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  1. how to post finished book in mobi to kindle?
  2. Want to buy Plustek OpticBook 3600
  3. Why the reluctance to release source?
  4. Change display of titles
  5. Mac epub issue - pls advise :)
  6. Fb2 and book designer
  7. Looking for a way to create ebooks
  8. How to download publishers version of mobi?
  9. Mobi question
  10. Ebook publishers list?
  11. How long does it take for a book to show as for sale on Kindle?
  12. Strange problem with formatting
  13. scanned image PDF help needed
  14. mobicreator is asking for Office 2000 and I don't have this program
  15. line formatting formatting question
  16. Conversion Purgatory
  17. Constructive Criticism Needed
  18. Is this even possible?
  19. ABBYY FineReader - Proof reading tips?
  20. book does not show up in listings.
  21. Hello - New to the forum
  22. The Question of Bookmarks, etc
  23. Easiest drm to circumvent
  24. Dumber than dirt needs help getting started
  25. A tool for converting to curly quotes
  26. Trouble with Convertlit
  27. Image Sizes
  28. Why Is Basic Formatting So Difficult?
  29. XML inpput to several formats output
  30. omnibus
  31. Converting a trade paperback
  32. Book Designer select problem
  33. Is there an easy way?
  34. Converting PDF to ePub/MOBI/LRF
  35. MOBI format, Baen Books and Kindle questions.
  36. Need reccon on creating cheap site to sell ebook.
  37. Format shifting
  38. Contradictory error messages in ConvertLit
  39. Bilingual books
  40. Best Auto Feed Scanner for books? Need advice
  41. True: Adobe Digital Editions won't work on Cybook?
  42. Mobile Slate "Read full article" link
  43. Dumb questions
  44. Who can help me? html2xxx => Chess problems
  45. Scanned books to Epub, best software?
  46. Clueless converting question
  47. Converting Stageplays to eBooks?
  48. academic work and reflowing pages
  49. 2008 World Fact Book Project
  50. Do need help editing text files?
  51. Having problem; mobi2oeb then opening the html in BookDesigner
  52. Security.
  53. DRM Removal Questions
  54. Cannot get author to "stick" with Book Designer or Mobipocket Creator
  55. DRM removal from PDF and subdirectories
  56. Make Ebooks Pretty with GutenMark
  57. PDF or LRF for PRS700
  58. Document conversion challenge
  59. Master Format for multi-format eBook Generation?
  60. html problem
  61. Book Designer doesn't like my accent...
  62. trouble with indentions on conversion
  63. Remove white border (batch) OS X
  64. Use of HTML files in touch screen readers
  65. Help. Complete novice
  66. Converting non-ascii/non-unicode text - pictures the way to go?
  67. .lrf conversion for Mac
  68. Book Designer 4.0 Quirks?
  69. Formatting Screenplays (non-PDF)
  70. What tool set do you use?
  71. Newbie trying to correctly format ebook with open office
  72. Why ePub rather than HTML?
  73. Various formats for Sony PRS-700---which one?
  74. Changing Fonts to an LRF
  75. question re. reader a.c. charger
  76. ABBYY Finereader and text formating
  77. Book Designer help please
  78. DejaVu to LRF...?
  79. New PRS 700 user needs some advice on the different formats
  80. ereader2ereader in two steps
  81. RTF, EPUB & LRF
  82. Having a really hard time
  83. I need Javascript help
  84. Scanning books - New need help
  85. stardict dictionaries
  86. IBSuite v0.1 (previous pi)
  87. What font(s) do you like?
  88. Audio files
  89. From physical to digital
  90. Wikipedia Ebook Project
  91. Inline SVG questions (whitespace & other practices)
  92. Book Designer / LRF - How many entries in TOC
  93. Half of book missing after conversion, ideas?
  94. Many Books download problem
  95. "Breaking into" a .prc file
  96. How to properly reformat txt for conversion
  97. Useful tip: How to change the BD language AFTER you create a book
  98. PDF Image -> OCR -> text
  99. BD under Windows 7?
  100. Problems uploading books
  101. Who can compile a .c program for me?
  102. Map help needed
  103. DIY High-speed Book Scanner Plans
  104. A Comparison of format limitations based on The Hobbit
  105. Scanning Magazines
  106. Paragraph spacing when creating eBooks?
  107. GUI Frontend for python scripts [windows] - seeking mod input first
  108. Regex help...
  109. How to deal with irregular hard-wrapping on a large scale?
  110. Kindle PID from Mobi PID - can anyone do it?
  111. Reformating books for Sony Reader with
  112. html tree via wget -> epub (or other format)
  113. Using a Word format for PRS-505 question
  114. World fact book source files - I need a copy
  115. finereader training
  116. What is it called?
  117. Is there a tool can remove the blank margin of picture?
  118. Trying to establish a workflow
  119. Turning Scanned PDFs with facing pages into single pages
  120. Looking for epub rendered as well as a pdf
  121. Map Source - The Perry-Castaņeda Library
  122. Best format in DR1000s for Images?
  123. Getty Thesaurus of Geo. Names
  124. Splitting help needed
  125. DTBook - best practices
  126. PDF reformatting help.
  127. ABBYY FineReader cannot see images
  128. Design a library management GUI
  129. Book Creator - odd error
  130. Fixing Up Typography
  131. NoteTab: anybody else here use it?
  132. Converting Oxford Dictionary of English for iPhone to Mobipocket
  133. Converting PWN Oxford Polish-English dictionary to Mobipocket
  134. Request to Test "Sun Tzu's The Art of War" eBook
  135. Preferred Font Size in eBooks
  136. OpticBook 3600 on Mac or Linux
  137. jad and jar attributes do not match
  138. Editing some .pdb's
  139. Remove DRM in Linux
  140. Any ideas on how to turn hobby into full time work?
  141. Tyrannosaurus Regex
  142. Problems with formatting
  143. Please Test: Final (?) Art of War custom PDF eBooks
  144. Underscore to Italics in OpenOffice
  145. Mobi and EPUB and why would I want to?
  146. Antique books, copyright status.
  147. Text Processing: Some Ideas
  148. ebook - with or without pictures ?
  149. Advice for musical notation pages
  150. A question about translation dictionaries
  151. GuteBook - the Project Gutenberg eBook Maker/Front-end
  152. Removing Returns, Preserving Paragraphs
  153. Process for creating several eBook formats from MS Word doc
  154. Splitting an ebook in 2
  155. Nationally Adopted XML eBook Format
  156. Best 'archive' format?
  157. Using handheld scanner
  158. The Art of War--problems with ePub, LRF, and Mobi
  159. Newbie in need of help.
  160. Stripping white margins from PDFs
  161. Removing Line-breaks / Preserving Paragraphs
  162. Sony PRS-505 slow whilst changing Chapters. XHTML too large?
  163. Library to read .lit files from my app?
  164. Question about Opticbook 3600
  165. Cutting Books
  166. PDF specs for JetBook?
  167. Software for creating image-based PDFs
  168. A Day Spent Scanning
  169. Sounds in Book Designer
  170. OpticBook 3600 and Double Page
  171. How do I use lrf2lrs on a Mac?
  172. Help w/ Conversion Process
  173. O.Henry - help needed
  174. Oz help needed
  175. CHM to Html
  176. URL for GutenText please
  177. any tips for Ebooks on a MAC computer?
  178. A request for book scanners
  179. Advanced ebook formatting tips
  180. [Format][SW] How to create an indexed, multimedia file
  181. BookCreator 3.0 Beta
  182. Anyone use Calibre to produce ebooks from HTML?
  183. Why margins measured in em units?
  184. Using the width attribute
  185. Digitizing a book best practices
  186. multi-page HTML with images to ePub or LRF
  187. ePub to HTML, PDF
  188. html formatting question
  189. OK to use a recent edition for proofing?
  190. Having problems with converting books from this site into calibre, help
  191. ms word : how to fix auto-formatted lists ?
  192. Help with CSS, anyone?
  193. Book friendly and Linux compatible scanner(as OpticBook) ?
  194. Hanzi / Kanji Font
  195. eBook Studio - footnotes
  196. Opinions needed on a WIP ebook
  197. Source Code Reading
  198. Largest Books on MobileRead
  199. Typesetting / Bookmaking Guide
  200. Converting *big* multi-file HTML doc for PRS-505 reader
  201. lost titles during conversion
  202. Add a cover to PRC ebooks
  203. Please check ebook template
  204. Can we do this in HTML?
  205. Fonts, fonts, and even more fonts
  206. Using Book Designer as a WYSIWYG
  207. Ebook maker wanted
  208. Acrobat Professional ==> Sony Reader
  209. Help Rubin convert free Droidmaker PDFS to Kindle?
  210. Anyone else having trouble lately converting HTML files in Calibre?
  211. pdf (with page numbers) to epub
  212. Interested in Old Periodicals?
  213. Limited Time - Read for Free Offer - Can I convert to ebook?
  214. Help with reflow text file
  215. A real pain
  216. A real pain
  217. By request: How I made my ePub bible
  218. Create proper paragraph breaks in ereader2html
  219. 53,432 page PDF
  220. Generating from Wikipedia
  221. Filling in gaps in a PDF scan
  222. looking for simple metadata editor
  223. Removing blank lines between paragraphs?
  224. OpticBook 3600 scanner & Windows 7
  225. (Xe)LaTeX Help -- Casanova's Memoirs
  226. Casanova, The Complete Memoirs - Comments, please!
  227. Ignore Headers & Footers in PDF when scanning in ABBYY
  228. Converting OCR Text files
  229. (Text reformatter / RTF extractor)
  230. Markdown editor
  231. Programming language for development
  232. Chinese Typography
  233. PDFLRF Help
  234. LaTeX Source Packages & Autogeneration
  235. creation tools for Mac?
  236. Prince XML for creating mobile reader-sized PDFs?
  237. Book Designer and Images
  238. Best Format method for Scanning and storing Notes
  239. Text Analysis & Paragraph Detection
  240. French Typography
  241. RTF formatting question
  242. PDF Contents Altered by Link
  243. Best way of converting
  244. Python Unicode Demystified
  245. Python 3 - Safe to use/convert to?
  246. Chinese novel typefaces
  247. ABBYY - Chapters, Not Headers!
  248. How to check copyright laws in UK
  249. OCR help needed
  250. So confused!