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  94. Help!!! Newbie!!
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  98. Manage Collections
  99. Batch Conversions
  100. UPDATING Calibre
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  171. New User
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  192. un drm + mac
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  196. Is this possible?
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  203. ECTACO mentions Calibre in their advertisment for ECTACO jetBook MINI
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  207. Last Modified Date
  208. how to choose which format is sent to reader?
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  210. Filenames to metadata, preserving filenames.
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  213. custom column i need a little help
  214. toolbar changes
  215. ERROR: No internet connection
  216. xkcd recipe error
  217. Specify indent in css, not with &nbsp
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  219. Calibre to kindle3/ Comments to notes
  221. Help!! Having trouble with regular expression
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  224. Lean library or collection
  225. Specify Tags when Adding Books
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  227. Move Books between Libraries
  228. Add bookshelf view?
  229. PDF -> MOBI: a string is added to the bottom of each page
  230. rename files based on metadata
  231. Detect chapters without using tag or class.
  232. Problems with Create Catalog
  233. Is it possible to make it default to autoconvert?
  234. Converting to TXT
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  248. Testing conversions without actually converting
  249. Print List
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