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  1. Photo resize
  2. Need help with lrf-meta
  3. PDF To other Help
  4. Do you print out PDFs?
  5. Perhaps this will surprise you!
  6. Formatting Ebooks
  7. eReader Decoder Tool
  8. How to create your own mobipocket dictionary for any language:
  9. Format of Baen books
  10. How to make margins?
  11. Good HTML Editor
  12. PDF to TXT, which program?
  13. Question on previously purchased content
  14. Free stories for all electonic reading tools
  15. Beautify Baen e-books
  16. BookDesigner Bugs and Requests
  17. Formatting epic poems with line numbers?
  18. Few questions for Opticbook 3600 users
  19. Sloppy eBooks from major publisher
  20. Showcase for indie writers
  21. TREMENDOUS need for Sony-dictionary: OVER 1,000 downloads since december!*
  22. BookDesigner PDF question
  23. Digitizing physical ebooks : hardware recommandation ?
  24. Searching Dictionaries
  25. I need a little help here, silly question prolly..
  26. olxb format
  27. Obelisk -- legal distribution of format-shifted copyrighted works
  28. Will our "rekindled" reading habit fade as time goes by?
  29. Bookhabit
  30. Removing smart quotes
  31. E-book Pricing Article: Kindle vs. Mobipocket
  32. HTML to LRF conversion issue, w/libprs500
  33. Ebook Formating Tool Wishlist
  34. PDF to RTF-formatting issues
  35. Can I make a suggestion? on Content and books
  36. PDFRead 1.8.2 released!
  37. Mac OS X and PPDs/PDFs
  38. Ripping pbooks - should we have a wiki page?
  39. How to add pic of book cover
  40. Really Stuck!!!! ( an exhausted Canadian)
  41. Poetry formatting
  42. Upload check
  43. Heavy fiction slant in ebooks?
  44. eBook Format FAQ
  45. HTML of all the Baen Webscription eBooks with links to all the formats
  46. Fanfiction extracter/downloader
  47. what the ’ ??? (mobi conversion woes)
  48. Page numbers (again)
  49. Yet Another Thread on Page Numbers (when will it stop?)
  50. oh, criminy... (lit to imp)
  51. Able2Doc pdf converter
  52. Book Designer problem with making html, txt, doc formats
  53. Managing a E-Book Library
  54. How do you manage your 'reading list'?
  55. OS X software
  56. Prepping texts for conversion?
  57. The Idiot's Guide to running Igorsk's Python Scripts
  58. "Best" pdb reader to check on assembled books
  59. Magzines on E-Ink Devices
  60. Help me find the smallest free mobipocket dictionary
  61. Reformatting untidy text files macro
  62. My Ebook Library
  63. Html based book > PDF or Mobipocket
  64. Word 2007 Docs to LRF? or Sony Readable
  65. Convert from Kindle's .azw to other formats?
  66. eBook shops
  67. PDF creation issue (and Don't Start!)
  68. ? convert .pdb to .lit or .lrf
  69. OCR to use
  70. Convert EBX to pdf
  71. PDB to LRF?
  72. Why does RTF filesize increase?
  73. about digitally acquiring texts
  74. So, How Big Can They Be?
  75. HTML Files
  76. PDF drives me crazy!
  77. OpenOffice PDF Import and Hybrid Export
  78. PDFRead Question for Gurus (Nick?)
  79. Splitting a Book into 2 Volumes?
  80. ABC CHM Converter
  81. Typesetters of the world - ARISE !
  82. BookDesigner Question
  83. In Praise of RTF
  84. Font Type vs Sony E-book Loading Speed
  85. Project Gutenberg Master List
  86. On preparing photos for e-ink screens
  87. Batch Convert Ebooks?
  88. Displaying images on e-ink screens
  89. What converter software to use?
  90. OEB to Single HTML File Converter?
  91. BookDesigner vs Crocodile Wrestling
  92. RTF2PDF?
  93. conversion
  94. FLAG ( Lightweight Automated Grabber)
  95. PID
  96. BookDesigner PDF Conversion Help
  97. Creating Bible e-books for the Kindle
  98. PDF2Ereader?
  99. Need recommendation for PDF compilations
  100. Mobipocket or Ereader for Sony 500?
  101. Help needed moving pBooks to PDFs (jpg) + Snapter Review
  102. Book Designer/MobiPocket Creator
  103. Amber Lit Converter is merging txt
  104. PRC Files
  105. Problem converting a webpage html to LRF, what program should I use? Long page turns
  106. Simplicissimus BookMaker released!
  107. Golden Gale ARJ format
  108. Convert Lit not working all of a sudden
  109. Manga (cbr/cbz) to pdf?
  110. can anyone tell me what "reflow" means
  111. Scanning Hardware Question
  112. DE Book unreadable on Sony options?
  114. Problems with BookDesigner for Sony 505
  115. central europe - embedded fonts
  116. Kindle to|& Mobipocket?
  117. Cover images for PML/PDB -- size?
  118. PDB Metadata
  119. Changing paragraphs in text files
  120. Opening .chm files on nokia E51
  121. Finding the XML in Site RSS
  122. Ereader2Html
  123. Libronix Ebooks
  124. How do I change format from PDA to Sony Reader?
  125. Anything like GebLibrarian that can combine HTML pages in other formats?
  126. Soft Hyphens
  127. Creating eReader format from OPF
  128. PDF -> JPG -> CBZ -> LRF
  129. PDF->mobi "my way"
  130. BookCreator Tool v3.5
  131. RTF -> HTML
  132. text reformat
  133. Problem with BookDesigner Trying to Access the Web
  134. PDF -> eReader Format (pdb?)
  135. Create boollet online
  136. Converting PRC to RTF.
  137. Word Macro: Footnotes to inline text ?
  138. Various Conversion Questions
  139. Software Stew
  140. Question about doing some searching and replacing in Word
  141. Where is the ”Add to reader” link?
  142. Best Resolution for Comics / in landscape and portrait
  143. BookCreator v2.0 Released (Book Creating tool)
  144. Merging multiple HTML files into one HTML file
  145. Giveaway for the Day - PDF to Word convertor
  146. Giveaway fo the day
  147. Need help with ereader2html.
  148. scanner problem
  149. Plustek OpticSlim M12 Plus Mobile Scanner - A Few Thoughts
  150. BookCreator v2.5: Just Released
  151. PDF on Sony PRS-505
  152. mobipocket format to pdf?
  153. VBK converstion TO other format
  154. ebook DVD renamer?
  155. How do I rotate a mobipocket file?
  156. using ebooks on nokia N81
  157. Tool to easily clean and refurbish html-text before conversion
  158. What format do you like to "Store" your books in?
  159. Funny looking quotation marks
  160. DRM-free Mobi to eReader?
  161. Getting rid of line breaks with Bookdesigner
  162. What should I convert my .pdf files to?
  163. ereader2html error.
  164. What is .ACSM
  165. Garbage in Garbage out
  166. BD TOC Question
  167. Strikethrough in ABBYY/PDF
  168. Google Books reader
  169. EBook-Tools on CPAN
  170. New version 1.6 Book Cleaner data files
  171. best way to generate TOCs: 4 scenarios?
  172. PDF File Names
  173. Conversion of quotes
  174. Adobe Digital Editions DRM
  175. PID problem
  176. Word Documents - batch convert title property from file name
  177. lime
  178. Using BD to convert prc file to Sony Reader
  179. MOBI to Sony Reader - Help please.
  180. Converting a .rar file - Book by David Eddings
  181. Suggestions: PDF to What?
  182. Is there any program like that?
  183. Tell me there is an easier way!
  184. pdf books?
  185. Convert RTF to Sony reader with Images
  186. Unable to convert the pdf files correctly
  187. CHM to single html file...suggestions?
  188. how to do, webpages to?¿
  189. Adobe and ADE DRM
  190. Quick help needed!! Which PDF creator for scanning books?
  191. Spelling Macro
  192. Anyone good at making widgets?
  193. Best Calibre settings to convert Math/Physics textbooks in PDF to LRF?
  194. eReader html to lrf problem
  195. What is the encryption method used by eReader?
  196. Buy from Kindle for Sony 505?
  197. LIT generation -- binary analysis help with the last %0.1?
  198. Macro: Old English to New english
  199. HTML Merger
  200. I am looking for a tool that could automate convertion of...
  201. ebook noob with a workflow strategy question.
  202. .LRX to kindle readable format
  203. Book Designer issue
  204. Creation of eBook library from scratch
  205. Scanning pages: how many dpi to convert to PDF?
  206. .LIT --> Cybook Compatible Format on a Mac
  207. Formatting Ebooks
  208. page headers/footers
  209. Replacing ¬
  210. Title and Author in .doc?
  211. Capabilities of different formats
  212. Scanning Tips For Thin Paper
  213. What format to use for huge HTML directory -> iPhone?
  214. ebooksToBraille?
  215. Converting books to eReader with Dropbook
  216. Need help with .oebps files
  217. Feasibility of charging for conversion?
  218. How to combine 2 pdf files?
  219. Bible Framework
  220. Formatting PDF for Kindle
  221. Need help with text encoding
  222. Creating multiple ebook formats from same source files!
  223. Order Forms and Special Offers in E books?
  224. Fonts
  225. question on format selection
  226. Secure MS Reader books on Sony
  227. Why isn't Autoformat working on this book?
  228. Formating for Sony Reader on a Mac
  229. Kindle upload error message?
  230. .vbk conversion?
  231. Project Gutenberg
  232. Mobi format limitations
  233. need vba/word scripting help to turn inline text into header
  234. Bookdesigner - Centering Title Author...
  235. Cover Art Copyright
  236. New Update BookCreator v2.6
  237. Graphical Guide to Using Book Designer
  238. BookDesigner virus?
  239. mobicreator does not like my hyperlinks
  240. Need help with regex expression
  241. Strange Book Designer Problem
  242. My first upload attempt
  243. Best way to do a TOC for large numbers of entries?
  244. New to e-books. Need help.
  245. Book Designer Hints and Tips
  246. How to change ereader2html.txt to
  247. Some problems making books with Bookdesigner
  248. Footnotes
  249. Removing Mobipocket DRM
  250. how to post finished book in mobi to kindle?