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  1. Test Cases?
  2. html to epub conversion problems
  3. Epub check error. Please help.
  4. Maximum File size for epub
  5. Header Support with oeb-page-head Tag Working/Examples?
  6. Italics and cover
  7. Making ePub ebooks
  8. Coverting Kobo books to Kindle format?
  9. Where do you put epub file in Azardi???
  10. How to get a 'zoomable' image?
  11. Permissions in epub...
  12. iPad NCX trouble
  13. epub files on two different devices? Sony and kobo?
  14. Constrain Proportions of Cover Image?
  15. Making ePubs show cover image on Kobo.
  16. How to embed animation in epub
  17. Graphic Designers: leave the font size alone!
  18. need help on how to align a table to the right
  19. Hiding headers in images
  20. Epub works fine on Reader, fails epubcheck spectacularly
  21. Adding an additional watermark to already watermarked ePub file
  22. HELP
  23. EPUB and Images using Anthemion eCub 1.11
  24. A form-like layout
  25. Dynamic text with onclick & innerHTML?
  26. How long between dowloading the .acsm and downloading epub?
  27. ePub files on upload to iTunes Connect
  28. Display images full-screen?
  29. Margin margin margin
  30. Branding on every page
  31. books with a two columns style
  32. ePUB validates ok but still warns error!!!???
  33. Failed epub file in iTunes Connect
  34. Multiple CSS
  35. File name book title of ePub in Stanza
  36. Arabic
  37. Create a valid EPUB file from PRC?
  38. Two panel image (in ipad)
  39. How to add video or audio on ebook
  40. beginner needs help with epubcheck errors...
  41. a:hover .child - does not work properly on ADE
  42. Having a problem with iTunes Connect account
  43. ONIX?
  44. Full page Image
  45. Release : New Tool to Edit ePubs TOC, Edit with Sigil and keep you TOC
  46. how to fix this error?
  47. poetry
  48. Coding headings in color
  49. Need help with font issue please
  50. Making certain pages a fixed size?
  51. EPub is not valid
  52. NCX-pageList: What should it do?
  53. image on separate page without half-page text next
  54. ePub display issue in iBooks
  55. SVG & Layout fun - need some help
  56. Error on epubcheck
  57. Just getting started!
  58. Help needed - How to make a photography book epub?
  59. epubchecker error
  60. Are 'nested' epub files possible?
  61. XSL, ADE & Readers
  62. one format for major readers?
  63. Does iBooks and ADE respect opf:file-as ?
  64. epub CSS versus "Regular" CSS
  65. Real Page Numbers
  66. New update From Liz Castro
  67. Have you considered using the new "fixed format" from Apple?
  68. Apple new released news
  69. ePub file with animaiton
  70. Problems with br
  71. Why is the EPUB format so poorly implemented (on the desktop at least) ?
  72. Figuring out the TOC
  73. do you try to optimize for different devices?
  74. iBooks love it or leave it
  75. ePub on Kindle self-publishing
  76. Mpub
  77. Bug or feature in iBooks
  78. my epub won't validate, please help?
  79. Cannot long-press on images on Droid
  80. Prevent duplication of Table of Contents
  81. Openstreetmap for Epub
  82. This resource is reachable but not present in the OPF <manifest>.
  83. viewing epub audio in a reader
  84. Ethical question about adding DRM removing in ePubFixer
  85. EPUB 3 is coming - or is it?
  86. Cannot convert DRM free book
  87. Images in EPUB books
  88. No cover image in ADE from InDesign
  89. Supported XHTML tags in EPUB
  90. jpg as a cover, how to adjust it as a 1st page?
  91. Steps for creating an ePub from Indeisgn CS3
  92. Is <i> and <b> inside metadata possible?
  93. Sample for ePub3
  94. one click to image
  95. ePub not using CSS
  96. Simple way to add meta data to hundreds of epubs without changing the coding?
  97. image be in the center
  98. Best software to convert/create epub version for my book
  99. InDesign CS5 to EPUB--greek/coptic in Italic
  100. Converting multiple HTML files into one EPUB file
  101. Re: Aldiko ignoring style sheet property?
  102. text indents ignored by Stanza
  103. Not all epubs working in Stanza
  104. InDesign CS5 to ePub
  105. rtf versus epub
  106. Use Regex to Code an Inline TOC, from an External TOC's .ncx File
  107. Why define a paragraph as a span with no different or extra formatting?
  108. ePub and floatig paragraphs
  109. I have an epub file check out all but in lulu
  110. Cleaner Word HTML
  111. Problems w/epub from Calibre for Nook Color
  112. Deployment Program?
  113. ePub division in chapters
  114. zoom in, epub
  115. Apple
  116. External audio in swf for ADE
  117. Converting .docx to ePub and combining
  118. The best format to convert from Word to epub
  119. Windows 7 touch-friendly epub reader
  120. Creating a manual with lots of images
  121. Centering Images using object styles
  122. Solved - marginals in ePub
  123. ePubs and Google Font API
  124. epub V3 sample
  125. Multilingual
  126. radio button in epub
  127. Smashwords and ePub format question
  128. Techical Issue
  129. Manual page break as chapter
  130. Server communication problem: E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED
  131. Epub format, B & N PubIt!, and HTML character entities
  132. How do I make a TOC for my Kindle book?
  133. Fixed-layout epub
  134. Wingdings in ePub...?
  135. Titles, subtitles & alternative "display" titles
  136. dtb:totalPageCount & dtb:maxPageNumber...what is the function?
  137. Indesign CS5 to ePub: epubcheck error
  138. Barnes and Noble epub change
  139. Nook Paragraph Spacing
  140. Validation error
  141. Lots of ???
  142. aum epub fixer
  143. Is it possible to embed PDFs in EPUB?
  144. Epub validation Error
  145. Semantic formating for simple poetry: any comments on my code?
  146. retagging chapter heads?
  147. a couple general epub questions
  148. simple anchor link question
  149. how do I UN-font an epub?
  150. Easiest way to clean an ePub file?
  151. Trying to write a simple tutorial
  152. Image wrap test
  153. File splitting and endnotes links
  154. ePub to PubIt! Errors
  155. Compare two ePub ?
  156. epub errors when publishing with iTunes Publisher
  157. Navigation in ePub
  158. iBooks and Hindi
  159. Issue in viewing the Fixed Layout ePub in iPad
  160. Challenge : 130 pages paragraph
  161. PDF to Epub Workshop
  162. Changes in e-book formating
  163. Tables & Font Size
  164. Help with some simple errors
  165. how to transfer epub to ibookstore(apple)
  166. "Content is not allowed in prolog." - Enhanced Epub Error Help?
  167. Fixed layout epubs
  168. Problems with ADE?
  169. Weird polish n in ADE?
  170. Can you suggesto a Java ePub creation library?
  171. ePub check for iBookStore
  172. 'Removed from Sale' Curse
  173. New program: EPub Metadata Editor
  174. ePUB quality question
  175. Anyone use Wowio or eBay?
  176. problem scaling images
  177. Help, I can't figure out this epub validation error
  178. epub set-up
  179. Image placement in ePubs
  180. Merge Epubs
  181. Nook not centering anything. why?
  182. Center a div
  183. A basic question
  184. xml epub
  185. Help with validation errors
  186. Questions about best practices: InDesign CS5 to ePub (file formatted for printing)
  187. EPUB issues on Nook. (CSS displays strange)
  188. Epub Error - newbie needs help
  189. Problem with non-indented paragraph
  190. ibooks: 'Removed from sale' when uploading children's books
  191. Image margins
  192. ibook epub error message
  194. Referenced Resource missing from package
  195. Cover Breaks Publication in iBooks (Yes: yet another iBook cover thread)
  196. to fix font size in epub, ipad
  197. Are there CSS-Statements that slow everything down?
  198. How do I convert PDF to be read on a Nook
  199. listen radio
  200. Landscape or Rotate Reader Questions
  201. Custom Fonts using Aldiko for ePub books
  202. inDesign/epub -- TOC missing subchapters/appears as dropdown
  203. Aspose standalone converter Word to Epub
  204. Help with EPUb validation and closing tags
  205. small caps
  206. Strange iBooks problem: only
  207. Largest size ePub Sony's can handle?
  208. Covers Not Showing in Kobo
  209. Using epubcheck .jar with Java
  210. epubcheck errors regarding NCX - can you help me translate these?
  211. Losing Indents and Paragraph spacing
  212. What part of the CSS can cause this? (smallcaps related in Sigil)
  213. epub/Stanza - Night Theme - No White Fonts
  214. iPad Fixed-layout
  215. OPF file OPS/package.opf is missing
  216. Critically Annoying Bug in InDesign CS5.5
  217. Epub validation question
  218. Images as fixed layout epub
  219. epub validation checker
  220. columns in ePubs
  221. embed font is too narrow - need help
  222. ePUBCHECKER errors
  223. Why does automatic TOC disappear in iBooks?
  224. Why are my ePubs "Block protected"?
  225. Is this e-pub correct?
  226. Which font and which font size is this?
  227. Removing Font and Margin Overrides
  228. softreaders and standards
  229. Half way between ePub and Pdf
  230. 4 Little Chickies failed EpubCheck.
  231. Prevent pagebreak between two html files
  232. Embedded font bug or CSS bug in ADE
  233. Different font sizes in an Ebook !?!
  234. Help Creating Epub Book!! Help!!
  235. Ran my book through epubcheck and got an error message. Help!
  236. Adobe Content Server validation?
  237. How do I create an ePub for iPad with expandable images?
  238. epub error help
  239. .OPF errors
  240. Indesign to epub
  241. External links in EPUB files?
  242. Is there anyone I can speak to live about ePub?
  243. problem with spacing between paragraphs in ADE
  244. How to place the book cover on the title page?
  245. Illustrated ebooks with epub: using the svg image element
  246. problem with bullet at end of paragraph
  247. CSS help?
  248. Differences in files between vendors
  249. Images not show in Stanza or Kobo
  250. float not working as expected in ADE