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  1. finding l's OCRed as I's
  2. Mimetype contains wrong type (application/epub+zip expected) error in epub3
  3. @page margin settings
  4. Any way to double the line returns in an ePub?
  5. background color/image no margins css?
  6. About parentheses
  7. Epub3 XHTML Validation epub3
  8. Why android epub apps almost always disregard provided CSS
  9. Opentype font features
  10. How does adobe DRM work?
  11. Kobo Software Disregards Ebedded Fonts in SVG Images
  12. Warning(opf-020)
  13. SVG images, external file versus inline
  14. Validation errors for XPGT file and for Embedded Fonts
  15. ePub with quite long table
  16. How to Preserve Text Clarity in ePub Covers
  17. Bloated epub file sizes?
  18. Creating valid epub from command line using zip
  19. Are embedded Fonts connected to the book id?
  20. centering content
  21. Link from an image to a YouTube video
  22. Validator warning: What to do?
  23. Can I read e-pub while not on line?
  24. Non-breaking space
  25. How are epub page numbers set?
  26. Keeping punctuation from splitting across text-wrap linebreak
  27. Cannot upload to Google Play Store, very frustrated
  28. Backward-compatible EPUB 3 files in 4 steps?
  29. iBooks TOC error in EPUB3
  30. A "back" button
  31. hyperlink outside spine error
  32. Embedded fonts
  33. Images exporting to epub
  34. .epub validation error in smashwords - where would you start?
  35. ePub3-3D
  36. Page indexing error
  37. Interesting example of ePub3 Interactive Fiction.
  38. Converting PDF to epub using Acrobat and Calibre CLI
  39. problem exporting epub file
  40. Translated from: which metadata for the original language of a translated book?
  41. meta name="viewport"
  42. Adobe Indesign's Export to Fixed Layout Epub
  43. ePub 3 slideshow
  44. Centering an ornament between paragraphs
  45. chapter in the middle
  46. Uploading epub to Kobo and Nook
  47. ePub3 can only be read on eReader?
  48. Kobo kepub Problems
  49. ADE adds blank pages?
  50. can I set page-spread in reflowable layout?
  51. Different ePub displays in iReader/Sigil and Bluefire
  52. Epub to mobi (Kindle) format?
  53. ADE css
  54. Raised Drop Cap Image Followed by Small Caps
  55. How to keep certain lines together?
  56. Original language / translated from
  57. 2nd Tier TOC and Links Do Not Work Correctly After Uploading to Nook Press
  58. Is "tap to zoom" iBooks only?
  59. PDF sheet music/MIDI question
  60. All text underlined in epub - help!
  61. Shaping the text
  62. Non rectangular shapes
  63. Footnote pop-up example
  64. Create an ePub file with both Arabic and English
  65. Want to create border on image inside SVG wrapper
  66. 2 content.opf, one throws error, other doesn't
  67. SVG coding in EPUB
  68. ID changes color?
  69. One little validation error -- forgiveable?
  70. MS WORD > InDesign >Epub
  71. EPUB3 Fixed Layout Errors... OPF Version Not Found & Prefix Already Specified
  72. ePub opens in browser instead of downloading
  73. Extra page after cover in new iBooks
  74. Problems converting K2PDF Opt files to EPUB
  75. Centering images in iPad mini/iBooks/iOS8
  76. Strange markup <?dp...
  77. Analytical index in epub books
  78. Keeping text together (block vs. page-break-inside:avoid)
  79. Query about Image Size
  80. Long paragraph page breaks
  81. Best way to do an "art gallery"?
  82. Help converting Html "book" to ePub?
  83. pop-up endnotes: glory in action
  84. Image to ascii
  85. Highlighting linked text
  86. InDesign - ePub export html files instead of xhtml
  87. Embedding images
  88. problem linking css to html
  89. Problems with downsampled Hi-def images on a standard-defintion screens
  90. Font size issue in Sigil-Please help
  91. Weird tables in epub
  92. IND CS6 Paragraph Spacing
  93. Your ToC in the ToC in iBooks?
  94. removing padding around pictures
  95. formatting question when line overflows
  96. appropriate way to insert pics?
  97. suggestions on how to format speaking parts
  98. How do I insert four picture each in its own quadrant?
  99. How to...make a caption part of an image.
  100. Debugging ePub on iBooks... without iBooks
  101. Hidden headings/links don't work in iBooks?
  102. Floating image with caption on its side
  103. Fixing fixed layout Epub for Ibooks ?
  104. NookPress doesn't detect chapters in epub
  105. Span Span Span Span
  106. Empty space in Paragraph
  107. :firstletter
  108. Best workflow for data->database->epub?
  109. Image sizes in epub
  110. Need a little help with margins/padding
  111. Ibooks epub 3 error : exactly one 'toc' nav element must be present
  112. Inserting a small floating svg
  113. Best epub3 fixed format readers?
  114. Non-validating svg with Epubcheck (Epub2)
  115. How to Format a Chinese eBook with pinyin
  116. Issue formatting page with only an image.
  117. uninvited "user agent stylesheet"
  118. Which one to apply: HTML tagging or CSS stylesheets?
  119. Foreign Language Issue
  120. The HORRORS of a poorly coded eBook
  121. How accurate is Kobo App W8 for previewing epub?
  122. epub 3.0 validation: The a element must no appear inside a elements
  123. Trying to figure out image ratio issue
  124. reading errors
  125. Poetry: line numbers aligned to the right.
  126. TOC scope error when using Kindlegen
  127. Inline images cover up text
  128. Conditional reverse links? (depending on path)
  129. iBooks book category issue
  130. ADE 4 - Double-page view problem
  131. Contents File Problems
  132. ADE 4 - MathML expressions
  133. Dynamic fonts?
  134. vertical-align/display table
  135. Adding a font to an ebook
  136. Using float in ADR v1 and v2
  137. Will epub devices automatically scale large images down
  138. Replace image in ePub
  139. problem with validation
  140. Irregular shaped images
  141. What the estore does to your epub
  142. A bunch of error messages in ePub - help?
  143. ERROR: Unable to locate element with id '_idParaDest-1' in OEBPS/toc.ncx
  144. Page numbers in EPUB
  145. Please Help with Code
  146. FBReader ignores margin-top
  147. Children's eBook
  148. Help with troubling epub validation?
  149. Problems with Multi Platforms
  150. Adobe Adept DRM & updating ebooks
  151. ePUB weight
  152. dictionary/thesaurus design examples syntax code
  153. Public Domain, ePub, and copyright
  154. Converting Word Doc to ePUb- FOOTNOTES
  155. EPUB and HTML Selectors
  156. iBooks margins and clipping
  157. Ordered List Numbers being cut off
  158. Loading page per page option for iBooks?
  159. Original file font + E-reader native fonts - not possible?
  160. svg image on top of a background png image
  161. Formatting Arabic text to read right to left
  162. Edited epub to pc
  163. degraded cover image in Nook for PC and ADE
  164. Alternative to Gentium Book?
  165. Image size.
  166. Poetry Verses Alignment Problem
  167. gif not displaying on reader
  168. image to left of text
  169. page-break attribute reliability (support)
  170. join (image + caption) and fill page
  171. images and captions
  172. Eliminate first paragraph tab after blank space?
  173. Change index split names after epub creation?
  174. <?dp tag
  175. epub pages 6x smaller
  176. Apple validation errors
  177. Google Play showing cropped cover image
  178. Damaged file - Zip Unzip
  179. Epub styles question
  180. tabs in epub?
  181. Copyright page necessary?
  182. Is there an drmed epub sample ?