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  1. Embed EPUB in a webpage
  2. InDesign 5.5 Issues
  3. Itunes Producer weird error message
  4. problem with images from Indesign CS5.5
  5. Anybody have any idea was this code means?
  6. Creating Printing and Security limitations
  7. Finale files (.mus) in Epubs?
  8. Validation Problem
  9. Linking large JPGs in an Epub
  10. capabilities of epub compared to mobi
  11. Yet another validation error (.DS_Store content)
  12. How to get ePub covers to display?
  13. validation - 59 errors OPF file
  14. EPubCheck errors -- any idea how to fix?
  15. ePub error - Meatgrinder says
  16. Validating with embedded fonts
  17. Tool to centralise css styles?
  18. Italic or Emphasis
  19. Using Itunes Producer 2.4
  20. footnotes on iPad 2 and Firefox-viewer
  21. Special Characters
  22. audio stops when new html file opens
  23. Problem: positioning text to the bottom-right
  24. client side imagemap in epub questions
  25. epub to kindle TOC
  26. Can you center vertically?
  27. Help with proper dashed list formatting, desperate at this point
  28. TOC best practices (InDesign to ePUb)
  29. Indents not working + CSS styles missing
  30. Center align text in epub
  31. Sell ePub in iTunes App Store
  32. Does Kobo have a non-standard EPUB format?
  33. Separate forum for InDesign problems?
  34. Glyphs?
  35. Thumbnail for cover image has white borders
  36. e pub validation error messge?
  37. issue with table headers in ADE
  38. Preparing old book for EPUB
  39. Is a navigational TOC possible using InDesign cs5?
  40. Superscript best practices?
  41. ID: Converting all images to inline
  42. Best practices: Special characters
  43. Epub Apple issues and contacting apple
  44. Can I cut and paste the Calibre opf into the ePub opf?
  45. Word macro for clean HTML code
  46. Help Needed
  47. ID: Rule Above and Below
  48. ID: embedded graphic
  49. Letters Split over Two Pages on iPad / iPhone
  50. NEED HELP!!! - META-INF/container.xml is missing
  51. TOC Issue
  52. container.xml resource is missing
  53. Cover Image size
  54. Page Breaks for Epub with InDesign
  55. Help formatting Source Code
  56. How to embed PPT in html for ePub
  57. TOC Question
  58. Manual ToC makes duplicate chapters?
  59. Perfect CHM to epub?
  60. Multiple Authors in toc.ncx ?
  61. InDesign CS5.5, Embedded Fonts and Validation
  62. Converting Mobi or HTML file to Epub
  63. ePub error msgs?
  64. help with validation please
  65. Best practices for margins
  66. Validation error
  67. Dotpoint & Bulleted List problem
  68. Validation Error
  69. Vector graphics and math equations
  70. iTunes Producer Error
  71. Linked endnotes in epub
  72. Font Mangling
  73. Serif, and sans-serif fonts
  74. Epub validation errors
  75. foreign characters not showing up?
  76. How to Embed a font after the ePub is created.
  77. read epub from a shell
  78. validation warning
  79. Center Image and Caption
  80. TOC vertical spacing
  81. Embed animated text in epub
  82. use of strike-through...?
  83. Creating the Apple Read Aloud Media Overlay
  84. Breakfast in Bridgetown
  85. Reg Validate EPUB documents Errors.
  86. Tables cutting off midriff
  87. Thanks!
  88. Bad Value Attribute "PreserveAspectRatio"
  89. Verifying Document/Fragment Identifier
  90. Odd line breaks in tables
  91. Metadata editing
  92. Are there EPUB limitations on a Samsung E65?
  93. What does the filepos parameter do in an href?
  94. ePUB generation library for C#/.NET
  95. frames in epubs?
  96. Help please with Flight Crew error message ???
  97. Please explain ePub Validation Error
  98. MathML
  99. Simple code for verse breaks in poetry using Sigil?
  100. epub e-readers software transfer
  101. Plot in epub - resolution problem
  102. MathML TO SVG
  103. Purpose of .xpgt ? Is it necessary ?
  104. InDesign CS5 to epub and mobi Workflow
  105. Epub validation errors
  106. ePub validation error -- what?
  107. Single-quote/Double-quote
  108. Alternate stylesheets
  109. Adding <guide> produces error: "Nonetype object has no attribute 'lower'
  110. edit epub document
  111. Does Apple iBooks support nested TOC.ncx?
  112. Simple form
  113. Convert PDF to epub?
  114. font color and background
  115. wrapped images in CS5.5
  116. Epub layout for scholars
  117. Multi level bullets in epub
  118. TOC for picture books??
  119. Your favorite EPUB designs
  120. recomended cover size/ratio
  121. ePUB reader test
  122. The opposite of drop caps
  123. how do i find a tmp.... png in my doc? epub kicks it out
  124. Problem embedding font into an ePub
  125. Getting iPad to open an ebook at its cover
  126. Compare ePubs??
  127. Fragment Identifier missing, but looks OK
  128. More iPad/iBooks anomalies
  129. Two columns of text, line down middle?
  130. Worthless sizes
  131. Type element usage
  132. Problem with anchored images
  133. How to spice up an EPUB?
  134. Strange problem with ADE
  135. L shape image with caption?
  136. Print version of ePub
  137. Can I write an epub ebook in two languages?
  138. Epub Validation Error
  139. Ordered lists on the NOOK Color and Kindle
  140. how to make "upcaps"?
  141. CSS code for different screen sizes?
  142. Please help with ePub validation errors.
  143. MultiColumn Page In Epub
  144. ePub Help
  145. iBooks and the "now you see me and now you don't" image
  146. iBooks messing up my unsorted lists
  147. Please help me hack this epub file
  148. Restricting font size
  149. help our project, pdfs->ePub
  150. duplicate div id's
  151. ePub errors (attribute-type, element, text-not-allowed
  152. Apple Transporter Problems with Calibre Files
  153. InDesign CS 5.5 Epub Export Problems
  154. I Just Want To Read My Sony Ebooks on Kindle
  155. The ePub 2.0.1 specifications and font embedding
  156. how to modify style of specific p classes?
  157. iBooks: Avoid page breaks within table rows/cells
  158. Value of Attribute "Class" is Invalid Error
  159. Best Practice Metadata formatting.
  160. Ordered List issues on Nook Color
  161. <dc:time> Not Populating Properly
  162. Text entry into an ePub eBook
  163. Leading digits in file names okay?
  164. Rudy Rucker on Making Epubs
  165. thanks
  166. Nook for PC headings "unnamed"
  167. A beginners question
  168. Nook for PC doesn't display graphics
  169. Canvas in ePub
  170. Text still full justifying on iPad, even through style says align left
  171. EPUB Creation: Cover Page blank in ADE
  172. calibre search & replace question
  173. Epub check warning, help!
  174. TOC missing in TOC
  175. Inconsistancy in how my cover displays - depends on app.
  176. ADE question
  177. ePubCheck as a standalone app/script on Mac?
  178. ePub OPF file error
  179. Where you turn justification on and off in iBooks.
  180. IBook upload error
  181. JPEGs choppy/fuzzy in epub
  182. Permissable Spine Media Type Error
  183. ePub Preview
  184. Index: Making a linked index in epub
  185. Czech and Russian Letters on .epub
  186. FlightCrew Validation Question
  187. Shrinking type in lists
  188. WikipediaConv: Wikipedia to epub converter
  189. Indexing links in ADE
  190. Contents List query
  191. epub vs. others
  192. I need to make an ebook library
  193. Formatting on Nook Color...HELP.
  194. TOC with filenames when exporting from ID55
  195. 'apos' error
  196. CSS Styles From InDesign 5.5 Export Problem
  197. Designing a document for both print and epub
  198. apple read aloud epub
  199. New epub ... TOC not working
  200. ePUB + PDF creation script
  201. Greetings and a question
  202. epub check error help
  203. EPUBCHECK 3.0b2 won't accept <audio>
  204. help with epub verify errors
  205. Text sizes in book
  206. Testers Wanted: Cherokee has its own writing system with a different unicode range ..
  207. Problems with iPad ebooks after upgrade
  208. epubcheck: attribute "page-map" not allowed here error message
  209. Changing text color?
  210. error apos in opf
  211. Is it possible to really embed fonts yet?
  212. Embedding Video for Nook & Kindle
  213. Validation Errors
  214. Converting PLoS Articles to ePub : OpenAccess_EPUB
  215. ERROR when upload to iTune
  216. Epubpreflight?
  217. epub reader
  218. Newbie: ePubCheck
  219. epub build problem Windows 7 and PKZIP.
  220. Controlling wraps in epubs
  221. Creating an empty line - which way is better?
  222. Controlling justification in ePubs
  223. Confusing Error Message
  224. ADE - Weird text
  225. newbie ePub check error question
  226. How do I make a "hidden" pages for endnotes in an EPUB?
  227. need help with ebook formatting
  228. Looping jpegs in epub ID 5.5
  229. Firefox: Plugin to produce epub's from pages (GrabMyBooks)
  230. Cover not appearing correctly
  231. Reset CSS in ebooks?
  232. ePub to Word
  233. Tagging and styles in ePub
  234. Unable to pass validate ePub
  235. Newbie needs to understand something
  236. Strange gaps in pages
  237. Need help with table in ADE
  238. A follow-up to: Newbie needs to understand
  240. Background picture in epub?
  241. Epub on a Nook
  242. "Offending" hyperlink bug in InDesign CS5 causes TOC to fail and missing text
  243. Nook Simple Touch font issue.
  244. Help! ePub errors -- attribute link/text not declared
  245. Text files duplicate metadata etc?
  246. Help with epub formatting for ipad
  247. How widely supported is EPUB3?
  248. Running headers
  249. Fragment identifier styline on Nook
  250. Is those interactions possible With ePub?