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  1. Replacing / with correct text
  2. eBook compiling
  3. Sony Reader for PC -- not rendering 16-color png
  4. Cryptic validation result
  6. Clean HTML from word
  7. What Image Formats Work?
  8. iTunes Error Messages with Book Cover
  9. azk files
  10. What’s your “image rehab” routine?
  11. Book Designer codp Pages
  12. Still another copyright question
  13. Save/Convert entire website for epub
  14. Booksorber?
  15. Converting pdfs into Nook Simple Touch Format
  16. Testing on different devices
  17. Fitting images to Kindle screen size
  18. Image display: Available screen area
  19. SVG vertical captions and layout
  20. Alphabet for DropCaps
  21. Viewing or Converting PDF for NOOK HD
  22. Modifying a font
  23. Suggestions? Scan foreign language books & make non-searchable pdf
  24. commercial software for Kindle/mobi from scanned math texts
  25. Image not resizing in some readers
  26. Ebook Layout - Frontispiece sequence
  27. Use of fonts as literary device
  28. Drop caps and poetry... in ADE
  29. PiQX Xcanex, portable book scanner
  30. Slightly boldening a font using FontCreator
  31. Convert my ebooks to audiobooks
  32. HTML and CSS for Dummies
  33. Website that converts jpeg to pdf
  34. Need help with a regex
  35. Best application for creating and editing eBook files?
  36. Website book to epub/pdf
  37. regex help
  38. Getting Started in ePUB For Fun & Profit
  39. Automated Processing Workflows as and with Free Software
  40. Weird problem with jpg cover
  41. Need help with German blackletter text fragment
  42. [Tutorial] Bitmap tracing -- Quick & Simple SVG Text Images with Inkscape
  43. File to eBook formats
  44. Delicate text digitalizing + scanning issues
  45. Flat and Sharp notation in music
  46. How to read through a long list of web article URLs?
  47. Using svg graphics for title page
  48. HTML to mobi pocket dictionary conversion
  49. Conversion issues between epub and mobi?
  50. ABBYY FineReader doesn't seem to retain page layout
  51. How can hyperlinks be added inside SVG wrapper?
  52. audio-playfunction
  53. Quick and Dirty Spellcheck?
  54. Wanted: Chop/scan books, preferably near western Long Island
  55. My solution for keeping good quotes...
  56. ISBN on public domain ebooks?
  57. Do e-reader formats not have any record of the page numbers?
  58. New DRM on Kindle format
  59. Macro to save pictures from Word 2010
  60. ePub Comic Creator
  61. pdf to ePub
  62. Problem with using dictionary in the Japanese books converted by Aozoraepub3
  63. What's the difference between formats?
  64. Quote problem in the Abby 11.0
  65. epub video file supported android devices
  66. What types of businesses cut the spines off of books?
  67. Page feeder does single-sided scans only. How to integrate pages...
  68. Help needed: Reuploading epub and cover to itune
  69. ASCIImath supported devices
  70. Regex/Grep and wildcards
  71. Help choosing a font please
  72. TOC troubles in Kindle Previewer
  73. [Tutorial] Convert TEXT to SVG IMAGE with Inkscape
  74. Regex help please
  76. Need Text extraction engin from editable PDF
  77. cleaning up extra returns formatting mess
  78. ePub audio file in iphone
  79. problems with indented text when converting to MOBI
  80. Simplest way to split omnibuses?
  81. convert epub etc to mobi and send to kindle along with a cover and no personal tag
  82. Book has a lot of unusual characters. Possible to OCR?
  83. Upload Kindle notes to computer
  84. TOC not publishing in ebook
  85. Inserting a larger than normal gap between SOME paragraphs
  86. Calibre CSS options for HTMLZ
  87. e-manga books issue
  88. Rip Apple App e-book to other format?
  89. Add a simple note to the start of a book
  90. How to copy HTML and keep the formatting?
  91. HTML to .epub -- Some considerations
  92. Two versions on the same Ebook
  93. Title included with Author
  94. Can you OCR the images inside of .pdf files?
  95. DPI to use when scanning images
  96. Dreamweaver eating resources?
  97. Superscript issues
  98. Using ordered lists
  99. ebooks from film negatives of pages
  100. completely unable to change the cover page
  101. First ebook conversion
  102. Images exporting to epub
  103. Little firm with baby ebookers seeks brilliance
  104. Music sharp and flat symbols
  105. Best way to scan to PDF with a scansnap
  106. Original language
  107. Draft : Plato Alcibiades 2nd - multilingual
  108. fill out line (line next to text)
  109. Arabic e-book, questions
  110. How to convert vector in PDFs to image?
  111. PDF pages too small after conversion
  112. Libre OCR
  113. Problem: Merge two ebooks paragraph by paragraph...
  114. Best formats?
  115. Wrong line breaks after quotation mark - Abbyy Finereader
  116. text sticking to the bottom of the page
  117. Table of contents format shows incorrectly in devices
  118. Baffling bug in Smashword epub conversion
  119. How are e-books created?
  120. Converting a scanned book from 1DollarScan to ePub
  121. failed conversion of LRF to PDF
  122. Reading RTF (Word) on Android device
  123. Mobi & AZW Page Break NOT working
  124. Illustration Sources --- some suggestions
  125. Editing ebooks (epub) to correct or change formatting
  126. Fonts, fonts, fonts ....
  127. Hack, Patch, Jailbreak ...... Unlock ...... Why ?
  128. Abby Finereader 12 saving only 1st header or footer in HTML?
  129. Some ebook creators just can't be helped...
  130. Font confusion
  131. Keeping Scanned Books As Images Only
  132. ePUB Optimizer
  133. Converting ePub to Kindle format for Amazon
  134. OPDS Server written in rails
  135. large video file to mp4
  136. epub file size
  137. To share with my bookmaking buddies...
  138. Converting PDF TO EPUB using Java Programming
  139. In so many metadata options of an eBook, which of them are essential for you?
  140. ADE v3 and v4 and xpgt files, oh woe is me
  141. [Windows] ComicTools v1 for eBooks
  142. Character spacing problems after conversion
  143. Unable to convert the pdf files (math stuff) correctly
  144. Abbyy Finereader: short lines won't break
  145. 1001 Nights preview
  146. A better workflow
  147. Lost Title in Mini Status Bar of EPUB on Moon+Pro
  148. best HW + SW to convert books to epub