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  1. Illustration sources
  2. Questions about tweaking The Lost Symbol
  3. Book Designer Problem
  4. Display of Hanging Indents
  5. Lost in Conversion
  6. LaTeX eBook Templates
  7. Regular Expressions help needed
  8. Where do I Start?????
  9. How To Correctly Format In Open Office ?
  10. Serifed Runes
  11. BD graphic prefixes
  12. Need help using PDFRead
  13. Best way to convert to epub?
  14. Encoding of Emdash
  15. ἐγκώμιον: A (Xe)LaTeX Poetry Template
  16. Comics and Graphic Novels Kindle question
  17. színjáték: A (Xe)LaTeX Drama Template
  18. Does anyone make eReader format ebooks?
  19. Some free software tools by Martin Ward
  20. cover images
  21. Confused over plethora of formats? YES!
  22. Anyone want to trade effort?
  23. Change single quotes to double quotes
  24. Definitive Guide to eBook Formats?
  25. Format idea
  26. learning : DRM, Adobe, Nook
  27. Request : Creating Languages for Finereader
  28. Please suggest scanner/software for 50 novels
  29. purchasing ebooks with intent to convert
  30. How to adapt a such PDF to 6 inches reader ?
  31. DRM
  32. Recommendation for basic scanning software (non OCR)
  33. eBook Character Codes
  34. Inserting a Table of Contents
  35. Best way to make an ebook from web content ?
  36. BD + Windows 7 = No pictures in LRF book
  37. BookCreator 3.0 Released
  38. Another dumb question
  39. Sony Library in Regards to Full Epub Support
  40. ABBY creating headers
  41. Fixed-width txt to fluid one
  42. Legality of embedding fonts?
  43. help with formatting text files
  44. Advice on formatting OCR'd printed to digital material.
  45. Abby PDFTransformer Abby FineReader
  46. eBook or PDF-> ePub?
  47. Wikipedia articles to epub?
  48. Road to epub
  49. How to built a TOC from scratch?
  50. Ebook from PDF with pictures
  51. Looking for a public domain font for embedding into books
  52. Book Designer and linked footnotes
  53. EASY fanfiction grabber?
  54. Scene breaks at page top/bottom
  55. EBook Strategy for small non-fiction Publisher
  56. New E-reader
  57. maintaining URLs and Images in PDB files
  58. Best strategy for children interactive & multimedia ebook?
  59. Cover Images
  60. In Design CS3 creates multiple copies of same images!
  61. Scanning and removing footers/headers
  62. iSilo-like application
  63. Noobie and DRM-stripping
  64. EPUB tips from Adobe
  65. Tips on how to scan your own books?
  66. Still need help...
  67. Zipped (x)HTML standard extension?
  68. Any options besides PDF for mixed language documents?
  69. Help please! on image control
  70. Creating content for the Kindle
  71. Help with Text Wrangler?
  72. Installed Dingbat font won't display in Firefox
  73. Any alternatives to Book Designer that work with Windows 7?
  74. HTML, NCX & OPF --> MESS
  75. Looking for a fraktur font
  76. PRC eBook Creation
  77. Best PDF Convertion Tool
  78. Vitalbook and jetBook Lite
  79. New Scanner, Need Advice on What Comes Next
  80. Testing margins in ePUB.
  81. Clean and compress HTML before making ebook
  82. Question about formatting in Book Designer
  83. ePub -> InDesign -> PDF possible?
  84. ABC Amber Lit coverter problem
  85. Affordable book scanning service?
  86. has anyone tried epub2pdf ?
  87. Anyone doing ebook covers? Show them off!
  88. CHM to PDF
  89. Help confirming eBook format
  90. Help with Regular Expressions
  91. Benss x636 PMP
  92. scanning or photographing ?
  93. Change Author Metatag in Epub File
  94. How do you keep your sanity? scanning a book
  95. Pulp Doc Savage Covers?
  96. Ebook advice and guidance
  97. Jumping between e-reader and audiobook?
  98. OOOFBTools - Bookmark Building
  99. Hello Everyone!!
  100. How to file authors with language-dependent names?
  101. Cover for Hanvon N516
  102. doc2fb.exe
  103. Considering ScanSnap purchase - how good is the version of Abbyy that comes with it?
  104. Making A Ebook - TOC
  105. Scanner recommendation
  106. Which format to choose
  107. Current state of OCR/scanner tech?
  108. OOOFBTools for book building
  109. LaTeX, a way to PDF
  110. Short story aesthetics test-o-rama
  111. Converting from .doc to .pdf. to .lrf????
  112. Best way to scan scifi and fantasy?
  113. Opticbook 3600 pro or standard when using acrobat pro?
  114. big book--how to break up
  115. How to grab plain (Sciencedirect) HTML?
  116. help with regex expression
  117. Noob Q: Digital edition of a book I own?
  118. Tomeraider TR3 Tag Reference Doc
  119. Comic books on the Kindle -- how to put navpoints in a MOBI?
  120. New Issues with Book Designer
  121. Best way to archive a book - PDF?
  122. Help: Tips & Tutorials on how to debind, seperate pages & scan a hardback book to PDF
  123. Working with scientific papers
  124. how to scan a book and make a pdf book?
  125. Tr3 Markup Language (TRML)
  126. Abbyy FineReader Dictionaries
  127. different types of scanner technology?
  128. New to all this...
  129. reading on tv
  130. Need someone to make ebooks of my novels for me
  131. Future-proof vs Convertable---which is better to buy?
  132. HTML doc type kindle?
  133. Editing with Book Designer - joining paragraphs
  134. An OpenOffice book template
  135. help need for omnibus file?
  136. Bidirectional text in XHTML/CSS
  137. HTML to ???
  138. Newbie Questions
  139. Page Jumps/Links?
  140. OCR Software Help
  141. Bulk convert Word to Mobi?
  142. Best way of scanning to PRS 600, newbie
  143. E-book format that supports images?
  144. Lit to HTML
  145. Any way to open a PDF in ABBYY 9.0 without actually processing the pages?
  146. Calibre converted CBZ->EPUB: looks great, but 505 is cutting off edges?
  147. Creating an Ebook for TomeRaider, where is the Howto?
  148. Scanned in book only works sideways, or upside down
  149. Need help converting file which is too long to be HTML
  150. Reader Works by Overdrive
  151. Reformatting .txt files
  152. Advice for script format book
  153. How do I get a shortcut for a Python script onto the taskbar in W7?
  154. Letitia Wigington
  155. Problems editing XML documents
  156. <em> or <i> & <strong> or <b>
  157. 2 questions concerning the scanning novels
  158. HTML/CSS for (German) s p a c e d o u t emphasis
  159. Punctuation
  160. Removing Headers/Footers Help?
  161. RTF vs HTML---best way to convert my files?
  162. Plese HELP! Trying To Scan A Book V2!
  163. HP Officejet all-in-one
  164. Quick way to convert multipage html to ereader format
  165. Ebook Formatting Guide
  166. Ahhhhh - Utility overload: BookDesigner, BookCreator, Textify, txt2lrf...too much
  167. Newbie to editing opf file
  168. To Omnibus or Not to Omnibus: That is the Question...
  169. Spurious Line Breaks
  170. From MS Word 2010 to ePub
  171. BookDesigner HTML0 to clean HTML conversion utility
  172. Organizing Manga Chapters into Volumes
  173. Lightweight multiple format converter?
  174. Numbers in pdfs not converting
  175. Which typeface should use for ebook, Serif or Sans-serif
  176. Which format has the least onerous DRM for my purposes?
  177. converting a lit (and prc) dictionaries to stardict
  178. Calibre LIT to MOBI Fail?
  179. Need Help Creating an eBook
  180. No double LL's-PDF to EPUB
  181. Bookdesigner capitilize regex
  182. Canti: Manga Processing Program
  183. Forcing Kindle's menu TOC
  184. .GPX format to epub?
  185. Can I make my own E-book?
  186. Quick Formatting Q: (Smashwords and DTP)
  187. Calibre converted books won't open in BookDesigner
  188. What would you suggest for HTML->epub?
  189. ABBYY Finereader - Possible to command line/auto convert?
  190. Easier to strip: MOBI or LIT?
  191. I hate page numbers ARGH!
  192. good scanner for books ?
  193. disassemble a paperback ?
  194. Correct formatting of punctuation
  195. Old title appearing in metadata
  196. Creating TOC for a Runeberg text
  197. need advice doc/html to epub
  198. Export from Indesign = strange characters
  199. Hyperlinks Help ^^
  200. How to join broken paragraphs?
  201. Microsoft Reader
  202. Cannot display this Character
  203. InDesign And Word Settings PRS-505
  204. Book Designer Portable
  205. PDF to Mobi
  206. Arabic EPUB on Adobe digital Edition
  207. Disadvanges of Microsoft Word HTML for an ebook?
  208. New to ebook editing. Need help with cover images please.
  209. Apple adds eBook publishing to iWork with 9.0.4 update
  210. Plugin for .net prgram
  211. Making small retouches to downloaded books...
  212. Book Designer not opening?
  213. Plugin for .net program
  214. how to implement the realization/download of google ebooks from onix
  215. Best tool for checking epub formatting?
  216. MS Word directly to ePub
  217. Plustek AD450 scanner
  218. Coping with old books
  219. Low budget scanner + OCR: Test and results
  220. Conversion solution to have the best layout ?
  221. Plustek OpticBook 3600 Custom Fast Scan Drivers?
  222. OPDS questions
  223. Help with Word - Find & Replace
  224. Save homepage with link depth 1
  225. Which PHP version do you have?
  226. Using Kindle format on a PB360?
  227. close "inverted commas" alone on one line
  228. utility for correcting perspective of photographed pages?
  229. Adding properties to books
  230. FB2's and Em-dash
  231. Book Scanning
  232. Conversion Basics Help
  233. Double sided PDF (duplex) to single sided only?
  234. What sort of paragraph spacing do you prefer?
  235. General scanning/OCR advice?
  236. too big for my A4
  237. .pdf to .mobi
  238. Emphasis or Italic for Language
  239. Question on Margin issues with OCR’d text processed for Kindle
  240. need help w pagination/metadata post-scan
  241. Thank you for your unwitting help in converting my ebook!
  242. Question: What does my book look like on your devise?
  243. Finereader questions
  244. All formats are compromises. Is RTF my best bet?
  245. Converting from MS Word 2007 (.docx) to MOBI
  246. HTML5 elements in iPad magazines
  247. Safari downloads MOBI & EPUB as text files
  248. TOC to ePub Issue
  249. CS5 Crash
  250. writing own document for ebook format