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  1. Is their an alternative to Calibre that is as good?
  2. Daily Dilbert
  3. calibre ignore margin-top and margin-bottom
  4. List help please?
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  8. Uploading LRF to Calibre
  9. Can I stop it from getting a list of books on my device?
  10. Is Calibre going to support Nook?
  11. Calibre did not detect correct memory partition for Sony PRS 300
  12. single HTML to ePub with fixed width font
  13. Calibre, Astak Pocket Pro, and foreign languages. Help!
  14. ePub doc created with Calibre is not showing polish characters in iRiver Story
  15. Almost there - one more question?
  16. Adding empty books
  17. Calibre won't recognize my Pocketbook
  18. Double Column Conversion Tool
  19. loader
  20. Defining Metadata with "calibredb add" command line function.
  21. Importing opf directly in Calibre?
  22. Am I missing something? Send to LIBRARY FROM DEVICE?
  23. Memory disc query - not showing in Calibre
  24. folder sequence problem
  25. Calibre 0.6.27 starting problem (linux)
  26. memory card problems
  27. Slow news downloading?
  28. 6.27 won't start
  29. Remove books option
  30. Error code number 1
  31. Merging two news sources in same recipe
  32. PRS-700 in Calibre 0.6.27
  33. Calibre stripping quotation marks
  34. Adding the same title, but different formats...
  35. series data in the title
  36. new to calibre/ conversion works mon-Sat, not Sunday?
  37. Cannot Right Click to Select
  38. calibre fan page on facebook
  39. NYTimes (subscription) hangs Calibre reader and causes PRS700 to reboot
  40. iRiver Story managed by Calibre
  41. Newbie. First post.
  42. Experienced users - what are your best practices, hints and tips for a new user?
  43. Problems with LRF from converted epub
  44. Attribute error?
  45. Unhandled exception in calibre.exe (python26.dll)
  46. Calibre 0.6.27 does not start on Ubuntu Karmic (9.10)
  47. Strange issue with News and Kindle/mobi
  48. My "read" tag idea enhancement for Calibre idea
  49. Download news without duplication?
  50. calibre help
  51. Calibre doesn't start
  52. A Great software but still miles to go.
  53. Upgrade to 0.6.28 - Cybook No longer seen
  54. Author Plus Title Folders
  55. Auto-delete old news from device
  56. Help with Boston Globe RSS recipe
  57. A twist on the the reported 0.6.27 problem
  58. Start ok, close but will not run again
  59. Ignoring MS Office Smart Tags during convert?
  60. Python/Calibre question
  61. Calibre stuck at Fetch News
  62. Tranfering HTML to Kindle
  63. Can't install Calibre, lacking SysAdmin priviliges, older version instead?
  64. nook Conversion
  65. Calibre on Mac can't import eBooks
  66. Question about magazine downloads
  67. remove space between paragraphs-yes the box is checked
  68. regex search for roman numerals
  69. Auto sort tags?
  70. Possible to Stop Sony Library from Autostarting?
  71. Help! Calibre Error-message
  72. Calibre install failed
  73. (Original) Kindle Problem
  74. Creating ePub files
  75. Calibre Really Needs a Sync Function
  76. Questions about downloaded WSJ and other paper and magzines.
  77. [Very Old Thread] msi installer error message
  78. Help understanding custom recipes
  79. Google Reader
  80. Failed to Fetch Economist
  81. Foxit eSlick - Forcing epubs to device?
  82. How to convert .cbr to .epub/.lrf for PRS-600 with best rerult
  83. Pushing Content Automatically to Reader Screen
  84. Transferring files in Sony Reader edition?
  85. uninstall
  86. Hangs when getting list of books on device
  87. Jetbook FB2 format?
  88. pdf filename and path on KindleDX
  89. PDF to Mobi: Enter title here??????
  90. Windows Installer?
  91. Would it be possible to add iRiver Story conversion settings for optimal output?
  92. Optimal cover size
  93. Firstname as author - metadata.db and SQLite3
  94. conversion tips
  95. Thanks to KOVID
  96. Fetch news into a specific format?
  97. I just want ...
  98. Importing HTML Files
  99. Speed Optimizations?
  100. PRS-300 not recognized by Calibre
  101. Calibre not detecting Kindle
  102. How to get rid of the ABC Amber watermarks?
  103. Thanks again, Kovid
  104. Target Measurement System
  105. Book problem
  107. Cover Image Size
  108. WSJ from Todays Paper (not RSS feeds)
  109. Support for Thai book name,tag
  110. Problem with epub display on stanza
  111. Creating TOC for dummies.
  112. Help downloading metadata by ISBN
  113. Regex search author field to locate books?
  114. What is the number in series name?
  115. Help with save to disk format
  116. Converting EPub to Mobi?
  117. Everything OK until I updated to 0.6.29
  118. Intermittent Database Exception
  119. User Manual in ePub?
  120. Any Significance To This Log Entry?
  121. Calibre on Win2K
  122. Editing Capabilities in calibre
  123. Importing metadata and Covers from Amazon & Librarything
  124. Lastname, Firstname filenames - Any way to import correct author name?
  125. adding books cover comments
  126. Problem converting PDB to ePUB
  127. Omnibus books
  128. Callibre error when converting (pdb to epub)
  129. - Where to enter user/pass?
  130. Character "i" dropped in translation from PDF
  131. Search History
  132. BasicNewsRecipe tag handling
  133. calibre creates collection on Sony PRS700 but does not transfer book into it
  134. Use with Windows Mobile Devices?
  135. OS X testing needed
  136. Trouble with ebook-convert
  137. NOW I see why Calibre is so great
  138. Upgraded PRS-500, Calibre now sees it as a Sony Pocket Reader
  139. Authors not showing correctly in Sony Pocket
  140. Duplicates
  141. Compiling HTML,NCX and OPF file
  142. Change last name, first name order
  143. Conversion Question
  144. Excerpts?
  145. More Effective Communication
  146. Sending files directly to PRS500 without Calibre
  147. Multiple copies of same book in different formats
  148. Autodetected Calibre content server times out
  149. Adding new books problem
  150. News source downloads always slow
  151. Books added to Reader in wrong order
  152. Nook Epub Problems
  153. How to reinstate book delete warning
  154. corrupt metadata.db and redoing library
  155. Suggested enhancement: opt. easy-to-read colors for "View"
  156. removing spacing between paragraphs WITHOUT touching indent?
  157. ebook-convert doesn't recognize base-font-size parameter
  158. Header/Footer Problems with conversion
  159. adding books via command line in msdos batch
  160. Comments - batch add?
  161. Installing Calibre on MAC
  162. Web Icons for Calibre Supported Formats
  163. Author Sort & Kindle
  164. Mobi to Mobi problem
  165. Any way to import feeds/articles from Google reader into Calibre?
  166. 'Group by' option
  167. Calibre - Very high RAM Usage?
  168. 0.6.29 -> Series vanished?
  169. deleting news
  170. Sony PRS-900BC
  171. hanvon n516
  172. Calibre 0.6.30 in RSS/Changelog, but not available yet?
  173. Reader not recognized - Reinstall Windows?
  174. calibre problems with sony prs-900
  175. Compile from Source
  176. Fetch Hartford Courant based on Tribune recipe
  177. Mac problems?
  178. Calibre for RSS to Kindle1, jpgs clogging C drive
  179. Resize window on Mac OS X
  180. Feature request - have tags set background colour of row
  181. Calibre ranked #7 as 'Greatest Open Source Software Of 2009'
  182. Problems updating to 0.6.30
  183. Metadata and PDFs
  184. Mobi Files Are Not Displayed In EZReader V3
  185. mutliple html files
  186. Problem with Windows installer
  187. XPath Expression Wizard Error
  188. Creating a Recipe for PS3 Center?
  189. Creating a Library file w/Author, Title, Summary and tag info
  190. Calibre 0.6.30 and PRS-500
  191. Question- Hypens (dashes) insterted between words?
  192. Error when Converting CBR file
  193. Calibre doesn't transfer book to Sony PRS 300
  194. Issue sending PDF file to Sony 505
  195. Save to Disk: How to use Calibre with Windows Mobile devices?
  196. Love Calibre but having problems
  197. Weird problem with metadata in converted books?
  198. Converting HTML from
  199. calibre-0.6.31, mechanize and lxml
  200. Problems Installing on Lunix Ubuntu machine
  201. 0.6.31 Linux install fails
  202. Start Calibre automatically?
  203. Calibre is creating unwanted collections
  204. Crashing Problems With Windows 7 and Built in Viewer
  205. Check off readed books
  206. Editing Author Information
  207. What do you do for series on Kindles
  208. get rid of blank line html code
  209. eReader output SERIOUSLY flawed
  210. Way to Clear Library?
  211. Calibre interface??
  212. Restore Defaults Button Doesn't Work
  213. Problems with calibre
  214. Add books to Calibre
  215. Economist Free Recipe
  216. Calibre doesn't detect my PRS-600
  217. Hanvon Support
  218. Series Titles and Numbers
  219. Server shows column headers, but not books, when accessed via mobile phone browser
  220. Scientific papers in PRS600
  221. Converted Epub Issues
  222. LRF to ePub
  223. Can @page go away?
  224. Huge Spaces Between Paragraphs
  225. A thought
  226. La Jornada
  227. Justification in prc to mobi conversion
  228. How do I get my books onto my Hanvon N516?
  229. Calibre as eReader (iPhone) content server
  230. Feature Request: Device Caching...
  231. feature request: support for iliad on OS X
  232. Nokia 770: Send to device error
  233. Directory structure on Cybooks
  234. Find where left off reading
  235. Development: HTC-HD2 and Android phone - sort of
  236. Calibre very slow or freezing
  237. Covers are an issue between the 505 and 900
  238. Problem converting large PDFs to EPUB
  239. Problem in opening full library
  240. version 0.6.31 better device recognition and a question
  241. Upgraded to Calibre 6.31 today now problem with loading PDF files?
  242. Default conversion for Kindle2 possible?
  243. Can't launch Calibre on MacOS
  244. I don't understand meta data "Series"
  245. Transfer Limits?
  246. Any info/conversion for Topaz?
  247. Cannot install calibre 0.6.31
  248. Sync Library on two computers
  249. Kindle at Work
  250. Conversion from Fictionwise ereader format