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  1. Sony's new e-book reader officially announced [Update]
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  3. Sony reveals pricing for its Portable Reader PRS-500
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  7. Sony Portable Reader to be sold at Borders bookstores
  8. Nokia 770 or Reader, which one do you want?
  9. Sony Connect - ebooks from Sony are almost here!
  10. Sony Reader supports more e-book formats natively than we thought
  11. Unofficial FAQ: Sony's CONNECT e-book store
  12. Sony Reader, a couple of questions
  13. So when is this thing coming out?
  14. Acrobat Ebooks
  15. Why buy one? What uses?
  16. Sony Reader demoed at WSJ's D conference
  17. How Sony failed to Connect, again
  18. Sony's Connect service
  19. Sony Reader available Late Summer 2006
  20. Sir "Sony" Stringer is in love with his e-book reader
  21. Sony Reader on DLTV
  22. Compatibility?
  23. New specs of Sony Reader published
  24. The Sony Reader Video Review by Patrick Norton
  25. Sony Reader video review at
  26. Sony Reader
  27. What size I need to make my PDF's?
  28. For the Rest of us...
  29. Sony Reader video review at
  30. Summer 2006 e-mail from Sony
  31. SonyStyle updates Connect Store screenshot
  32. Sony Reader -- Ask your questions to the Sony team
  33. New delay?
  34. Texas Book Festival
  35. Akihabara?
  36. Encrypted PDF Converter?
  37. Sony + new mobile device = Mylo
  38. Ready for Pre-order
  39. Sony Reader questions answered by Sony Reader Team
  40. So, where are we now?
  41. Happenings over at Sony's
  42. So have we gotten over....
  43. Who knows an inside source?
  44. Lets find some media sticks for this device.
  45. Another PC Mag Review -- 07/24/06
  46. So which books ....
  47. Sony reader seen in the wild
  48. questions from a newbie
  49. More news on the PRS-500 aka Sony Reader
  50. PRS-500 info from Sony President Stan Glasgow
  51. booting time
  52. More coverage of the upcoming Sony Reader
  53. Sony Reader in the press (huge round-up)
  54. Official Meditation Thread (only for Sony Reader Enthusiasts)
  55. Formatting for this device
  56. Is your PC ready for Sony Reader?
  57. Sony Reader talked about on DL TV (old)
  58. Sony Hosts MobileRead (and others) on "Blogger's Day"
  59. The Sony Reader in our hands: MobileRead visits Sony Electronics
  60. Sony Reader no longer on Webstore - release immiment?
  61. So the flood gates open... (Reader website updated w/ price and release date!!!)
  62. Sony Reader available at Sony Webstore
  63. Sony Reader covers - what color do you pick?
  64. Buying a Sony Reader outside of the USA
  65. Long-term implications of Sony Reader details
  66. Proprietary Format implications
  67. Borders & Sony Reader launch Sept. 29th?
  68. Another Sony Reader review (with video!)
  69. Connect book store is up
  70. sony reader manual
  71. Sony CONNECT e-book store opened / Link to Reader manuals
  72. Want a Sony reader?
  73. Reader press releases
  74. Sony Reader preview by Associated Press
  75. It's time to find Sony Reader subsections!!
  76. Sony Reader Owners Wiki
  77. CONNECT eBook Support FAQ
  78. Sony Reader Accessories close-ups
  79. Sony Reader Shipped
  80. Sony Reader Manual Posted
  81. A few questions about the Sony Reader...
  82. News content for Sony Reader
  83. Brick-and-Mortar Store Thread
  84. Sadly, Sony's missed the mark
  85. Links to fresh Sony Reader reviews
  86. large pdf files with many figures
  87. Does the Reader support ebooks in Russian or Greek?
  88. Backlight alternatives
  89. Sony is out of Sony Readers!!!!!!!!
  90. Poll: How many Sony Readers were sold the first day?
  91. Is Sony already out of Readers?
  92. Propose an explanation: What's the "Q" on the Sony Reader?!
  93. scaling pdfs
  94. Cradle Shipped
  95. New publishers in CONNECT store
  96. received reader
  97. Why the Sony Reader will be successful
  98. Question: Book Purchase at CONNECT store from outside US
  99. Sony issues global Li-Ion battery recall - are you not afraid?
  100. mp3 player playback time
  101. Can't charge battery with USB?
  102. 9/29 est ship date not shipped yet
  103. Interested in learning how to develop content for the Reader?
  104. Request: Picture of Letter/A4 PDF on the Reader
  105. Poll: Real-life battery lifetime experience
  106. Sony Reader works well with Manga (review)
  107. No Sony Reader in Canada for 2006!
  108. preliminary impressions
  109. Sunrise for Sony Reader planned?
  110. A possible problem?
  111. Comparison between Librie and Sony Reader from LibrieGuy
  112. $50 CONNECT credit for early customers - expires?
  113. WARNING!!! The Sony Reader is very heavy!
  114. Neoprene slip case for the Reader
  115. Accidental Damage Plan?
  116. What fonts are built-in?
  117. PDF Fit Visible per page/landscape view
  118. Change PDF title in Connect/Import files w/o Connect
  119. any chance of shipping to India
  120. Dictionary for Sony Reader
  121. Which book will you read first?
  122. Manga creator from JPEGs? (BBeb creator)
  123. saving web pages as .txt files ?
  124. Experience with RSS Feeds
  125. Best way to convert images into PDF
  126. Free E-Books on Connect Book Store
  127. Connect Software - Is there a better way?
  128. Improving pdf display on Sony's Reader.
  129. Embiid books and the Reader
  130. htmldoc settings
  131. Trouble Free?
  132. Formatting looks off on txt and rtf files
  133. Random notes (and pics)
  134. Converting PDB ?
  135. Reader not showing up in Connect
  136. Defective Circular Control
  137. Olive Software might be providing Sony Reader support?
  138. RTF file specs here
  139. The Cat's in the Cradle
  140. Intel Mac & Parallels - Support Confirmed
  141. sample content - need rtf help
  142. Flat file structure...ugh!
  143. PDF viewing (Sony<->Illiad)
  144. Lock-Up Better Now
  145. My Content Creation Odyssey
  146. I'm thinking about selling the coupon.
  147. How many Readers are out there?
  148. How strong is the non-US sony reader demand ? -the survey-
  149. No wishlist for the Sony Connect store?
  150. Managing content on the Sony Reader
  151. best way to save blogs ?
  152. File structure on memory card
  153. Your Sony Reader software version?
  154. Tips, tricks & just plain cool stuff.
  155. Connect and internet proxy?
  156. Sony Connect Charge on Credit Card
  157. BookDesigner update
  158. Best way to treat your battery?
  159. Any way to avoid half page mode in landscape?
  160. Non-English PDF problem?
  161. Manga mini review
  162. Solution to RTF Problem (Mac)
  163. LRF with embedded font
  164. Possible to turn off the status/landscape manga resolution
  165. Converting Sony Docs - Hanlin Virtual Printer?
  166. Memory Stick Pro Duo
  167. Size is important
  168. ebook typos
  169. Proof Of Concept - RSS->PDF
  170. Has anyone in the UK received a reader yet?
  171. Should I buy?
  172. shippng disaster
  173. Replacement Original Cover?
  174. Sample PDF - Could someone try it :)
  175. Does PRS-500 perform well on reading PDF file?
  176. Is It Really This Easy?
  177. ebay auctions reader outside usa
  178. Using prepaid credit cards with the Sony store
  179. Can I use a Memory Stick and an SD Card
  180. Did some reading outside in the sun today - Wow!
  181. do i have to switch off the reader before removing the sd card ?
  182. non u.s residents $ 50 voucher ?
  183. Screen died on me.
  184. Should I Purchase a Reader?
  185. html to bbeb converter ?
  186. Sony Connect Software Query
  187. Sony Connect Software
  188. Who uses the Sony Reader for mp3's?
  189. Received IT and some gripes/whines
  190. Sony Reader at Frankfurt Book Fair and in Manhattan
  191. OK, starting to get a little peeved at the Connect Store pricing...
  192. pdf editing software ?
  193. RTF Title in Sony Reader
  194. Connect Software (It's Crap)
  195. Help us find Sony store prices that are out of whack
  196. RTF Settings and blank space at the bottom of the page
  197. if it only uses power to change pages how come.....
  198. Sony Reader owner Frappr map
  199. lBook eReader vs Sony
  200. MobileRead feedback changes Sony Connect Store pricing
  201. SD vs. MS Pro Duo speed difference?
  202. Power adapter?
  203. SD Card Troubleshooting
  204. Buying Gift Certs at the Connect store
  205. Is it possible to delete a book from the Reader internal memory?
  206. Some suggestions for Software Updates
  207. Mythical $50 Connect coupon?
  208. My View of eBook Pricing
  209. Books showing twice in store list?
  210. I can't believe you can't get Tolkien...
  211. Adding author names to imported books
  212. Taking care of your Reader
  213. "L" or "S" Icon next to battery indicator
  214. pdf page changing speed ?
  215. Best PDF Size for Sony Reader
  216. How to re-size pdf file for sony reader?
  217. Sony Reader for geeks but not for the masses says NYT
  218. Gift Certificate
  219. Fun with CONNECT Software
  220. CONNECT - alternative payment methods?
  221. Connect Store frustration
  222. What we can do with an e-ink reader
  223. Problems with the reader memory
  224. Next version already in the works?
  225. Problem with magnets in leather cover
  226. My two cents on reformatting HTML into the Reader
  227. New Additions to Connect Store?
  228. newbie question
  229. Do you fall asleep with your Sony Reader?
  230. why is borders selling the reader?
  231. UK Launch when?
  232. Musical Scores
  233. Wiki changes for Sony Reader
  234. Trouble with the screen...
  235. Hands-on video of the Sony Reader
  236. Connect Store - Offline
  237. Email from connect about "authorisation" problem
  238. How can Joe Blo buy me a Connect e-book gift card?
  239. Re-Download purchase ebooks?
  240. Sony Connect Store errors and HOWTO reset your reader
  241. Download Connect Software?
  242. Best Buy gift cards can be used for Sony Reader Connect Store e-books
  243. My little Sony Reader review.
  244. can librie owners download from connect store?
  245. Sample books
  246. GetAbstracts soon to release Sony Reader downloadable format
  247. Has anyone received their free books?
  248. RSSOwl patch for the Sony Reader
  249. Connect Store
  250. CONNECT software download