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  1. Microsoft's DRM (.LIT) cracked
  2. Accessing different eBook files stored on external card?
  3. several ebooks and 1 sd card, HELP
  4. Mac OS 10.2 Users PDF to RTF conversion utility!
  5. Converting rocket books
  6. Doc Reader & Creator
  7. Anyone know how to convert a pdf table into a table in Word or HTML?
  8. eBook File Sizes Compared
  9. Dan Jackson's MS .Lit Cracker - only 10 days left!
  10. Deconstructing Plucker Files
  11. How to convert pdf from school
  12. ConvertLIT V1.8
  13. Convert books for eReader?
  14. What would you pay for custom e-book conversions
  15. iPod eBook Creator
  16. eBook Conversion Online Service
  17. ConverterLit and Mobipocket error
  18. MapQuester World Atlas Conversion Tool
  19. Excellent conversion tool
  20. Good text to java midlet, to read text in phones
  21. Why convert ebooks yourself?
  22. [Old Thread] New way to convert Word Documents to eBooks
  23. Paperless Printer to convert PDF into HTML
  24. PdfGrabber 2.0 exporting PDF content
  25. Gentoo Handbook (and news feed) in Plucker format
  26. e-book format choosing
  27. HELP, details to follow.......:)
  28. iPod e-book reading guide
  29. ReaderWorks for authoring .LIT e-books
  30. Conversion Tools for OSX
  31. TinyStock's PDF2Doc conversion tool
  32. PDFOnline converts to PDF and back
  33. PrimoPDF, free PDF converter for Windows
  34. LIT conversion (C#) developer
  35. Web Companion - "Error while copying the prc file to its target folder."
  36. How to digitize a million books
  37. Convert Mobipocket Book to Word ?
  38. "Fixing" the resulting text
  39. any EBK (culturecomm) conversion tools?
  40. Looking for a few good geeks
  41. Need help while converting to .LIT
  42. PDF2Word(pdf to word converter)
  43. Batch convert to plucker .pdb file.
  44. Can this be done - remove javascript from a page
  45. Is a better e-book format always better?
  46. O'Reilly customers prefer .pdf
  47. DRM file I'd like to convert help!
  48. Overview of .PDF reading options for PDAs
  49. Reading Mobipocket format
  50. Microsoft e-book DRM revisited
  51. A nexus in eBook formats ?
  52. Format Conversion...
  53. Scanning paper (out of copyright) books.
  54. & Linux
  55. Source for free ebook design and conversion
  56. Converting *.imp to rtf/hmtl/doc
  57. Wikibooks on ebook devices
  58. Creating .xeb ebooks and Templates for the Iliad
  59. ConvertLIT not working anymore with latest MS Reader?
  60. Splitting Landscape Scans
  61. textbooks for e-readers?
  62. Simplest scanning methods and equipment
  63. E-book creation links
  64. Solid State E-Books
  65. Your Opinion: iSilo PDBs on the way out?
  66. Suggestion to authors: Alternate online publisher
  67. Digital Reading Search
  68. how do you find stuff?
  69. ebook + bookmark = ebookmark
  70. Why keep digital books?
  71. eBook publishing suggestions...
  72. FYI: Zotero - organize your ebook collection
  73. e-books and book clubs don't gel
  74. ebook rating and review site with search
  75. Using Book Designer and/or makelrf.ex to Reformat Sony Reader Books
  76. getting around copyright law
  77. JAP: the XMas gift for mobileread community
  78. Changing Title & Author in .lrf files
  79. New Wiki Pages Added/Revised
  80. BASIC program for smart quotes
  81. Found a way to read imp files on my iLiad
  82. OpticBook 3600 Book Scanner Review - Part I
  83. HTML to RTF?
  84. would you pay for bonus features?
  85. Footnotes, anyone?
  86. what DON'T you want ?
  87. Supported Format Matrix Added to Wiki
  88. ABBYY (AKA - "created first ebook")
  89. Wordnet, IMDB, Wikipedia new TomeRadier files.
  90. Who owns the electronic rights?
  91. Remove linefeeds?
  92. ABC Amber Rocket eBook Converter Released
  93. moshkow2tex
  94. Paper Book to E-Book
  95. Trying to edit titles on LIT files
  96. Anyone know of where there is commented Shakespeare?
  97. Book Designer Wiki Started
  98. on ebook format
  99. Looking for Miamoto Musashi Book
  100. Total HTML Converter free today only on GAOTD
  101. Adobe Reader format- iLiad compatible?
  102. RTF-Files, but then WITH images...
  103. Giveaway of the day CHM Editor
  104. Quick Reformatting of Terrible E-Books
  105. Book Designer Page Problem
  106. Book Designer Files and how to install 2007-07-30 version (NEW)
  107. Dedicated BookDesigner Page in the Wiki
  108. Automating offline web content collection
  109. Anyone familiar with iPreppress?
  110. How do you like your format?
  111. Book Designer question
  112. EditLRFMetaData help
  113. Book Cleaner files v1.7 2009-02-20
  114. Xps converter
  115. A Question of Sources for Books and DRM
  116. Sony Reader: Reading Compiled HTML Help Files
  117. A Question on ethics
  118. What is your theory on creating a personal eBook library?
  119. Which ebook DRM allows moving to any device with the proper reader software?
  120. How can I tell if a purchased ebook can be converted or not?
  121. Who wants to read a book, as experiment.
  122. LIT vs EBO in MS Reader?
  123. mobipocket store pricing
  124. Downloaded books cost how much?
  125. Harvard Classics - Mobipocket - Plucker - single zip
  126. is running a Sophie Server a good business?
  127. New PDF to RTF conversion kit - easyConverter SDK 1.0
  128. ABC Amber LIT Converter
  129. Book Designer
  130. Questions about Book Designer
  131. A Good Analogy
  132. commercial comics for e-readers?
  133. .PDB Encrytpion tool/"F-Format Wrapper Package"/Published Data
  134. Re: Renting Ebooks
  136. BookDesigner & LIT - Just One Page
  137. Just bought my first DRM-ed eBook
  139. tomeraider convert
  140. Gentoo Weekly News, Handbooks in Plucker format
  141. SF Magazines
  142. HELP
  143. Textbooks? (free, hopefully)
  144. eMail publishers / Authors
  145. How to convert PDF to RTF?
  146. need help with drm pdf for iliad or sony prs
  147. Losing Bookmarks in Sony Reader?
  148. How to read e-books on (almost) any phone
  149. My LRF of Eastern Standard Tribe on Cory's website for Download
  150. Book Designer
  151. Where can I sell my eBook?
  152. Do authors get paid?
  153. Can anybody tell me about dictionaries?
  154. Does anyone have a REB 1200?
  155. Book to ebook format?
  156. Looking for The Swarm ebook
  157. Scanning two pages
  158. Confused: Is there a copyright geek in the house?
  159. how to digitize books
  160. Will Mobipocket win the DRM wars?
  161. Petitioning publishers
  162. Reading Wikipedia ?
  163. Creating eBooks from multiple web pages
  164. One Day Sale - Text2Go converts text to iPod speech mp3s
  165. Any good Perl scripters out there?
  166. What is the correct usage on the em dash?
  167. The Legalities of Conversion
  168. Ebook prices all over the place
  169. Another eNewspaper edition
  170. eBooks on travel
  171. Discworld novels
  172. Does anyone want to take on a project?
  173. feelings on .epub ?
  174. ebook creation: should the master document be one file or many?
  175. How to submit new formats to Project Gutenburg
  176. Book Designer Borked
  177. More on prices
  178. FontCreator Professional for 80% off today only
  179. What "Cleaning Up" Do Project Gutenberg Texts Need [closed]
  180. Rudy Rucker's Postsingular free download
  181. Page numbers in ebooks for scholarly research?
  182. Q. for Kovidgoyal or others about Markup Languages
  183. Maps in mobipocket or epub
  184. sony file conversion help
  185. Text tool for formatting Gutenberg text files
  186. How best do you think i can do this?
  187. Non-standard characters
  188. Reading PDF files
  189. utility to eliminate unwanted line breaks in txt
  190. if i convert a pbook to an ebook my self.
  191. Is it time to subcategorize electronic books?
  192. Converting to BBeb?
  193. Any perl or python gurus?
  194. Paperback Digital's search engine
  195. Vital Book Conversion
  196. Do .prc files automatically re-flow?
  197. Read PDF files online
  198. The Runes of the Earth by Stephen R. Donaldson
  199. Book Designer Freezes.
  200. Lit to html(+jpg) -cybook doesn't show the pictures
  201. share our resource .
  202. metadata language field not after convertlit
  203. In general usefull?
  204. Baen format upgrade in the works
  205. Is it possible to request a book into ebook form?
  206. Ugly formatting
  207. Dilemma
  208. Where do ebooks come from?
  209. Layout & Structure basics
  210. Discussion: eBook Publishing Model proposals
  211. PDF troubles
  212. Sitemap Creator and Tables of Contents
  213. Illustrations in .lrf files
  214. eBook Tools software available for download
  215. Help with converting PRC files
  216. Margins with BookDesigner and IMP Files
  217. Daily Austrian Newspaper "derStandard" as Ebook
  218. ConvertLit Problems and Sony files
  219. Convert LIT bug & patch
  220. Convert PDF to what???
  221. How can I download a Website and view in reader?
  222. PRC to MOBI
  223. Magazines Formatted for eBook Readers?
  224. Install Wikipedia on your iPod!
  225. Delicious Library
  226. Quote Hunter
  227. Content Management
  228. Newbie Looking for Someone to Convert .lit's & .pdf's
  230. I want to digitize my paper books.
  231. Full vs left justification in prc/Kindle
  232. Missing titles in bestsellers list
  233. Hardcover cheaper than the ebook. What's the role of ebooks?
  234. Converting CHM to Html
  235. PRC to HTML or PDF?
  236. Sony LRF cryptic filenames
  237. Standardized Metadata?
  238. has anyone used copistar to convert mobi to pdf?
  239. FFExtract
  240. Getting Rid of Your Real Books
  241. Capek translations
  242. New at this need help
  243. iPhone optimized eBook formatting
  244. eBook Text Editing
  245. HTML (inluding linked files) to Mobi?
  246. Anybody willing to test this for me?
  247. Errors in .Lit files
  248. Simple browser scripting for content?
  249. Are eReader Books Welcome?
  250. Book Designer crashes on opening files