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  1. finding l's OCRed as I's
  2. Mimetype contains wrong type (application/epub+zip expected) error in epub3
  3. @page margin settings
  4. Any way to double the line returns in an ePub?
  5. background color/image no margins css?
  6. About parentheses
  7. Epub3 XHTML Validation epub3
  8. Why android epub apps almost always disregard provided CSS
  9. Opentype font features
  10. How does adobe DRM work?
  11. Kobo Software Disregards Ebedded Fonts in SVG Images
  12. Warning(opf-020)
  13. SVG images, external file versus inline
  14. Validation errors for XPGT file and for Embedded Fonts
  15. ePub with quite long table
  16. How to Preserve Text Clarity in ePub Covers
  17. Bloated epub file sizes?
  18. Creating valid epub from command line using zip
  19. Are embedded Fonts connected to the book id?
  20. centering content
  21. Link from an image to a YouTube video
  22. Validator warning: What to do?
  23. Can I read e-pub while not on line?
  24. Non-breaking space
  25. How are epub page numbers set?
  26. Keeping punctuation from splitting across text-wrap linebreak
  27. Cannot upload to Google Play Store, very frustrated
  28. Backward-compatible EPUB 3 files in 4 steps?
  29. iBooks TOC error in EPUB3
  30. A "back" button
  31. hyperlink outside spine error
  32. Embedded fonts
  33. Images exporting to epub
  34. .epub validation error in smashwords - where would you start?
  35. ePub3-3D
  36. Page indexing error
  37. Interesting example of ePub3 Interactive Fiction.
  38. Converting PDF to epub using Acrobat and Calibre CLI
  39. problem exporting epub file
  40. Translated from: which metadata for the original language of a translated book?
  41. meta name="viewport"
  42. Adobe Indesign's Export to Fixed Layout Epub
  43. ePub 3 slideshow
  44. Centering an ornament between paragraphs
  45. chapter in the middle
  46. Uploading epub to Kobo and Nook
  47. ePub3 can only be read on eReader?
  48. Kobo kepub Problems
  49. ADE adds blank pages?
  50. can I set page-spread in reflowable layout?
  51. Different ePub displays in iReader/Sigil and Bluefire
  52. Epub to mobi (Kindle) format?
  53. ADE css
  54. Raised Drop Cap Image Followed by Small Caps
  55. How to keep certain lines together?
  56. Original language / translated from
  57. 2nd Tier TOC and Links Do Not Work Correctly After Uploading to Nook Press
  58. Is "tap to zoom" iBooks only?
  59. PDF sheet music/MIDI question
  60. All text underlined in epub - help!