <spans>
  174. few noob questions.
  175. How to keep words with accent together?
  176. Distance between title and subtitle
  177. Another EPub3/2 generator with single python file
  178. Any support for Epubcfi
  179. How do I add images to a completed ePub?
  180. html & css to fight the Nook centering problem
  181. Why is my ePub encrypted (according to book proofer)?
  182. EPub reader and maps?
  183. Feedback on CSS?
  184. what are you using to edit epub 3.0?
  185. Again Problems with images
  186. Full sized Images
  187. How to start and end an epub book
  188. Embedded interactive JavaScript in EPUB for iPad
  189. Epub no support for some named entities?
  190. Dropcap madness
  191. How do I fix an illegal character error ITMS-9000 with iBooks Producer?
  192. EPUB 3.0 page breaks in Readium
  193. What size cover picture?
  194. refined metadata in epub2?
  195. To insert a decoration on top of a title entry
  196. Fonts in body text in iBooks
  197. Chapters without page break between?
  198. PHP code library for watermarking an ePub
  199. ePub for Google Books
  200. Can't decipher remaining EPUB validation errors
  201. Just how far can you go?
  202. Errors with hyperlinks
  203. How do I change text color in ePub from black to default?
  204. ADE and <switch> tag?
  205. problem with floating image and relative width
  206. Different ways of writing small-caps
  207. How to skip foot notes: normal flow
  208. CSS - How big is TOO big?
  209. How to automatically create chapter titles and breaks in an epub file?
  210. Use of nonbreaking space (&nbsp;)
  211. Arbitrary breaks in long paragraphs
  212. Date tag question
  213. Help with Apple error - ERROR ITMS-9000: ".epub: wrong namespace in filename.epub fil
  214. Epubs: keeping images and captions together
  215. Keeping caption and illustration together
  216. Joining image and title
  217. CSS animation executes before page
  218. svg error
  219. Question about image
  220. Epub Better Than Mobi
  221. ADE breaks CSS --> CSS Validation: Parse Error / Value Error
  222. Two Neighboring SVG Tags
  223. Hello
  224. Seeking Layout Advice
  225. ADE image resampling and lack of zoom
  226. Calibre breaks image/div margins
  227. ADE v2.0
  228. Page Background Color in iBooks.
  229. epyb 3 fixed layout .. hyperlink for internal resources
  230. accents and entities in an epub
  231. Best method for showing high res photos and additionally captions?
  232. iBooks Text background color that is limited to font height?
  233. add photo album to your fixed layout epub 3 book ??!!
  234. What does properties="svg" on an <item> element in the manifest mean?
  235. Indesign 8.0.1 Update (Do not translate carriage return to nbsp in EPUB export) WHY??
  236. Quotation Blocks that work with KF8 and iBooks
  237. What programs are avaialble to from CBR/CBZ to Epub?
  238. How to create regional language (Kannada) epubs ?
  239. Adobe Digital Editons & Galaxy Tab 2?
  240. Epub 3 -Epub 2 Apple Errors
  241. Images fit page as mobi, but not ePub
  242. Are there recommendation for max dc:descriptions length?
  243. DRM or not?
  244. Full-page illustration that doesn’t interrupt the text
  245. Inserting a background image
  246. Floats layered on top of floats
  247. How to make specific words change color when using embedded fonts?
  248. How to have a TOC entry link to mid-chapter?
  249. SVG for iBooks?
  250. Transparent images