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  1. How to remove unwanted Save-to-disk templates
  2. "Has Summary" comes from where?
  3. How to add the cover to HTML and CBZ sources (the recipe)
  4. Mobi covers and the Kindle Fire
  5. Remember output choices in conversions
  6. Case Sensitive Regular Expression
  7. Full Text Search?
  8. Can I remove the title/author page?
  9. Return Library Books on Calibre
  10. Removing Pages
  11. Opening a new window in calibre, and closing another window
  12. How do I stop Calibre from getting newspapers?
  13. Kindle 4 pc update
  14. Problem while converting pdf to epub using calibre
  15. Caliber On Android?
  16. Quick Question = Run exe from within
  17. 0.8.41 - New Category Tweak
  18. PDOC to EBOK without converting?
  19. Adding Images
  20. Runaway conversion process!
  21. Author level metadata
  22. Shoft+alt+M only half works?
  23. Recommend Android reader?
  24. Embedded fonts and inline style
  25. How can you automatically send an scheduled news download to more than one device
  26. How to make Calibre recognize Mac?
  27. Newspapers - automatic cover art and author metadata setting on download
  28. Table of Contents Help
  29. Version 0.8.41 does not open ebooks
  30. I'm away
  31. Version 8.41 doesn't add book
  32. Missing text after conversion
  33. Sort by searched
  34. Tags - delete multiples from library?
  35. Calibre won't launch after Windows update
  36. Save just the cover?
  37. author_sort_copy_method per library?
  38. Covers in the book details on the right
  39. Crash on startup
  40. Possible to control auto-number generation of folder numbers?
  41. Calibre window disappears
  42. Insert 113 ASIN and 501 CDEContentType when converting to mobi
  43. Exeption in format string
  44. changing the location of a menu item (reading lists)
  45. Change Calibre output folder
  46. Calibre and Windows Shutdown
  47. Problem with using calibre's CLIGrab news
  48. Problem: Date of Publication...
  49. How do I remove things like "Fetch News" from my calibre?
  50. Calibre MOBI Icons
  51. Win 8 App
  52. HELP, just accidently deleted a number of books
  53. New Install Generates Lots of Errors
  54. Changing Series Formatting in Interface
  55. Incorrect characters in ebook viewer
  56. Calibre crashing on startup...
  57. downloading Calibre
  58. Wish: news downloads sent to different devices
  59. Cannot Download eBooks to iPad 2 from Calibre Server
  60. Calibre TOC
  61. Problems importing - converts files to ZIP!?
  62. Books from Calibre go into Documents category on my Kindle Fire
  63. metadata backup
  64. calibre, ubuntu linux and the blackberry playbook
  65. Cannot Add Books
  66. Edit metadata window changed in 8.41?
  67. news downloads
  68. Is there a log reader
  69. How to set "View Sections & Articles"
  70. Covers I've applied don't download to my Nook Color ...
  71. calibre download and install
  72. ERROR: Could not open ebook: [Error 123]
  73. change with new Kindle PC reader?
  74. display book's name when I share on facebook
  75. Cannot Elimiate Cover Image Border
  76. Calibre download fails
  77. Can I convert for Kindle and save on USB Flash Drive?
  78. Calibre TOC
  79. compatible inputs for Calibre
  80. Source format?
  81. Calibre 08.41 Cover "issue"
  82. Search and Replace in CSS Files
  83. Metadata Comments - Is it useful?
  84. DAISY support - is it possible?
  85. "Optimized for Larger Screens"
  86. Calibre Viewer TOC Window
  87. Author sorting help please?
  88. One last question
  89. I emailed ebook from Calibre now it is out of library
  90. A situation that breaks "smarten punctuation"
  91. Book in Multiple PDF files...Can it be Combined into 1??
  92. Question about column coloring
  93. Cover not moved to device
  94. Remove the iPad drivers?
  95. Weird Send to Device Problem, Using author as title
  96. Change the way numbers behave
  97. How to copy all settings from Calibre to Calibre Portable?
  98. Calibre settings on two PCs
  99. Calibre on my DNS-321
  100. Re-creating graphics/art stripped from ebooks.
  101. Rating stars in calibre v0.8.42
  102. Calibre fails to start?
  103. plese help
  104. Some advice needed - Android
  105. Images coming through 'torn'.
  106. Calibre with Two Readers? STR and Nook Tablet
  107. External viewers, various Linux Desktops
  108. Calibre cover and pdf problem
  109. SVG icon for Calibre
  110. New iPad Conversion Settings?
  111. metadata.db Error - it became 0 kb sized. Need to re-create
  112. Calibre help!
  113. Content Server on the fly conversion option?
  114. Creating symbolic links
  115. Ability to schedule to turn on/off Calibre?
  116. What's wrong with my epub ebook?
  117. Need help with adding books via calibredb
  118. Curious how Calibre "gets" new books
  119. Changing a book title - a minor problem
  120. Possible degradation in 0.8.43 when reading PRC files
  121. 0.8.43 breaks my Special Titles
  122. Changing how ebook files are named
  123. [Old Thread] Multiple users of Calibre from 1 PC?
  124. epub to mobi text duplication
  125. Provisioning of uploading for network users
  126. Calibre GUI linux question
  127. Add Store
  128. 0.8.43 can't open certain epubs
  129. 0.8.43 Calibre Cannot Convert AZW Books
  130. Search function weirdness?
  131. Regular Expression - Adding metadata from filename
  132. Calibre Tags & Aldiko Tags Not the Same
  133. Database viewer/copy
  134. 0.8.43 - Books disappearing!
  135. Editing PRC content with Calibre?
  136. Can't download Calibre
  137. Restoring database failed
  138. How do I import an old Calibre Library?
  139. File name issue with series name
  140. Calibre keeps adding authors name in book title =(
  141. Android version?
  142. Best way to choose which duplicate to keep?
  143. Yaay! What a really nice update to 0.8.44.
  144. calibre duplicating HTML files
  145. question re: kindle
  146. E-Book reader dictionary
  147. Edit metadata window off screen
  148. Wrong string?
  149. Feature request: favourite news sources
  150. iPad formatting issues
  151. Plug-ins not working in 0.8.44?
  152. Feature request: Different language = Different book
  153. Updating Problem
  154. Title language of added books
  155. Font sizes for news downloads
  156. Qt exception thrown from an event handler
  157. Can't get Calibre to Work Anymore
  158. Contribute to a new look for Web/Ui
  159. Contribute to a new look for Web/Ui
  160. Fault in News Recipe Login Fields
  161. Library Folders - Duplicate Authors (, vs _) Since February
  162. * - the final frontier
  163. Workings of current page bookmark
  164. Need to add genre values to Nook titles
  165. Need Help in Downloading Lots of Books
  166. Turn Off Double Click to Edit
  167. Is it me - two things wrong
  168. Fetch Annotations (exptl), is it working?
  169. Trouble opening file on kindle
  170. OPF files
  171. Imported Mobi showing as HTMLZ
  172. kindle and Calibre
  173. Adding chapter markers to Kindle books
  174. Collections in Calbre on Linux?
  175. 0.8.44 E-book Viewer display bug?
  176. 0.8.45: Advance Search shows unused field
  177. 0.8.45: Double entry in "Fetch News"
  178. Push to kindle via Email initiated via website
  179. Problems with Italics
  180. Question about recent change when adding potential duplicates
  181. Author and Series database
  182. Print Selection option
  183. Highlighted paragraphs after conversion
  184. HTM to EPUB Loses images
  185. Is Anything Lost When Going Through Conversion??
  186. help for new user.... thank you
  187. 0.8.45: Problem emailing
  188. Kindle Fire and PDF Books...What's the Best Way to READ them??
  189. hi, i want to instal calibre
  190. Syntax for Saving Books to Disk
  191. Covers in K4PC
  192. Encryption of ebooks in Calibre
  193. Feature Request: Fire off News fetch from Calibre web server?
  194. Kindle Fire:Why Do My MOBI Files End Up in my DOCUMENTS Folder Instead of BOOKS??
  195. Get Ebooks ordered the way I like
  196. Resorting the entire library
  197. Author Tag always groups by author_sort
  198. Breaking Connections between Calibre Library and New Computer
  199. How Can I Keep Links in Book Folders
  200. Keeping my Image File Names.
  201. Cluttered Calibre style code in EPUB
  202. Android App
  203. ¿Convert unicode decomposed characters to unique/normal characters?
  204. Non-English names of files/folders when sending to device?
  205. Saving to disk -> ValueError: I/O operation on closed file
  206. Can Calibre show hum much of the book is read?
  207. Kindle "guide" into Mobi file
  208. Error Communicating with Device on Mac, but not Windows
  209. Would like to support, but...
  210. 0.8.46 - Download Metadata broken!
  211. Metadata Error
  212. insert "today's date" in regular expression
  213. To cap or not to cap
  214. Using Tag browser to see books with two or more tags
  215. D'ye mean ta say the shortcut is migratory?
  216. Tags not displaying on Content Server
  217. Epub to Mobi issue...chapter headings.
  218. Add books problems with v0.8.46
  219. new to ebook world !
  220. Book choices
  221. how can i get my books into calibre?
  222. PRS-T1, Calibre and Collections
  223. Date for added books defaults to 01 Jan 0101?
  224. Calibre/KT Connection Problem
  225. Strange issue the last few days
  226. Calibre on Android
  227. News items now showing dates in titles - I don't want them to
  228. I haven't been able to donate.
  229. Initializing User Interface
  230. Help with series_sort()
  231. CSS Help for Kindle DXI (darker fonts/text)
  232. CALIBRE User Interface Configuration
  233. Problem displaying itilde?
  234. Mobi Files Crashing in Kindle Fire
  235. Weird thing with Calibre and ZIP files.
  236. email formats
  237. To save space with my files how would I?
  238. Use tags from device
  239. Suppress Cover in Book Details Panel?
  240. Authors maintenance
  241. Calling Expression experts
  242. [Old Thread] Calibre database keeps getting corrupted on Win 7 - help!?!
  243. Install/reinstall help
  244. Coverflow speed
  245. Can I transfer / email a book to my Nook from Calibre?
  246. OPDS - iPad. Files downloaded to Stanza or Mega Reader do not keep metadata
  247. How do I delete book formats?
  248. Database Exception Error Calibre
  249. Problem with Caliber Reading My PDF Files...
  250. Book Title NOT showing