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  1. Fragment identifier styline on Nook
  2. Is those interactions possible With ePub?
  3. What goes between <title></title>?
  4. otf, ttf, something else?
  5. Converting picture books - ibook
  6. Standard compliant ePub reader?
  7. Need some assistance with CSS and unordered lists
  8. Unknown issues with Epub
  9. Pausing SMIL audio (iBooks)
  10. Cover & inside images in epub on different readers
  11. epubcheck doesn't like <div>s
  12. epub cover image
  13. Convert Ascii to UTF char
  14. Can I print an Epub book?
  15. iTune Problem
  16. The Videos in the EPUB get automatically played when the EPUB is opened in the iBook
  17. InDesign, validation
  18. ePub validation error: 'element "span" not allowed here'
  19. Lost in CSS for a motto
  20. Smashwords ePub on iPad
  21. epub 4 google
  22. Indesign CS5.5 creates epub with *.html instead of *.xhtml
  23. disable gray selection on hyperlink click
  24. Epub creation in unix shell
  25. epub errors Help!
  26. Looking for an ePub Splitter Tool
  27. Facebook Share Button on .epub book
  28. Smashwords inserting blank vertical gifs in unwanted places?
  29. How to rezip an epub file?
  30. Noob question on ePub..
  31. iTunes Producer Error itms-9000 image file too short
  32. name_drp.epub What is this?
  33. iBooks only shows 1 page of each chapter
  34. page break in epub on iPad
  35. Zoom in/out image
  36. a href links working/not working
  37. Cover Image required by iTunes in the GUIDE, fails epubcheck 3
  38. Fill-in forms on iPad
  39. CSS Table Styles: Does it work?
  40. Can't seem to crack this iBooks problem
  41. ePub error when uploading to iBookstore HELP!
  42. EPUB FULL Highlights export
  43. Bug with iBook - Help !
  44. Apple Store Rejecting ePubs with chapter images...
  45. ePub upload to iBookstore... ISBN question
  46. Apple/iConnect upload: Beguiling authentication error
  47. please help,problem of isplay
  48. Troubleshoot for 1st time epub user
  49. ePub page number and margins
  50. Blank pages in iPad
  51. images stretching on iPad epubs
  52. Creating epub with inline block problem
  53. Software for ePub format books
  54. Adjusting Cover Size
  55. Argh! Do Not know what to do!
  56. What image height causes images to fill the screen?
  57. Help with vertical alignment, table cell content
  58. Cover images on Sony T1
  59. Underlined TOC Links
  60. How to shrink ePub file size
  61. Madlibs possible in ePub?
  62. epub3 Reader
  63. DRM protection in epub3
  64. Lists within Lists
  65. Embedded fonts in iBooks
  66. ERROR ITMS-9000: "Unable to analyse: cover.xhtml" at Book
  67. Float bug in ADE ?
  68. epub validation error
  69. Help with removing indents from beginning paragraphs
  70. Back to where i started
  71. iBooks cutting off the edges of images
  72. Distributing free epub book from my own website
  73. Formatting for uploading to Ibookstore
  74. Validation Error from ePub Checker
  75. Image sizing in ePub
  76. My first library book
  77. Force on Publisher Defaults on Nook Color
  78. epub or pdf ?
  79. epub bidirectional notes from a InDesign file
  80. Online ePub Validator
  81. Feature of EPUB3 - Foreign Resources
  82. <ol> format Question
  83. Any windows program comparable to iBooks Authoring tools?
  84. Pdf to epub Problem with Turkish Characters
  85. Feature of EPUB3 - Foreign Resources
  86. Feature of EPUB3 - Linking
  87. standard on page numbers?
  88. Mac/OSX Quicklook Plug-In for ePub
  89. Previwing .epub files
  90. Please tell me I'm not imagining this
  91. Why is a href needed in the manifest to validate?
  92. problem in e pub conversion
  93. Trouble uploading to Apple
  94. Image captions --- how to keep with image?
  95. Remove and Add pages and change file names
  96. Bad time to buy an E-reader? - ePub3
  97. Adding a scaleable inline image within a paragraph
  98. mkepub tool to create epub from xhtml
  99. Epub previewing websites?
  100. Converting website to epub
  101. Embedded fonts not showing up in ADE
  102. Programmatically detecting B&N DRM in books
  103. Lulu Issues... please help
  104. Epub 3 validation
  105. Metadata best practices
  106. Images with Sigil
  107. Anyone else working in iBooks Author?
  108. html elements in epub
  109. Missing epub package files
  110. Epubs become .txt when downloaded to cellphones
  111. Converting large library to ePub
  112. Help! Stuck with iTunes Producer error message
  113. Wikipedia article to Epub
  114. Odd discovery fixed all my centering issues
  115. iBooks cropping text top and bottom
  116. Itunes producer invalid file name error
  117. How to convert .mobi/.prc to epubs?
  118. Default line-height in epubs
  119. Indents and hanging indents in epub poetry
  120. EPUB 3 and Corporate Standard Requirements for Documentation
  121. <svg> to <img>
  122. ePubCheck problem
  123. Problems deciphering iTunes Producer error message
  124. Tables in ePub: CSS
  125. dimensions and resolution of background images in epubs
  126. A couple of formatting questions
  127. Internal Links best Practices
  128. XHTML: Attributes "start" at <ol> and "value" at <li>
  129. Help a Noob out?
  130. Complete Noob Feature Question
  131. "Error importing EPUB. EOCD not found. Not a ZIP archive? (Error Code 1068)"
  132. newbie's epub error messages
  133. SVG style sheets in EPUBs
  134. Indexes using an original Microsoft word
  135. Adobe Overdrive console error message?
  136. Best software for proofing epubs?
  137. How do you hide/make not-visible sections in CSS/epub?
  138. Prevent titles hyphenation in iPad and iPhone
  139. Best font stack?
  140. correct epubs are a matter of importance?
  141. Hiding codes
  142. validator reports line -1 in toc.ncx. -1??
  143. Define initial font viewing size
  144. Errors when submitting epubs to iBookstore
  145. Drop caps
  146. Avoid the "jagged" images in multiple e-readers
  147. iBooks problem with text anchors
  148. iPad fails to turn back a page of an epub
  149. epub validation error -- image not reachable
  150. ePub Validation Error
  151. Epub Annotations on Windows PC (preferably compatible to Moon+ or Aldiko)
  152. How to automatically split (x)html in epub?
  153. First table row on page sometimes loses bottom margin - is this a bug?
  154. ePub encryption possible?
  155. epub to doc
  156. Landscaping
  157. Spotlight importer for Mac OS X
  158. ePub Bookmark Issue
  159. Unique characters used
  160. <ul> and <li> is not consistently spacing
  161. Questions about CSS and best practices
  162. OEB to ePub Conversion
  163. iBooks ignoring a:link css style
  164. removing top margin/header/border with sigil genereated epub
  165. A couple of issues regarding TOC and OPF
  166. Displaying Photos and Captions Together
  167. Making images expand for iPad
  168. How to do a HTML like TABLE in ePub?
  169. Image Alt tag
  170. Different image next to TOC than iBooks shelf
  171. Image sizes
  172. Weird EPUB image placement
  173. iBooks: Text overflowing image if it's at top of screen.
  174. In search of the Original stylesheet...
  175. html file outside spine?
  176. Creating internal links in EPUB from svg image
  177. CSS troubles in ADE
  178. css to make all images larger?
  179. Images overlaid and following endnotes
  180. Apple doesn't like my epub
  181. Keeping Pagination in ePub
  182. How to make SVG scale properly vertically?
  183. Image height in div
  184. Wrong Cover Image
  185. Simple Solution for Converting Devnagari (Sanskrit/Hindi) or other font book to epub
  186. Centered but left align?
  187. questions on self-closing tags and legal xhtml in epubs
  188. et al
  189. Create a space between some paragraphs
  190. 181.000 Footnotes
  191. Can I split one epub into more than one file?
  192. open ADE full screen
  193. Hyphenation
  194. creating E pub page thumbnails
  195. Locking Device in Portrait View inside the ePUB
  196. Suppose I wanted to make an epub???
  197. Endnotes problems (ePub exported from InDesign CS5)
  198. Inconsistent Spacing
  199. Manually trimming the metadata.opf and toc.ncx file
  200. ePub files on WordPress sites
  201. ePub best examples?
  202. ePub tools and reading software submitted here.
  203. Epub validation error
  204. InDesign creates hypertext element that won't validate
  205. Converting CHM to epub
  206. Total epub newbie - few preliminary questions
  207. CSS Problems
  208. Sidebarissue
  209. Difference between standard and Android OS epub
  210. Showing only one End-note at a time
  211. Pagenums on Apple devices e.g. iPad
  212. Empty heading
  213. Creating Professional Looking Epubs
  214. DRM download error
  215. Confused total newb
  216. CSS classes on Android epub readers
  217. How to convert Daisy Format to Epub
  218. reader limitations list?
  219. XGA Images - size just right?
  220. ePub (and KF8) from SVGs
  221. Validation messages
  222. Identifiers in de-DRMed epub/mobi ebooks?
  223. RMSDK
  224. How to correct word breakage in ePUB (Tamil font embedded)
  225. How to correct word breakage in ePUB (Tamil font embedded)
  226. Epub3 and Interactivity
  227. Correcting 'll' errors (al , final y, etc)
  228. ePub Error Messages and How to Fix
  229. epub from SVG files
  230. validation problem with Sigil
  231. EPub - How to show B&N description??
  232. Convert from PDF/RTF to ePub - What has worked for me
  233. Problem embedding font for Sanskrit
  234. help with embedding fonts please - Greek, mobi
  235. Using InDesign I get TOC issue
  236. question regarding javascript and html in epub output
  237. InDesign CS5.5 font embedding problem
  238. How to avoid whits space when displaying images?
  239. Space before paragraph not coming through in epub
  240. epub to epub ?
  241. linking between books?
  242. What is an illegal multibyte sequence ?
  243. In Design CS5.5 to EPub question
  244. Book title on every page
  245. referring back to where i came from
  246. Epub layout
  247. ADE Portable Unicode font support
  248. pdf files to epub OR ibooks
  249. How to link to a XHTML Table in a epub.
  250. Creating SMIL files for Epub - IBooks