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  1. Are paragraph ending marks ("pilcrow" symbols) necessary for page breaks?
  2. FineReader 11 word recognition problems
  3. Reading EPUB files on Kindle
  4. Help Required with poetry ebook conversions
  5. Sequence of steps-- calibre, editing & formatting
  6. ABBYY Finereader & Epson Scanner Problems
  7. Has anyone tried MUSE to make ePub?
  8. ePub to Word
  9. Scanning Paperbacks with Yellow Background
  10. Kindle 8 coding
  11. ebook workflow advice please
  12. Strange books
  13. embedded fonts
  14. how to formatting a book for epub and mobi/prc?
  15. load from adobe de
  16. Odd anchor links in purchased books
  17. EPUB, MOBI, PDF... LaTeX!
  18. cleanup post scan PDF file
  19. Convert pdf to word/txt/doc
  20. Converting Music Notation
  21. How do you preview your files for Sony?
  22. Convert EPUB to word/txt/doc
  23. PDF to Mobi/Epub: How to Achieve Better Result With Mobipocket Creator
  24. resolution and format conversion
  25. Report on Abbyy FineReader OCR Software w/ Canon Lide 60
  26. Split long words using the "¬" character (small screens)
  27. Page Size
  28. Anchors look like links in ADE?
  29. Converting CBR to... whatever, as long as it's readable
  30. Adding DRM to an eBook?
  31. Image dimensions for Kindle Fire
  32. Best format for scanned books?
  33. epub to mobi using kindlegen - question
  34. US or UK English?
  35. Creating Dictionary in Epub
  36. Scanner recommendation?
  37. MS Word7 to Mobi: Need help...
  38. Hello, Help
  39. Formatting font-size of certain elements
  40. Any suggestions for workflow improvement?
  41. ABBYY FineReader: PDF to Professional Quality Ebook
  42. RegEx Help
  43. iPad; Last page disappears (sometimes)
  44. Help! epub book looks awful on Nook previewer
  45. Suggestion on batch program.
  46. NeatDesk
  47. Start Location
  48. Can't find book in Kobo library
  49. Neeing Help With Conversion to MOBI
  50. Simplistic HTML0 creator (copy-paste-save)
  51. Folio Views, PDF sizing and other stuff
  52. Looking for freeware to batch resize images.
  53. iBooks and full page images problem
  54. Problem with font
  55. diff & automerge multiple text files
  56. Help with images please
  57. Converting PDF to EPUB
  58. Is there a Word macro that can change font spacing in increments?
  59. Trouble uploading to Kobo?
  60. Image directory to epub
  61. Arabic Dictionary for Kindle 2
  62. How to fix text wrapping from a pdf?
  63. Further thoughts on scanning
  64. ebook Workflow
  65. Using copyright images in eBook ?
  66. New font troubles
  67. Figures that contain text
  68. Chapter Breaks in .txt file on Kindle?
  69. ebook production for Galaxy Note
  70. Scanning my first books and what a nightmare this is being...
  71. To produce an ebook ?
  72. breaking apart the HTML files
  73. HelpNDoc 3.5 - Produce ePub and Kindle eBooks and documentation
  74. HTML- Paragraph indent w/ no spaces? Help please?
  75. Embedding italics
  76. Embedded epsilon tonos in ADE
  77. Blio Formatting (Lack of Center)
  78. Rotate every other image from a folder
  79. Question about textbook DL
  80. How to tag thoughts, chapters, etc.
  81. Saving old magazines in a useful way
  82. Worth upgrading Abbyy Finereader 10 to version 11?
  83. Tools and methodology for easier proof-reading
  84. Microsoft Word images versions
  85. Abbyy Finereader 11 problem with pictures
  86. Arabic sentences/words
  87. i am stuck
  88. Hello sir please give me the idear to devlop of audio book
  89. Default Nook Fonts & Line Spacing
  90. How can I blank margins of picture batch remove?
  91. What software is available to edit mobi books?
  92. How can i split Double Page Cbr, Cbz Files?
  93. Converting PDF to MOBI
  94. How to make scanned comics readable on small-screen devices
  95. Lost table of contents when converting from EPUB to MOBI
  96. phantom indents in poetry
  97. PlusTek OpticBook 3600 Plus & Win 7
  98. Sigil - How to use it? Or don't?
  99. How to convert pdf to an ebook with pictures for Kindle?
  100. How to make an eBook with "No copy/printing allowed"?
  101. another copyright question
  102. Resizing multiple images but only if larger than...?
  103. Font for print and e-reader?
  104. svg image inside span tag in mobi file not display numbers
  105. Not Available As An EBook
  106. Converting epub into pdf with print pagination
  107. Watermark in EPUB and MOBI files
  108. Lulu errors hope this is the right forum
  109. pls advise if any open source platform for DRM on linux for small publishing company
  110. Fixed Layout Childrens book Question
  111. Kindle Newbie needs "template" HTML & CSS
  112. Abbyy Finereader - Questions about Saving OCRd file..
  113. CSS ignored in some spots but not all?
  114. TOC Nightmare, Help please!
  115. Open ABBYY 11 documents in version 10?
  116. Formatting poetry - non-standard indents
  117. Children's e-book page size
  118. proofing procedures
  119. Creating an ePub from scratch
  120. Auto hyperlink of footnotes
  121. help with hard regex please
  122. How to merge multiple azw files into one
  123. Working on way to subset fonts for ePub/KF3
  124. Regex problem: Trying to replace surrounding text without effecting the middle
  125. e-book App / reader suggestion needed
  126. Ebook validation problem
  127. Reflowable Images/Flourishes?
  128. Play/drama score formatting
  129. Does xhmtl or html extension matter?
  130. Layout Questions
  131. best converstion software for complex PDFs to AZW?
  132. Adobe DRM registration
  133. Having trouble with changeable fonts on Nook and Kindle
  134. Coverting books with photograph section
  135. Spanish text conversion
  136. how to convert a scanned page from a book (looks like photo of page) to clean text?
  137. Footnote/Endnote debate
  138. .imp conversion
  139. Annnndddd ... Another Footnote Question
  140. Optimal image size, resolution and format
  141. LayoutPrep – a custom Word macro that preps your OCR content for styles
  142. Free font with numerals that extend below the baseline?
  143. HTML OR XHTML? Wich One To Use?
  144. still another copyright question
  145. Line spacing disappearing in .mobi file
  146. Ibooks fullscreen when epub opens
  147. Word document conversion help
  148. Emdash and Endash and the Bugaboo of Consistency
  149. Variable Leading, or Is Validation Necessary?
  150. 300k preflight file error
  151. Fixing a document with too many carriage returns?
  152. Editing/Conversion workflow for publishers?
  153. Kobo Vox - HELP!
  154. My Best Way To Read Ebook On Small Screen
  155. MS Word Find & Replace and "Smart" quotes question.
  156. Generate eBook from Bookmarks Archive
  157. Best way to make a well-formatted omnibus book?
  158. Google Play store ebook formats?
  159. How to create a digital book
  160. Exporting sections of Epub - Ipad/Mac
  161. EPUB / Ebook functionality
  162. Inexplicable small cap formatting
  163. FontShrinker - tool to subset a font
  164. textedit and images.
  165. Workflow - XHTML to mobi to ePub
  166. Maximum Image Size (in KB) to Use for Kindle Formats?
  167. Easy question-I hope
  168. Using Book Designer in Windows 8
  169. Titlepage images accessibility?
  170. Word , photoshop and inserting images.
  171. New User Help With Kobo
  172. Scanner for Comic Book Art?
  173. How to convert simple zine to kindle format
  174. How to format from a tricky html source
  175. Most efficient ereader format & how to remove images
  176. Need Help Creating an E-Book
  177. What ebook software to upgrade to?
  178. switching from MS Office Word-->MS Office & Student 2010 question.
  179. Converting Project Runeberg?
  180. OCR to EPUB Best Workflow
  181. Any suggest for auto paragraphing?
  182. how does tinyurl work?
  183. Merging text files, TXTcollector
  184. Importing multiple images
  185. Kindle re-sizing images
  186. create table of contents in HTML file
  187. Image handling - XGA 1024*768, full page etc
  188. Creating Japanese epub3 and kindle books from aozora bunko texts
  189. Freeman Wills Crofts?
  190. New to CSS
  191. Is there a known problem with Smashwords and OpenOffice
  192. An advice on OCRing, please.
  193. Bug in Kindle's lookup?
  194. First book experience.
  195. Best workflow for programming book
  196. JGSoft Tools
  197. Creating an index
  198. downloading a website into an ebook?
  199. Links in Wikipedia
  200. A few quick questions
  201. Why do you still use a text editor?
  202. Understanding bidirectional Unicode control characters
  203. TinyOPDS server: your personal home OPDS library
  204. Struggling with regex over multiple lines
  205. Program listings in ePub
  206. Page break and TOC entries
  207. OPF manifest
  208. Scan to PDF (for Reading Software)
  209. Kindle Previewer not seeing TOC
  210. scanned my first what?
  211. Workflow: Converting to Kindle and EPUB
  212. e-Book Tools - a Word add-in
  213. I feel so discouraged, and I only barely got started :(
  214. Embedding fonts in ePub/Kindle
  215. Wide tables on narrow screens
  216. pdf conversion
  217. To Format or Convert?
  218. Solution for long lists in ebook
  219. running headers
  220. Getting back on formatting books, I have some questions
  221. To convert or not to convert - PDF
  222. Sidebars in Kindle books
  223. Curly quotes or apostrophes?
  224. Dividers and fleurons
  225. Fixed Layout w/ Audio Confusion
  226. How do you deal with footnotes?
  227. Negative seek offset?
  228. How do you deal with soft hyphens in OCR texts?
  229. The Hoefler Text font, is free?
  230. Digitalizing my collection
  231. Please help with converting dicts with Penelope ?
  232. Advice on images please
  233. Completely and utterly lost...LOL
  234. Atlantis Word Processor
  235. .tex 2 .mobi
  236. Indenting first line of paragraph
  237. docbook2epub question 1: What's a DocBook?
  238. The eBook Look ...
  239. One File to Rule Them All ?
  240. convert epub to word doc
  241. ePub / Mobi interactivity crossover—what's possible?
  242. >> Manga Converter <<
  243. JPM Conversion (Image file with extension .jpm)
  244. Using Kindle format vs ePub format is like using a compiler vs winzip?
  245. Best programs and devices for testing
  246. Can epub files communicate with a server?
  247. Out of Copyright question
  248. How do you vertically center a text?
  249. Warning due to nested p class
  250. Extract data from *.dat dictionary file